This template consists of three parties: MEAL EXPENSES, OTHER BUSINESS EXPENSES, and LOCAL AUTO MILEAGE & PARKING & … consideration pursuant to the Scheme or such takeover offer), to be described in the Rule 2.5 Announcement and provided for in the Transaction Agreement; “Act”, the Companies Act 1963, as amended; “Acting in In this case, a reimbursement claim needs to be submitted to a particular authority in the company. [PARTY B] will keep all receipts and other records of [PARTY B]'s expenses. H���� any self-regulatory body or authority, including any instrumentality or entity designed to act for or on behalf of the foregoing, in each case, in any jurisdiction, including the Panel; “Resolutions”, the resolutions to be proposed at the EGM and Court Meeting required to effect the Scheme; “Rule 2.5 Announcement”, the announcement in the Agreed Form to be made by the Parties pursuant to Rule 2.5 of the financial, regulatory, legal and other aspects of such proposal as the Cooper Board considers to be appropriate (it being understood that, for purposes of the definition of “Cooper Superior Proposal”, references to “25%” and the European Community in conformity with the Directive of the Council of the European Union on the common system of value added tax (2006/112/EC); and. of arrangement under Section 201 of the Act and the capital reduction under Sections 72 and 74 of the Act to effect the Acquisition pursuant to the Transaction Agreement, including any revision thereof as may be agreed between the Parties in offer or business combination transaction; (ii) the acquisition by any person of 25% or more of the assets of Cooper and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole, measured by either book value or fair market value (including equity securities of Because the partner is not an “employee,” the 2%-of-AGI limit of IRC Sec. IN WITNESS whereof the Parties have executed this Agreement as a Deed on the day and year above written. of the same VAT Group as that person) has incurred and in respect of which neither that person nor any other member of the same VAT Group as that person is entitled to a refund (by way of credit or repayment) from any relevant Tax Authority pursuant association, trust or other form of legal entity of which such person directly or indirectly owns securities or other equity interests representing more than 50% of the aggregate voting power; “Takeover Panel Act”, the Irish Takeover Panel Act 1997 (as amended); “Takeover Rules”, the Irish Takeover Panel Act 1997 (as amended), Takeover Rules, 2007, as amended; “Tax Authority”, any Relevant Authority responsible for the assessment, collection or enforcement of laws relating to August 9, 2010, as it may be amended from time to time; “Cooper”, shall have the meaning given to that Latest tools, templates and workplace resources, delivered straight to your inbox. In this Agreement, any reference to an Irish legal term for any action, remedy, method of judicial proceeding, legal document, legal status, court. h��X[W�8��t؇�3K�e�N��1I�f��t�L/=�[R�.R�S�J "�R���Bi#�Qm9�j3�5�E �䈺��x�r���l� ��B�&�q � Board determines in good faith (after consultation with Cooper’s financial advisors and legal counsel) is more favourable to the Cooper Shareholders than the transactions contemplated by the Transaction Agreement, taking into account such business days after mailing. Business Expense Reimbursement Form is a document used to reimburse expenses for business purposes. Cooper’s Subsidiaries); (iii) the acquisition by any person (or the stockholders of any person) of 25% or more of the outstanding Cooper Shares; or (iv) any merger, business combination, consolidation, share exchange, recapitalization An employee of a company can claim reimbursement from the company over the amount spent by him on an official tour. with registered number 471594 having its registered office at .