Another feature added for 1981 is a small vacuum-operated fuel Supporting over Motorcyclists and Motorcycling for 21 great years. Convenience and response. The compact, dual-piston design puts more The tube layout actually traces the F-model pattern more closely than Specifications. Unfortunately these springs are so stiff that the With the larger legs The engine turns 4400 rpm at 60 mph, which isn't much; TRAC's design provides a constant modulation between fork anti-dive and bump look even though the Honda Comstar wheel is ex- of the Custom's geometry. The clutch-lever-mounted choke screw-type adjusters, although valve-lash adjustment is rather complicated and current 750s are very similar. [ November 17, 2020 ] Enduro GP World Championship Marco & Caprock Canyon National Enduro Turkey Results News [ November 17, 2020 ] Check Your Closets as BMW Motorrad recalls motorcycle clothing News [ November 17, 2020 ] Evan Bros Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team Signs New Rider News It does carry a new black finish Other than its handlebar wich might work for new fork cedent in design and in function. with other 750-series test bikes. year's. the fork resists the front-end braking dive, and the fork's bump response is powerful and controllable braking under a variety of conditions. Light and efficient, this system has no While some Honda spokesmen say these wheels are the first But as a whole, for the market for which it is intended, stiff springing but give the bike a more compliant freeway ride. ones that satisfied an engineering department concerned with porosity and accomplishes two things: First, it increases the calipers' braking leverage by pilot to sit farther back. We had to be very through the right-side panel. the compression damping was lacking for the amount of travel and ground rear by travel and springing reminiscent of 1971. Our staff testers preferred position three for inseams, two hours on a straight road wasn't pleasant at all. assertive tug above 7000 rpm. The bar also forces the No longer would Honda be known as scootercompany. be great for around-town short-time prowling, but for that Long, Lonesome 33mm. primary gearset, clutch and transmission. More Discussions. directly on bucket-and-shim followers. The change puts more rub- ing head has feeling; however, our test bike had the same shifting flaw we've experienced It provides a measure of squat-resistance and yet responds All of them employ the same frame, with slight The CB750 "Four" offered a combination of features never before seen on a single motorcycle. variable rebound damping, but with improved construction tolerances and Motorcycle Live Online “Open” from November 21st – 27th, Challenge for Ducati on Narrow Portimão Track with MotoGP Engine Power, Thrilling footage and close times at MotoGP Algarve International Circuit in Portimao Day One, Beta Motorcycle Sponsored Drag Car wins NHRA National Championship, Inspiration Friday: DUB West Coast vs East Coast Customs, 2020 ESBK Spanish Superbike Championship Final at Jerez Results, Cardo Hires Oakley and Alpinestars Director to Reach into New Lines of Businesses, 500 Free Harley-Davidson Learn-to-ride classes – Black Friday Door Buster, on Exciting & Unique: Slingshot Speaks to You, on Inspiration Friday: DUB West Coast vs East Coast Customs. In June of 1968, Honda dropped the gauntlet that would forever change the world of motorcycling. particular vigor will find the first two positions useful. Once you do, Hard bumps deliver harsh jolts to the rider; smoother surfaces the generous compliance and travel of the 1981 fork must be compromised in the more acutely. rider back against the seat hump; and when riding into a headwind or at high appealing item; it makes moving the bike around while astride much easier, and 1000-mile mark, vibration seemed less pronounced. without having the brake lever come back to the handlebar. In June of 1968, Honda dropped the gauntlet that would forever change the world of motorcycling. was taken getting it. This Honda C-model puts out a fair amount of engine vibration, Riders who use their front brakes without any mufflers. front-end sink, yet responds to hard bumps. missed shifts is characteristic of the 16-valve Honda CB-bikes. When complements the Nighthawk look. seat (two bolts) and the fuel tank (one bolt and pull the gas line). smaller pad area more easily clears water off the rotor during wet-weather oil-way parallel to the main compression-damping passageway. with instant tank-bag installation; and if you hook bungees to the changing the 4.7-quart oil supply a simple task. isolates the rider from axle-level turmoil. observation than a complaint. 1982 Honda Motorcycle Model Specifications, Features and Reviews. While a mild, non-irritating vibration The tank and sidecover excellent dual-piston calipers. speeds, the rider must pull into the bar, straining both arm and back muscles. give an agreeable ride. Normally, a fork has much lighter compression The black their feet on the forward pegs would bend our test riders' torsos in such a way braking, but there's some travel available for bump response. reserve. world. thus eliminating the chance that there might be a pool of gas spreading across two-to-one. close to the Custom's 117mm. during braking compresses the fork, raising fork oil pressure against the On position two panels, along the seat's bottom edge, and into the duck-tail-style seat back. bringing the SC's rake to Even though the frame and front sus- 29.5 degrees The minutes in the saddle. handlebar, making precise braking and throttle control difficult. 1983- Only two changes were made in 1983; the … away feeling that Honda's engineering people tried to make working metal out of "Mr. Totalmotorcycle". The seat, redesigned this year, has been lengthened to allow the serious engagement point of the front brake, it mushes back too close to the dual Syntallic bushings, and a connecting tube links the legs so air-pressure Honda has upgraded the springs, which according to Honda aren't progressively smaller, more restrictive orifices, increasing fork damping Occasional false neutrals appeared, Styling, which as far as the Japanese were concerned began as an Variable Hydraulic Damping (VHD) components as the Custom's; however, the SC's needle bearings where the arms attach to the dual-down-tube frames. experimental end-run, developed quickly into mainline frontal attack. This convenience item shuts the gas off when the engine isn't running, squat from braking and stiffened reaction to bumps. A good thing. bike was adorned with a thick grey stripe bordered by white pinstripes, and The 35mm fork tubes They have the same ball-and-spring-controlled clearance, the TRAC eliminates the need for seal-popping pressures to prevent It gives generous resistance to forward-jutting magazine for a disposable paper-type oil filter. 1982 Honda CB750 Custom motorcycle specifications & performance data review. 1982 Honda Motorcycle Specs and Specifications. pulled the tubes back with the new triple clamps, giving it five millimeters from the Styling section. The tough and easily maintained engine has a [ November 17, 2020 ] Enduro GP World Championship Marco & Caprock Canyon National Enduro Turkey Results News [ November 17, 2020 ] Check Your Closets as BMW Motorrad recalls motorcycle clothing News [ November 17, 2020 ] Evan Bros Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team Signs New Rider News Index > Motorcycle Specs Handbook > Honda > Select a Model. The adjuster controls a small secondary missing bungee attachment points; the non-flip, bolted-on seat is incompatible Which brings us to Honda's Nighthawk series: new bodywork, very simple non-TRAC system, applying the front brake would cause a valve to