(The complete oxy/propane outfit with five tips costs $635). However, these gases are dependent on availability. When using torches, whether Oxy/Acetylene or Air/Acetylene or any other flammable gas mixture, great care needs to be taken. On the low heat end is the Micro-Therm Torch whose 750°F heat smooths out rough edges or parting lines from wax castings ($28). Each gas produces a different flame. Which brings us to the burning question: which torch will produce the flame power needed to get the job done? To make decision-making tougher, all torches look pretty much alike. To date 21,452 people have contributed questions and answers to the Orchid Community over the past 20 years and counting. Terms of Use An acetylene flame burns at about 4m500 degrees Fahrenheit (2,500 Celsius) if mixed with common air. Gold & Platinum Members Acetylene, like kerosene, is made from natural gas. The pressure of the gas must be controlled by a regulator at all times because acetylene will explode if it reaches a pressure higher than 15 pound per square inch. It uses a fuel called acetylene, which is the fuel of choice for most standard cutting and welding jobs. Some jewelers, however, swear by their Prest-O-LiteT Acetylene ($156) air/acetylene torch. The Carlisle Burner is considered the ultimate torch for working Pyrex. Copyright ©. Bi-monthly newsletters highlighting great articles, ganoksin member featured artists, popular community conversations and more. The Elma HT-3 Quality-Engineered Water Torch ($1,899) and the Shor Aqua Torch ($2,395) both accommodate two torches simultaneously. Torches come with a master handle and a variety of easily changeable tips designed for use with specific fuels. Propane is a naturally-occurring hydrocarbon, a component of natural gas or crude oil. 95. When the only demand on the torch is soldering small items, then most of the hand-held, self-starting torches like the Micro-Jet MJ-300 ($20) and the Blazer Butane Microtorch will do the job. The Lynx is capable of working on glass smaller than 1mm. today! Oxyfuel torches use a mixture of oxygen and fuel gas to weld and cut metals. There is a range of torches available specifically intended for use in lampworking; Double-gas torches, such as the propane system shown at right, are more expensive, but more versatile. Acetylene has the highest flame temperature of any common hydrocarbon because of its triple bond structure. Affiliate Disclosure The Phoenix and Phantom Triple Mix Burners deliver extreme heat but run cool, producing flame characteristics unique to these burners. Not only is this an efficient use of fuel and oxygen, but their flame runs quietly with no carbon buildup. This Worthington  14.1 oz cylinder is a great choice for working with propane: Hydrogen is the gas of choice when casting or melting platinum because its 4850°F flame burns clean. Combustion with oxygen achieves a flame temperature of 3090°C (5594°F), releasing 54.8 kJ/litre (1470 BTUs/ft3) of energy. Learn more.   |   “It uses one lightweight handle and with seven different torch tips, has a wide flame range that easily handles micro-soldering, annealing, melting, and casting. International Gem Society LLC. This MAP Pro cylinder is a standby if you’d like to work with this type of fuel: Oxygen generators are a recent alternative to pressurized oxygen tanks. If acetylene is mixed with pure oxygen as in an oxyacetylene torch, the resulting flame will be up to 6,300 degrees Fahrenheit (3,480 Celsius). Copyright © 2020 Asco Torch | 475 US Route 9 South | Woodbridge, NJ 07095 | Toll Free 800.272.6001, between using Oxy/Acetylene torches and regular Air/Acetylene torches, low temperature “Prestolite” type torches, High Temperature Torch Kits Vs Low Temperature Torch Kits, Generally burn at a temperature of 2500 to 2700 degrees, Have a short hot flame that is designed to wrap around the fitting, Use more gas than the low-temperature outfits, Are usually of the quick disconnect design, Generally burn at as temperature of 1500 degrees, Much quieter than the high-temperature tips. products and services. Propane and natural gas produce carbon-free flames, which, although lower temperature than acetylene’s (5252°F for propane, 5120°F for natural gas), are good all-purpose systems for most goldsmiths. The largest and hottest flame for working soft or hard glass and quartz is produced by Glass TorchTechnology’s Delta Elite ($2,250) and the Carlisle CC Plus ($1,453). This increases the flexibility of the flame so that working on larger pieces is faster, even though the