For tips and inspo visit our Stay at Home Hub. Over 18,600 names in our database, find one for your baby name.  Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker[img][/img] Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker, They just pricked my finger to see if I am anemic. Doctors vary in how they choose to treat women who test positive for any of these. Bloods are important :-) x. I had it at 36 weeks too and no fasting for me either?! You’ll get a Group B Strep test around week 36 of your pregnancy. In your second trimester, you will get a blood test to check for diabetes and recheck your hemoglobin. This should be done after you’ve been sitting comfortably for a few minutes, with the cuff on your upper bare arm at heart level, your arm and back supported, and your feet flat on the floor. Now with this pregnancy, being twins, I am not going to stop taking the iron tablets at all. Mine was not a finger stick though, I can't even remember what they said. A medically complicated delivery may also require you to stay in the hospital for at least two or three days longer than normal, until the symptoms begin to go away and other indicators are trending toward normal (even if they aren’t normal yet). For baby, though, the bacteria could cause more severe problems and could even be life threatening. Annual monitoring of your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol is an important way to stay healthy. Pregnancy And Baby Care Articles Pregnancy Week By Week. While many twin moms deliver around week 36, there’s a chance you and your pair might hold on for a few more weeks. Your healthcare provider should measure your blood pressure at each prenatal appointment. At 32 weeks in an uncomplicated pregnancy, visits are usually every two weeks; at 36 weeks they become weekly. This urine will be tested to see if you are passing more than 300 mg of protein in a day. Hmm.. they didn't really do anything on Friday at my appt, but I am giong this Fri too, so I'm wondering the same thing! The #1 app for tracking pregnancy and baby growth. Preeclampsia is diagnosed by persistent high blood pressure that develops for the first time after mid-pregnancy or right after delivery. Patient with higher risks are seen more frequently. At your week 36 prenatal appointment, your OB may check baby’s position. Preeclampsia, in all of its forms, can mean a lot of testing, both during and after pregnancy. These are signs of preterm labor. I had blood tests at 36 weeks, mainly because i was worried about antibodies as i am RH positive, but they also check your iron. You shouldn't have to fast for those bloods unless they're also checking something else, I was sent straight from my antenatal clinic check up with no warning so definitely didn't fast. Patient with higher risks are seen more frequently. I have had to fast 12 hours which is making me terribly sick at this moment and it's for FBC (full blood count and antibodies). I really hope they don't surprise me with a blood test! 36 week Blood Test: Morning All, I am 36 weeks and have a blood test I am supposed to be getting today. It’s a low-risk procedure and it works more than half the time.