With the help of Chatbots you can order food, check in luggage at the airport, book a hotel room, schedule your flight, and get recommendations for almost anything you can think of. They need answers to these three questions: Executives need to task their teams to model business processes (and whole business models) before thinking about technology investments. I conduct research on technology management best practices, social media, analytics, cloud computing and technology adoption. For example, we now rent – and avoid buying – hardware, software and storage. Below are some of the most efficient technologies for nurturing customer conversations: Chatbots - Chatbots are excellent conversational marketing tools, capable of handling multiple conversations at any one time. It happens all the time. The Center for Technology and Investment is a nonprofit organization that was created to help rural small business owners use technology more effectively. Now customers can track their orders, find the best deals and much more besides. In some cases, using technology provides greater efficiency and versatility, making it a natural progression for processes you may already have in place in your business. This requires investments in business process modeling (BPM)and ultimately robotic process automation (RPA). Speedy mobile payment solutions, including Apple Pay and Android Pay. “It’s the first inning. “IT’s” over. Uber, for example, combines location awareness, real-time analytics, cashless payment and customer relationship management all in one platform. Location-based marketing - Use your customers’ geographical whereabouts to market products relevant to their specific location. Take the opportunity these technologies provide to better understand what your customers want and deliver it to them more efficiently and your company could stand to reap the benefits too. You can initiate a preemptive chat invitation to particular customers based on their behavior. The sessions always begin with: “what are the operational and strategic problems you want to solve?” The technologies represent a growing toolbox of opportunities to solve the problems – though sometimes there’s not an obvious match between problems and emerging technologies – which is fine. Most importantly, they need to connect technologies with the operational and strategic business processes they want – and often need – to improve (or eliminate). Think smart refrigerators. They also need to know about development and adoption trends. Two examples illustrate how the intersection of business, technology, and ethics can be problematic. Which technologies should executives track? Making use of the right technology means providing customers with not only what they want when they want it, but where they want it too. The Starbucks chatbot for example gives customers details regarding their order status, payment details etc. Nothing new here. “The customer journey is changing. Agricultural technology such as a modern combine harvester. The potential impact of ecommerce technology on your company is huge. Therefore, if you want your ecommerce company to be successful, embrace technology that provides quick and efficient checkout solutions, such as: Equipped with this technology, your business can alleviate any potential difficulties customers may encounter at checkout. Some are already integrating chatbots in their systems to improve their customers’ experience and boost brand image. Effective personalization comes from understanding customers’ preferences and behavior. Now, information is stored in data servers and cloud technology as against the old way of storing data in registers and files. I was the Director of Cybernetics Technology @ DARPA and founded and co-founded several technology companies. Personalization is the biggest trend in ecommerce. Intelligent systems can overlay onto traditional customer relationship management (CRM) systems.