The values shown on the screen includes gear position indicator, dual tachometer with both visual and numerical results, engine heat status, clock, fuel gauge, and average mileage. Gotta’ say; the break between pilot and pillion isn’t as abrupt as you’d expect from such a sporty ride, and the shoulder is probably just enough to act as a butt stop to keep you from driving the thing out from under yourself. However, the wind speed at the moment could have made the progress difficult. All-in-all, a very clean and compact ride that sets itself apart with its retro-tastic bent. ZR-rated hoops round out the rolling chassis with a 120/70 and 180/55 on the front and rear, respectively. Kawasaki Ninja 650R vs Honda CBR650F. It’s billed as a supernaked-middleweight model, so I consider it fair game. Torque measures in with 47 pound-feet that caps at 8,500 rpm to give an estimated top speed of 135 mph. Even if you don’t need the TC, I reckon it might be worth having, even for grouchy old-school riders like myself. Yeah, it’s a small advantage, but there it is. Probably so, since it’s difficult to put an actual dollar value on safety. Honda claim to have given the 649cc inline four a bit of extra poke when compared to the outgoing CBR650F, but you would struggle to notice its 5% increase in peak power or the 5% boost in top … A pair of compact cheek fairings add some flavor without adding a bunch of useless weight, and as simple as it may seem, are responsible for much of the overall panache. Another boon to handling can be found in the rims; specifically in the hollow Y-spokes on the 17-inch rims that shed just over two pounds in total, and that lowers the gyroscopic effect so the wheels have a lower resistance to changing the angle on the axis. For the passenger, there’s a pair of subframe-mount, fold-up aluminum footpegs and inconspicuous J.C. handles to go with the slightly elevated p-pad and grabstrap. I dunno, but it does look like the most commuter-capable of the 650 cc sportbikes. CBR650R touches 206 kph in the fourth gear, leaving sudden highway sprints as the easiest task that one can imagine. A pair of compact cheek fairings add some flavor without adding a bunch of useless weight, and as simple as it may seem, are responsible for much of the overall panache. A pair of radial-mount, four-piston anchors bite dual 310 mm discs up front followed by a 240 mm disc and single-pot caliper out back, and you have a choice between a non-switchable ABS variant, and a non-ABS base model. - With the stock 16/42 sprocket configuration, the CBR tops out at 175mi/h (282km/h) @ 15000rpm in 6th gear, although probably not, due to Honda overgearing it. In fact, this is my favorite naked the factory puts out, especially since it made the old CB650F superfluous to the point that it fell off the family tree. Angular and aggressive with a definite dark side, the Z650 allows for a similar pilot posture that let’s you prop yourself up in a near-vertical position, or tuck in for a proper haulin’-booty form. A compact “stacked” gearbox manages the ratios with a new slipper-type clutch that provides some anti wheel-hop protection and delivers a lighter pull weight at the clutch lever. 2019 CBR650R touched 237 kph of top speed and all the credit goes to the improved aerodynamics and reduction in weight for the motorcycle. Out back, a coil-over monoshock takes care of business with naught but the obligatory spring preload. It’s a four-banger that runs 67 mm bores and a 46 mm stroke giving it a 11.6-to-1 compression ratio, up from 11.4-to-1. If I’m honest, it’s that retro-tastic vibe that does it for me, even if its more of a suggestion than an actual guideline. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. Suzuki’s already pretty focussed GSX-R600 was reimagined, lighter and pointer than the one it replaced, while Yamaha’s  new YZF-R6 was much more focussed than the FZR and YZF600 Thundercat motorcycles it was to supercede. The steering head and tripletree arrangement set a surprisingly wide rake angle of 32 degrees from the vertical with the typical four inches of trail and a 57-inch wheelbase to give the CB650R solid tracking at speed with respectable cornering behavior. He currently holds an Associate's degree in applied mechanical science from his time at the M.M.I.