Recently California passed AB551 which addresses several issues about bed bugs. Here is a brief summary of the new legal requirements: Landlords cannot retaliate against a tenant for reporting bed bugs. Treatment and control of bed bug in hotel rooms and guest houses. 2. Comply with the PCO’s instructions on how to prepare the room for bed bug eradication, or ensure that the tenants prepare their rooms for bed bug treatment. Bed Bug Responsibilities Bed bugs have become such an issue around the country that California enacted laws addressing these pests specifically. CODE § 420-3-11-.12, Construction, Maintenance, and Operation of Hotels - Insect and Rodent Control Hotels shall be kept in such condition as to prevent the harborage or feeding of insects or rodents, A landlord is … Overview of California’s New Bed Bug Laws Under the new California laws that become effective in 2017 and 2018, owners will have the following new duties and responsibilities: Bed Bug Disclosure : Starting July 1, 2017 an owner shall provide to all new tenants with written notice * in at least 10-point font containing the following information: Bed Bugs and the Law in California California Civil Code §1941.1, Landlord Obligations California state law requires a landlord to provide and maintain the following: Weather protection at the roof, exterior walls, windows and doors; Plumbing and gas facilities This is very similar to a tenant reporting any other type of maintenance–for example, you shouldn’t raise their rent because they report a problem. Contact a licensed PCO to perform the bed bug treatment. National Pest Management Association State Bed Bug Laws September 2019 State Citation & Title Summary Link Alabama ALA. ADMIN. Owners and operators of hotels and guest houses should: 1.