The Joyo Roll Boost is one very interesting little pedal. It has a very classic look, which should be to most people’s tastes. There’s also a bass and treble adjustment, along with a nifty little toggle that sits between the knobs, which allows you to move between a pure, clean boost tone, and a couple of preset tonal options, one in the mid-range, and another that adds a bit of ‘fatness’. They can be used to add more volume to your guitar signal for leads, or to smash your tube amp into searing saturation for heavy rhythm sections, making them a worthy addition to your pedalboard. And finally, this pedal does actually come with a power supply unit, which is fairly unusual, and makes it generally good value. We've always been suckers for the sound of an MXR Micro Amp stacked into another drive pedal, or used to slam a tube amp. No matter how many you have, you always want more. Our top choice has to go to the MXR MC401 made by Jim Dunlop. The best boost pedal if you want a no nonsense option, Price: $114/£93 | Gain: N/A | Bypass: N/A. So what is it exactly what happens when you hit that footswitch for more boost, and how can you use this to your sonic advantage? Why We Liked It - A great looking little unit at a hard-to-beat price point make the TC Electronic Spark Mini a sound choice for anyone who needs a boost pedal that gets the job done. In essence, they all mean the same thing, but that doesn’t make them all equal, and not all of them are limited to clean boost alone either. We’d highly recommend it if you’ve found your tone already and just want a high-quality kick in a small package. And the thing is - this isn’t a no-frills, one-button product either. Why We Liked It - A left-field option from Chinese manufacturer Aroma, the ABR-1 has a couple of drawbacks as a pure clean boost pedal, but ultimately is such good value that it’s worth giving the unit a try - the quality and range of features will surprise you. It’s generally interference from some of the components that affect tone negatively, or indeed the way in which the gain is applied. Let’s face it - the price is criminally low, which means that this product would find it really hard not to be our great value choice. Throw it before or after your effects chain and it’s going to work wonders. We think this little unit would be ideal when twinned with an old Marshall or Vox and either no other or a very restrained set of, pedals. Like all Chase Bliss pedals, it's MIDI-controllable and has a plethora of additional options in the form of DIP switches on the top of the enclosure. Find them here. Why We Liked It - This has been one of the top-reviewed clean boost units on the market for quite some time now, and we’d tend to agree. Many people will also ask - “what’s the point in a clean booster when you have a volume control on the amp?”. Well, there’s a flipside to that. In terms of looks, the housing is fairly plain, but it’s smart enough, and will blend into most boards nicely. The best boost pedals to buy now. Branded a ‘linear boost pedal’, the Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 is a relatively low-budget option that is in fact a reissue of the original effects board released way back in 1968. J Rockett Audio Designs (often known as JRAD) have set out with this particular unit to emulate one of the boost pedals of legend - the Klon Centaur - which is well known as the standard by which many other boosters are measured. The chassis is very, very compact despite the functionality, and is made of all-aluminum, so we have no concerns over its durability. The second thing you'll see on many of the best boost pedals is some kind of EQ. Contents. Note that the Boost Killer can be powered with supply but not a battery, so bear that in mind before purchase. The Xotic EP-3 models itself on the preamp section of the Echoplex EP-3, a classic tape echo. The little brother of the standard Spark, TC Electronic’s Spark Mini offers the same high-quality components for clean, interference-free boost, but in a smaller package, and without a few of the bells and whistles. Certainly not bad for the price, which is why the Roll Boost deserves to be on this list. The TC Electronic Mini Spark certainly came close to beating out the ABR-1, but we simply couldn’t overlook the fact that this one has a few different options for you to play with as well as its clean boost function. Yes it doesn’t have any fancy design to it, but it’s not bad looking at all, and certainly doesn’t look like your typical low-budget knock-off. On the other hand, with a solid-state amp, you're likely to want something a little bit hairier and more characterful, perhaps even with some clipping. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The whole thing just looks and feels like the premium choice too. This is why lots of pedals will have vocal processors or buffering instead of a true bypass, which will smooth out the transition. If you want something mid-range that genuinely gives you clean boost, then it’s hard to argue against this option. For those in the know, the Smallsound/Bigsound Mini has been a sleeper hit for years, with most serious pedal freaks who are into the 'amp-like' sound of JFET drives having to try one at some point. Even without an EQ control, a boost will change the EQ profile of your guitar, and the extra gain will add compression. Pros: + Awesome value + Looks great, with fantastic attention to detail + PrimeTime feature is great for short bursts of boost. It’s not as strong as the full-sized spark, and it won’t allow you to alter your core tone, but it does do a superb job of giving you an extra kick for solos and other lead parts. It stacks well, and its EQ profile lends it to interesting pairings - for example, with a Big Muff, which as a notch around the same frequency range that the Tubescreamer has a boost. They’re sometimes known as hybrids, or for instance, treble boost pedals if they have a specific function. 12 months ago. Rather than just a level knob to adjust the boost, you’ll also find a gain knob to really push your tone with a bit more grit and compression. OK, so the transparency isn’t 100%, but that really has to be overlooked. We don’t see why it won’t stand up to years of touring use. Build quality is high, and the mini toggle is usefully placed between the level knobs to avoid being knocked. Just as the Tubescreamer is an excellent boost, it should come as no surprise that a brilliant pedal like the Timmy that's in the Tubescreamer family tree should also prove equally formidable as a boost. Cort Guitars unveils the affordable, all-solid OC-Core Collection, Mark Tremonti names the hardest Alter Bridge song to play, Orianthi can’t watch her viral Voodoo Child cover: “I hated my tone – it was just f**king awful!”, ESP raises over $47k at Metallica's All Within My Hands Foundation Concert and Auction, Black Stone Cherry: “You never want two guitarists who are competing with each other. The level knob will take you right up to an impressive +26 dB, and with the rest of the adjustments left alone, it’s ideal for gatecrashing the mix with high-powered solos and licks. There are also lots of players out there who have breathed new life into what they thought was a tired old vintage amp by pairing it with a nice clean boost. Xotic EP Booster. After all - they sound more interesting on the face of it, and if you’re trying to find that tone that you really like, then surely looking for the right pedal to change your tone is the way to go?