There are eateries on all routes, however, they may not be well-maintained, so taking a good refreshment break at Chitradurga or Anantapur is advisable. After much deliberations finally took the Hiriyur-Challakere-Rampura-Ubalagandi route to join the Kudligi-Toranagallu road. The time to travel is dependent on India’s traffic, roads and climatic conditions. Make a quick stop to Challakere if you want to visit this quiet temple. The fastest way to reach from Bangalore to Hospet is flight to Hubballi Airport, then cab to Hospet and takes 5h 16m. Check out this details as we unfold the itinerary and other aspects of one of the most incredible road trips in India.Â. INR 350 VIEW SEATS. On both routes Chitradurga-Hospet and Hiriyur-Challakere there are almost no decent places for a break after turning off from the NH. Let us know in the comments. If taking Chitradurga-Hospet route, you can stop at Ravi Mayur Kamat on service road (hope I got that name right, search earlier posts and you will even find a picture of the place). From there, instead of going ahead to Tornagalu and joining the Bellary-Hospete Road, google maps diverted to another small narow 'Hospete Road'-Marked with the red circle. You can then make a U-turn and head back towards the Hospet turn off. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The bustling city of Mumbai could prove sultry and stifling in summer, like any other city on the seashore in a tropical country like India. Flights; Hotels; Trains; Trains. Is that a good option. Travelling by car, cab or bike is equally fun. I just hope once we see an increase of traffic on NH7, more eat outs and break areas open up. This dam is worth stopping by for its spectacular views through its watchtower and its aesthetic beauty. Visited by domestic and international tourists equally, it is known for its golden beaches, shacks, affordable alcohol ... Locals in Bangalore have no dearth of amazing food, drinks and music, but at some point all of it gets. Bangalore to Hospet Home | Routes Directory | Bangalore to Hospet. Know How to reach from Bangalore to Hospet via Car with distance and duration required to reach . Luckily it was small enough to get it fixed in a puncture shop. I will leave Bangalore around 6 A.M most likely. Use the coupon SWITCH to get 10% discount. Book tickets of Hospet Passenger at Cleartrip Now! Depending on that you can change your routing options too. Between September to March, Hampi is an ideal place to visit. A good place for bouldering and rock-climbing fans, people interested in souvenir shopping, or coffee shops. The first train on this route is MYS SNSI EXPRESS and leaves Bangalore at 08:25 am, and the last train from Bangalore to Hospet is HAMPI EXP and leaves Bangalore at 22:40 pm. 04:15 AM. The time to travel is dependent on India’s traffic, roads and climatic conditions. A significant destination from Bangalore, Hampi is a favourite to head to on a road trip . Seats available. 06:45 Hrs. If its Hospet, then I guess Chitradurga-Hospet makes the best option. There are operators running their buses between Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Hospet bringing necessary travel … Private bus operators offer pocket-friendly rides starting from Rs. BNG-GANGAVATHI-KARTAGI. This is a popular route for most road trippers. A 30-minute detour from Hiriyur will lead you to this pre-independence era dam, with calm and clean waters. 05:30 AM. Did the Bangalore-Hamp trip last Thursday to Yesterday. When it comes to getting close to nature, there is no better way to do so than by packing your rucksack and heading on for trekking in India. Hire a cab with a driver if travelling with family. Best route from Bangalore to Hospet . Google is suggesting the Hiriyur -> Chitradurga -> Kudigi road.