Black or deep purple Kalamata olives are the best-known Greek olive. Category Apps and Software Financial Food Health Home Lifestyle Movies and Videos Programming Travel. Castelvetrano vs Lucques vs Kalamata Olives. Some common differences between these two types of olives are as follows:-Taste:-In general olives have a salty and briny taste, but, kalamata olives tend to bit saltier in comparison to other olives. History of Kalamata olives The earliest cultivation of olive trees was probably over five thousand years ago, since Ancient Greek times. Kalamata Olives Vs Black Olives. They can be easily substituted for kalamata olives. Kalamata is a region in Greece, famous for its production of olives and olive oils. The benchmark was Kalamata from Greece: purple-black with an almost mushroomy depth of flavour. Olives are delicious! Raw and freshly picked olives are inedible due to their very strong bitter flavor, so both green and ripe varieties are cured, either by being packed in salt, brine, or water, before being eaten." In particular the Kalamata olive is often known as the Greek olive, and is distinct in taste and appearance from most green and black olives.When Kalamata olives are not used for olive oil, which is a fairly common use, they are normally brined, packed in olive oil or pickled in wine vinaigrette. Despite being known as ‘Greek black olives,’ they are in fact deep purple in colour and compared to green and black olives, they are bigger in size and have a plumper, oblong shape. Learning to cook in the 1990s, I thought “proper olives” meant black. Food. How does ripeness affect their taste? They have a distinct taste which is totally different to other olives. Everything that glitters is not gold, and in the same way, all black olives are not kalamata olives. Green olives are picked before ripening, and black olives are picked while ripe, which is when the color has turned from green to black. The olive has tight, snappy, shiny skin, and a distinctive almond shape. Grown in the valley of Messina, near the town of Kalamata, they're harvested in December once fully ripened, which explains their dark color. You can have them as a salad dressing, a topping on pizzas, as tapenade or spreads, or as entrées in sandwiches. Blog. Despite being known as ‘Greek black olives,’ they are deep purple in color. You might say Kalamata olives and we might say Kalamon olives, but whichever name we use, we are talking about exactly the same sort of olive. Kalamata olives (Olea europaea) come from Kalamata, a small town in the southern Peloponnese, Greece. I loved them so much I would purchase canned pre-sliced oli. Before I knew any better, the only olives I ate were black olives on pizza. Home. Black olives are used in numerous dishes. The Blog. It may be slightly confusing, but the lustrous black olives grown in the Peloponnese region are called either Kalamata, after the … The name is also often spelled Calamata. Start a Blog; Featured Posts; My Posts; Sign In. What Are Kalamata Olives? Perhaps, this list will never be exhausted. BLACK OLIVES. Such is the usability of these olives. Consumed by locals for thousands of years, they are a cherry-sized fruit which grow on small kalamon trees.