However, its financial performance in 2019 (q1 and q2) has weakened due to the US-China trade wars and some other factors. So with their premium pricing policy, they always wanted to be a brand that everyone may want but not everyone can afford. Even if people want the freedom to customize their phone, it seems that Apple wanted absolute control to produce the best. Some of these outsourcing partners are single-sourced suppliers of components and manufacturers for several Apple products. Innovation is one of the primary sources of Apple’s competitive advantage. Having said that, Apple has the opportunity to grow with Apple Watch and AirPods into other wearable categories. Because if the big companies like Apple can change, then maybe the whole consuming behaviors of us can change too. Even with the low sales volume, it can avail high-profit margins and can invest in the brand building, Research and development activities. Apple’s brand recognition is maintained via media giants and technology companies such as Forbes that acknowledges that the company is worth about 205.5 Billion US Dollars. Regarding to the post, John Poole – the founder of Primate Labs compared the performance and battery age of iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 running different versions of iOS: Afterwards, Apple confirmed customers’ doubts and admitted that it slowed down the performance of older iPhones to compensate for the battery. While Apple still continues to rule, its continued focus upon user experience has helped it strengthen its brand equity. “Apple revolutionized the business of PCs, music, telephones and Tablets because everything revolved around and search for simplicity.” Apple products are simple and easy to use. For example, they introduced iPod, Macbook, iPhone and iPad. Offices, schools, and freelance places are all now more dependent on technology than they used to be, and this increased demand for technology does propel the supply to increase to meet the demand. The company is known with the name Apple Inc. Apple was established during the year 1976 and has its headquarters set up in California, United States. A large part of the company’s supply chain and manufacturing activities are located in Asia. The PC market stabilized a bit in 2018 but again declined in 2019. One of the key threats to Apple is Dell which is a primary computer manufacturer. You would be warned. Product quality, user experience, innovation, marketing, and customer engagement are the reasons that enabled Apple to win a large and loyal customer base from all over the world. The product line includes Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV and so on. One of the leading strengths of Apple is its strong brand image. Apple competes on the following features: Apple faces severe competitors and requires the company to be at the constant innovation thereby taking benefit of the rising chances. Apple is one of the big four players in the technology industry. It sounds meaningless, but in case you smoke while you use an Apple computer, you get void with the warranty. Apple’s weaknesses are not many but are sufficient enough to be mentioned. All in all, it can be observed from the SWOT analysis that Apple Inc. has many strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Its focus upon product quality and innovation, established the brand as a leader in computing technology right during its early days. The company put a lot of effort to enhance the user experience with many accessories and gadgets besides the product. SWOT Analysis strengths are internal factors that let you overcome weaknesses and take advantage of opportunities in the external environment. From Macbooks to iPhones, iPads and all other products from the house of Apple, carry a premium price tag. Its services revenue grew the highest in its history in 2018. Huge Range of Products – Apple has a huge variety of products that provides the company to earn more profit. Learn more about the personal computing brand, its strengths, weaknesses, as well as its financial performance and crucial focus areas in this SWOT analysis. Apple Inc.’s competitors include Samsung, Google, Nokia, Sony, and many more. Competition in the technology industry including personal computing, cloud technology, and the smartphone industry has kept growing. So now let’s look at Apple Products Portfoloio in BCG Matrix: The crazy perfectionism of Steve Jobs and his passion has given huge importance to details.