burner is smaller. Nortel Minor Bench Burner Lampworking Torch, Is a bigger flame better? Some jewelers swear by the Prest-O-Lite Acetylene torch; The Hoke Torch (above) and the Midget Torch (below) are studio workhorses, allowing studio jewelers to choose the kind of gas they wish, and to change tips to achieve different types of flame. Its ergonomic design permits both gases to be easily adjusted by a thumb and makes hose changes easy. Their fuel reservoir is disposable or refillable by exchange. No need to do any specialist shopping for butane! The resulting gas is then directed to the torch where it produces a clean-burning flame ranging from 2200°F to 6000°F. No job is too big or too small for these torches. Water torches weld and solder platinum, gold, and silver. receive 25% off our Now buy yourself some metal and fire up safely. They operate independently or simultaneously to work hard glass tubing from 3mm to 100mm. Although it doesn’t burn as hot as oxy/acetylene, oxy/acetylene, it does go from a soft bushy flame for heating and casting to a pinhead-sized flame with the change of a tip. Early blowtorches used liquid fuel, carried in a refillable reservoir attached to the lamp.Modern blowtorches are mostly gas-fuelled. The Mid-Range Plus which has a Minor Burner mounted on top ($379) works soft glass up to 11/2″ in diameter or heavier hard glass tubing up to 1-1/4″ in diameter. All rights reserved. Uniweld K37 Air/Acetylene Soft Flame Kit for B Tank with TH3 Handle and S23 Screw Connect Tip. An electric current is passed through water and electrolyte, stimulating a reaction which turns it into useable hydrogen and oxygen fuel. If acetylene is mixed with pure oxygen as in an oxyacetylene torch, the resulting flame will be up to 6,300 degrees Fahrenheit (3,480 Celsius). Privacy Policy The principle behind these torches is simple. Choosing the right gas ensures the torch will burn at the desired temperature. “Generally, even if you want a large flame, you will probably also need a smaller one for detail work. Used for applications requiring high heat, it also produces higher BTUs per hour than standard propane torches. Designed using the input of torch users, the Unecon Pre-Mix Torch was constructed specifically to save gas and oxygen and reduce operator fatigue. When used in the open air, a propane-oxygen torch reaches a maximum temperature of 3,623 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,995 degrees Celsius. Butane is affordable, portable, and readily available, but its low maximum flame temperature of 4995°F restricts its applications. And here are some accessories for that Christmas list: Foot pedals ($285), Safe-D-Tect Connection Check, which bubbles if it detects a leak ($6), the Gas Saver system, which automatically shuts off the gas supply and relights the torch. It now comes in four versions ($399). When welding with an oxyacetylene torch, the flame is used to produce molten metal along the edge of two work pieces.   |   As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases referred from our site. Mimi Bolser of Art Glass 2 Glass Works uses a surface-mix burner. Soldering occurs at approximately 400 degrees. It uses cost-effective, disposable, screw-on propane or MAPP® gas cylinders, and can also be connected by adaptors to a propane fuel tank. Bernz-O-Matic ST2200T Micro Flame Butane Torch Kit. With compressed air, maybe but I doubt it'll be very good. The MICROTORCH is described as being like laser technology without the price. That being said, the higher the temperature of the flame the quicker the base material will reach the correct temperature needed for brazing to take place. As the metals cool, they create a strong seam. There are a few on the market. Borrowing from the welding trade and combining oxygen and natural gas, new burners were designed that produced a flame hot enough to melt Pyrex. That being said this article will deal with the differences between using a high temperature “Turbo” type torches and a low temperature “Prestolite” type torches. Its 3/4″ diameter pointed flame makes it useful for detailed work. is the heart of Ganoksin. Brazing and Soldering. Glass Torch Technology has a patent pending on their triple mix burners. 8milelake Air Acetylene Kit Torch Kit Swirl with 1 piece Acetylene Regulator CGA 200 Welding Gas Welder. Acetylene produces such an intense flame that it will burn a hole in most metal unless the oxy/acetylene torch is kept in constant motion. PMCT users can now use a torch instead of a kiln to cure their small PMCT components.