Price as Tested: $10,909 (ABS dongle) If found the 690 had a close ratio gearbox compared to similar bike in its class. 2017 KTM 690 Enduro R | Long-Term Ride Review, Favorite Rides & Destinations Digital Edition, Adventure & Dual-Sport Motorcycle Reviews, Triumph Launches Certified Pre-Owned Program. Reviews suggest that the stock engine now runs much more smoothly than the older ones did, which is great news if true! It’s fine, but it’s not better than the 690 for off-road work IMHO. August 2016), Husqvarna = KTMDie Unterschiede sind so marginal, dass du rein nach der Optik entscheiden darfst, Und auch wenn du deine Fragen mehrfach stellst wirst du nicht mehr Antworten bekommen. They come here to complain about their bike. Prematurely leaking countershaft seals are still an issue for some 2019 models, it can occur as early as the first ride or two. Dann hab ich noch gehört, dass die Husky so einen klackernden Sound hat und die KTM nicht. Eventuell kommt Du damit dann "irgendwann" an die Grenzen des Motors. I figured it couldn't hurt to offer a dissenting opinion so that anyone looking at the big thumpers can get a broader perspective. . - Die KTM wiegt 6,5 Kg weniger als die 701.- Die KTM verbraucht 0,5L auf 100km weniger.- Die KTM hat eine Drehzahl Anzeige und generell das "Cockpit" sieht cooler aus.- Die KTM hat gegenüber der 701 eine Temperatur Anzeige. Didnt pay much attention to the […], I own a 2017 690 r and it’s a fantastic bike! It was simply both the worst bike I have ever had, and the least reliable. Die 690 Enduro R 2021 vertraut vorne auf eine Einzelscheibe mit 300 Millimeter Durchmesser und Zweikolben-Zange von Brembo. a few guys have called the 690 the hooligan bike which makes sense to me - if you want ridiculous power in a reaonably light frame for fish tailing on dirt roads in every gear it would be hard to go past the big pumpkin! Feeling pumped, later on I even popped a few wheelies and sailed over some jumps, taking me back to the carefree days of launching my BMX bike off homemade ramps as a kid. The 690 Enduro is a unique motorcycle without any other serious competitor on the market. To ease the power at low speeds? I had a similar experience with a Zero FX, I dreamed over it for a couple of years and then did the plunge. As the 690 is known for issues with the exhaust rocker arms, I keep an eye on them and change them often. Problems with clutch slave cylinder failure seem to still be an issue, some owners replace with the Oberon unit for reliability on multi day rides or in remote areas. this was eight years ago and the interwebby thingy was still quite new to me back then... i'm way better at researching forum posts now. Lightweight, spoked D.I.D. The issues you mentioned, both objective and subjective, are well known affecting some riders and some bikes. While the ergos suit shorter riders, the tall seat height works against them though. The main modifications for addressing the 690ty typical weak spots had been: Puncturing the rocker arm bearings for preventing the axles from moving/destroying the valve train. Wet Weight: 340 lbs. I’ll never buy a new KTM again, and this is after literally 50 years of riding and racing. Die KTM 690 Enduro R ist das perfekte Bike, für diejenigen Fahrer, welchen eine Reiseenduro zu schwer ist, eine Hardenduro aber wiederum zu unkomfortabel und wartungsintensiv. Seat Concepts, Seems like KTM has addressed some of these issues with thye 2019 model. My bike has been awesome. Since they’re designed to attach to a tube rack, we installed KTM’s Case Carrier System ($359.99), which required drilling holes in the bodywork since passenger grab handles (and footpegs) were dropped from the 690 Enduro a few years ago. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Es ist nie zu spät für eine glückliche Kindheit ! I’ve ridden it on twisty asphalt roads in the mountains (an absolute blast) and on tough single off road Terran. Especially now, with the web. Besides the first time swap of the coolant fluid, the result of measuring the combustion of Чернотas heart would be interesting.