A rare Eurasian Collared-Dove was reported near Wolfville, Nova Scotia. “The Baltimore orioles were really enjoying the grape jelly today.”, Sharon White submitted a photo of honeybees eating grape jelly off her Baltimore oriole feeder. The Algernourne Oak, Fort Monroe’s nearly 500-year-old tree, gets a little TLC, Wildlife photos: Red-tailed hawk spotted in North Carolina, American elm the focus of new Paradise Creek project, Former racehorse on the mend in North Carolina after nearly going to meat market, For the first time, Virginia is setting aside capital funds to restore its oyster population, Woman found dead in Virginia Beach home, police investigating homicide, Man was Tasered, shot to death after officers barged into Newport News home without warrant, prosecutors say. The rich, whistling song of the Baltimore Oriole, echoing from treetops near homes and parks, is a sweet herald of spring in eastern North America. Register. It will also provide some affordable apartments. This year’s Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) topped all previous years in terms of participation, checklists, and species reported. A Baltimore oriole at Hager Pond in Marlborough, photographed by Steve Forman. The information you supply is vital to scientists studying changes in the numbers and distributions of birds, and to conservation leaders who use the reports to craft targeted plans to conserve declining species. Fox was stalking a great blue heron who is hiding behind the bushes on the left,” wrote Moriarty. Altogether, participants in Canada entered 17,662 bird checklists and observed 250 bird species: a recordbreaking year for our country! Over 57,000 volunteers share their energy, skills and bird observations with our Citizen Science programs annually. On eBird Canada, you can report the birds you see from anywhere in the world at any time of the year! (Courtesy of Mike Chin), EVMS leaders fear Sentara is trying to force the school to merge with ODU, emails show. October 12, 2020; by ; However, the fact three orioles have recently shown up at two locales this late in the winter, gives those of us that have not seen an oriole in our backyards hope one may still make an appearance before spring arrives. In that window click the picture for actual size, often too big to fit your monitor. ", 40 high-conservation-priority bird species benefit from our projects. Photo by Mary Sonis They all scattered when it arrived!”. “He made up for it when he posed for us this week.”, Debbie Kennedy reported seeing a juvenile Cooper’s hawk in her backyard in the Harbour View area of Suffolk. Baltimore orioles are just one of dozens of species of neotropical migrants moving through Southwest Michigan in mid-May. A bit of a lull, only a few sightings each day, in early June when they were tending to their nests and gathering protein for the young but they're back now, with the young, and can't stop feeding from the grape jelly we set out for them in the feeder. A Baltimore oriole at Hager Pond in Marlborough, photographed by Steve Forman. Jonathan Snyder photographed a pied-billed grebe attempting to swallow a fish at Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach. A number of impressive high counts of species were also reported including: 50,000 Dunlin, 5000 Snow Geese, 87 Pine Grosbeaks, and 257 Marbled Murrelets. It has been expanding its range from its landfall in Florida, first making its way into Canada via British Columbia. Some noteworthy observations included 4 Great Gray Owls, a pair of nest-building Golden Eagles, and an unusually early Ferruginous Hawk. The Baltimore Oriole is sometimes confused with the Orchard oriole, as they do share some of the same territory and they are similar in color.. Baltimore Orioles are a vivid black and orange color. Neil Rose photographed a great blue heron supervising a pair of mallard ducks feeding in the pond at Town Center in Virginia Beach. ... 2020 . This medium-sized passerine measures 17–22 cm (6.7–8.7 in) in length and spans 23–32 cm (9.1–13 in) across the wings. Many Norfolk employees will get hazard pay for working during the pandemic. Pennsylvania, yes. Other notable sightings for the province included high counts of 1000 Great Black-backed Gulls and 80 American Robins. Many more will get a “thank you” bonus. Alberta was well represented in the 2020 GBBC, with birders finding 86 species and submitting 1118 checklists. “It would rappel down and free fall with all its legs out and then reassess its work,” wrote Kuhn. The great food crop, along with less snow and mild temperatures throughout much of Canada, resulted in many species of birds staying in the north. Joy Lyon photographed an immature bald eagle that has been a daily visitor to the osprey nest in the Forest Hills section of Virginia Beach on the Lynnhaven River. Email photos as .jpg attachments to wildfood@cox.net. Don’t forget your full name and neighborhood. Other Resources. 9 people were shot in Virginia Beach over the weekend. (Courtesy of Jonathan Snyder), A loon swims peacefully in the post-sunset glow near Wachapreague Inlet on the Eastern Shore. Welcome back orioles and hummingbirds. [2] The male oriole is slightly larger than the female, although the size dimorphism is minimal by icterid standards. You can also try the eBird Mobile app for iOS or Android to enter observations from the field. Mike Chin photographed a family of four deer next to the road at Craney Island in Portsmouth. Join now to participate in the 2020-2021 season. Wildlife Response can be reached at 543-7000. Below are the global figures as of March 9, 2020. History Channel's Ancient Aliens Exposed! Here’s how you can unleash your inner birder and connect with the natural world! (Courtesy of Meriwether Payne), A Baltimore oriole returns to a backyard feeder in the Indian River area of Chesapeake. Jane Hughey has orioles returning to her feeders in the Indian River area of Chesapeake. (Courtesy of Lynne Kuhn), A family of four deer graze at the edge of the woods at Craney Island in Portsmouth. Report Sightings Login. To see checklist and species numbers for your province or territory, visit the “Explore” section of birdcount.org. Jul 16, 2020 Rating: Fabulous year for Orioles in Niagara-on-the-Lake by: Anonymous Started mid-May and they haven't stopped since. Joellyn Cohen sent a photo that her husband Bob Seemueller took of a handsome Cooper’s hawk from his kitchen window at Hunt Club Forest in Virginia Beach. In British Columbia, nine owl species were detected, rarities like Lesser Black-backed Gull were observed in the southern interior, Anna’s Hummingbirds were seen throughout the mild west coast (likely starting to breed), and the northernmost California Scrub-Jay of the count was seen in the Vancouver area. Baltimore Oriole. North Carolina, yes. An Orange-crowned Warbler observed in a thick stand of spruce near Halifax was another notable rarity for Nova Scotia. Blue-gray bill is sharply pointed. eBird Canada also allows you to keep up with the latest bird sightings and create your birding profile so you can share your excitement about birds with a like-minded community around the world. All photos by Gilbert S. Grant. His mother is offering a $10,000 reward for info. Participants in Québec and Ontario reported good numbers of waterfowl this GBBC. Surprisingly, a Baltimore Oriole was found to be surviving the winter on the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador, and was reported to the GBBC for February 16. Terry Anderson encountered a great blue heron fishing in the canal at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach. The main balk of the Baltimore oriole population moves through Southwest Michgian in mid-May. Nearby, you might spot the female weaving her remarkable hanging nest from slender fibers. A tree swallow at Hager Pond in Marlborough, photographed by Steve Forman. Please keep observing and reporting birds! 2 were children, 3 were teens. Bob Childers photographed a handsome red-tailed hawk sitting on the rocks at Willoughby Spit in Norfolk. Hummingbird, Orioles, Purple Martin Bird, Other Migratory Birds, Warblers, and Butterflies Migration Maps “Feeding the bees is important too!”. Males are stunning, orange with black head.