I heard by phone a couple weeks ago, February 14 to be exact I think. I applied to Mizzou, Medill, SU Newhouse, and Arizona State. I've already accepted to another program, am getting a scholarship from them, too, but knowing this a month ago (email dated from March) would definitely have caused me more consideration. Can anyone speak about that? Powered by Invision Community. I’m a Latina female studying journalism, and I’ll be honest—this school is pretty racist. I applied for Broadcast Journalism and I found out on March 15th when I checked my application status online. I spoke to the Mizzou J-school graduate admissions department on February 16, and they said we should be notified in mid-March. Field assignments have taken Missouri students all the way to China to cover tennis, around the country to SEC sporting events and the Super Bowl. DMCA and other copyright information. Thanks! Just found out today that Medill had offered me over $20,000 in a merit scholarship, but it got sent to a different email address than all the other mail from Medill. I know. Pretty excited, I got into a few other schools as well but I'm pretty set on Northwestern. Good luck at Medill if that's what you choose, I'm sure you'll love it. I'd like some advice or insight, I heard that since they got a new dean a few years ago, the school is changing. And I just realized I had a typo in my last response, sorry...Has anyone been through or heard about Medill's print program recently? website? Medill seems to have such a prestige that I feel like it might be the better choice for getting a job afterwards -- but at the same time I have an inkling Newhouse's program could be a better fit for me because it's more technical and has a bit more structure. It’s a liberal campus but a lot of very racist events happen here. I am currently the Sports Director in Greensboro, North Carolina with WFMY News 2. I don't think anyone on here can go wrong trying to decide between the elite j-schools in the nation though. Some … The GradCafe mine still under review...i hope no news is good news!! Student reporters are required to file their stories, social media updates and images to tight deadlines, helping them develop the skills that employers value. The thing is, I think the media has really given the issue the attention it deserves, and when I left in late 2015 a big movement for inclusion and diversity was starting. of course I havent gotten into SU yet but im already sweating the choice for some reason, any opinions are most welcome! Mrchevyceleb, have you decided where you're going yet? Syracuse's program is much more up my alley and closer to family. Having been to Lubbock, Norman, and Stillwater and knowing alumni of all three schools, I would be fairly surprised if those schools/towns are appreciably more comfortable for a black man than Mizzou/Columbia. Mizzou definitely has the best journalism school of those schools by a pretty wide margin. By SU has always been my first choice becuase of broadcasting-specific reputation (and sports reputation) as well as close to where I grew up, but now that I am into Medill I feel Iike am going to be very torn if I get accepted into Newhouse. I don't mean to negate the negative experiences of other black students, but I hardly think that Mizzou is any more racist than Oklahoma or Texas - the events were just magnified by the media spotlight. Feb 22, 2017 Association for Women in Sports Media Members Attend National Conference; Feb 08, 2017 AdZou Students Gets Behind-the-Scenes Look at Super Bowl LI Preparations; 2015. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. The Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia is one of the oldest formal journalism schools in the world It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Internship partners include University of Missouri Athletics and national sports media outlets such as the SEC Network, Fox Sports, ESPN and more. I want to thank you three, @3dender, @frsc, and @LizFromCA -- youve made me feel really welcome, and cleared up a lot of questions/concerns I had about the program! Matt Schmitz Multimedia Journalist and News Editor with 30+ Years' Experience Kansas City, Missouri 286 connections Is it still good for print or should I consider other places? btw, I havent heard a peep from Mizzou either as I read in earlier posts, and haven't heard from Arizona either although now that I'm into Medill I think both those options are out anyways. Sign up for a new account in our community. Upon commencement, Missouri students are officially awarded their bachelor’s degree either in Journalism or Strategic Communication. The programs couldn't be more different though so if you're choosing amongst a group of top schools like I was it's best to choose the program you think is the best fit I think. I know that many people will have their personal stories about certain universities, generally I've seen a relatively accepting environment, but once again I'm only seeing it from the outside. I think if journalism is really your passion, you should really consider Mizzou. Our students are taught to “think on their feet,” stay up on the latest technology and apply their classroom learning as they file reports to be published in a local community newspaper or broadcast from an NPR or NBC affiliate. its nerve wrecking!! Ill be in touch directly, and maybe we can grab coffee during that open house weekend of April 6th. I'm not a black male, but I do go to Mizzou and I'm a journalism major focused on sports journalism. I just got into Northwestern too, but for print journalism. All rights reserved. I also applied to Mizzou for their master's program but haven't heard a thing, not sure if that's a good or bad sign... Ah! I'm officially going to Syracuse. Do you guys mind if I ask when your heard and if it was e-mail/phone/whatnot? That being said, the black community here is thriving. Missouri students have a unique opportunity to work across real-world media platforms as they gain experience covering games, reporting on in-depth issues, developing feature stories, and breaking news in the world of sports journalism. Good alumni all around at these places. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. And cheaper!! Medill said they would post results by maximum today!! There are a lot of black students in it, and the ones I know loved their time at MU. The education is top quality and the professors are amazing, but I’d definitely think about coming here with a grain of salt. got into all 4 of my schools -- Medill, Syracuse, Mizzou, Arizona State -- no funding decisions yet -- decisions! Way after the website had said. Coronavirus Updates: For Mizzou’s latest information on COVID-19, visit, McDougall Center for Photojournalism Studies, Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI), Science, Health and Environmental Journalism, equal opportunity/access/affirmative action/pro-disabled and veteran employer. So happy to find other Medill applicants here! Sadly, the events that happen at Mizzou happen everywhere else. Additionally, Missouri students will be reporting, editing, photographing, providing social media and strategic communication skills and more for the School’s professional newsrooms – including NBC affiliate KOMU, NPR-member station KBIA, and digital-first community newspaper Columbia Missourian – and two advertising agencies. Thoughts anyone? All the best for the rest of the decision-making nonetheless!