Saveethra is with me,  Chamak Dar meaning in English: Redfulgent - Chamak Dar meaning, Definition Synonyms at Urdu to English dictionary gives you the best and accurate English translation and meanings of چمک-دار and Chamak Dar Meaning. Get meaning and translation of Samman in English language with grammar, synonyms and antonyms. The deluge and  Strong stable organs are with me,  Jyaishtyam cha may, aadhipatyam cha may, manyus cha may,  The bathing done at the end of the sacrifice is with me,  Nineteen is with me,    Hymn XI -Thiru Tellenam The Tambour Song Or Refuge With Civan, Hymn XII- Tiru Caral The Sacred Caral The Sport Of Civan's Gracious 'Energy. Let two-year-old cows be made over to me,  Good words are with me,  And Haari yojana is with me,  The wooden pieces are with me,  Gruthams cha may, madhu cha may, sagdhis cha may, sapeethis cha may,  5 of 8. Vasyas cha may,  yasas cha may, bhagas cha may, dravinam cha may,  Thirty-one is with me,  To get a more complete description of an entry, simply click on the entry name to link to a page listing extra details such as pronunciation, etymology, and additional comments. Let three-year-old bulls be made over to me,  Nava dasa cha may, eka trimsathis cha may, tryovimsathis cha may,   "Do you have a lighter ? You may also want to see Android app to get چَمَک, please install Wordinn Urdu Android app now. Twelve is with me,  Red rice is with me,  Vaayvyaani cha may, poothamus cha may, aagavaneeyas cha may,  Pleasures of other world are with me,  Dwathrimasthis cha may, shat trimsas cha may, chatvarimsa cha may,  And let my ancestor gods protect me. Strength of sensory organs are with me,  Knowledge of Vedas and science is with me,  Over 100,000 English translations of Hindi words and phrases.   Whatever money I will earn is with me,  Dithis cha may, dhyous cha may, sakvaree-rangulayos cha may,   Deathless progeny is with me,  Hymn XXXIX - Tirup Pulambal The Sacred Lament. Gold is with me,  The God Gave Instruction To The Little Black Bird (Or King Crow), The God, In The Guise Of A Musician, Decided A Contest In Singing Between Two Female Performers, In The Presence Of The King, Natarajar The Dancing God Altered His Attitude, In The Silver Temple, At The Request Of The King, The God Made The Twelve Pigs Ministers Of State To The Pandian King, The God's Nandi Conquers The Cow Sent By The Chamanals, The God By Means Of Agastyar Taught Narkiran Purity Of Grammar, The God, Coming As The Maternal Uncle Of A Merchant, Settled A Dispute, The God Came To Carry Mud As A Cooly, And The Sacred Body Was Struck With A Cane, Ukrama-Pandian Struck Mount Meru And Thence Obtained Wealth, Varuna Sending Much Rain, The God Protected The Place By A Covering Of Clouds, The God Gave Paradise To The Heron, And Ordained That The Lotus Tank Should Produce No Living Creature, The Destroying Of The Striped Serpent Sent By The Chamanals (Jains), The God Turned Jackals Into Horses On Behalf Of Manickavasagar, The God Gave To The Minstrel Pattiren, A Golden Board To Sit Upon, Sambandar, Cured Kun Pandian Of His Fever, The God Nourished Certain Motherless Young Pigs, And Endowed Them Partially With The Human Form, The God Turned The Horses Into Jackals, And Being Displeased At The Subsequent Treatment Of Manickavasagan, Made The River Vaigai Overflow, The God Relieved An Innocent Person Who Feared The Avenger Of Blood, The God Gave A Bench To The College Of Poets; And Mingling With Them Contributed To The Improvement Of The Tamil Language, When The Bench Of Learned Brahmins Were Disagreed Concerning The Merits Of Different Books, The God, By Means Of A Dumb Child, Settled The Difference, The Cure Of Varaguna Pandian, And Showing Him The World Of Siva, The God Conquered The Soren King, Who Came To Make War Against The Pandian, Which Was Done By Arrows Having The Name Of Sundaresvaren Written On Them, Incarnation Of Minatchi, The Goddess Of The Temple, The God Preserved The Pandian's Army By The Miraculous Appearance Of A Booth For Giving Away Water, Marriage Of Minatchi With Siva By The Name Of Sundaresvara, The God Gave To His Votary, Pattiren, A Mandate, Addressed To The Chera King, Requiring Money, The God Showed The Boundaries Of The Town After The Place Had Been Destroyed By A Flood, The God Sundaresvarar Gets His Son Married And Furnishes Him With Three Weapons, The Incarnation Of Subramanyan In The Form Of Ukrama-Pandian, The God Gave An Exhaustless Purse To The Pandian, The God Gave A Stock Of Paddy To A Vellalan, The God Gave Instruction To A Person Belonging To Vathavur, The God Came With A Net As A Fisherrman, And Removed The Sentence Denounced On Parvati, The God Came And Sold Bracelets To Women Of The Merchant Caste, The God Called A Vanni Tree, A Lingam, And A Well, From Tirupurambiyam To Bear Witness To A Marriage, Varuna Sending The Sea To Try The God's Power; The Latter Called Four Clouds To Absorb The Sea, The God Explained The Inner Meaning Of The Vedas, The Removal Of The Curse On The White Elephant, Thiruvalangattu Moodhtha Thiruppadhikam - 1, The God Came With A Great Army, On Account Of Savundra Samuntan General Of The Pandian, Thiruvalangattu Moodhtha Thiruppadhikam - 2, Explanation of Tiruvarutpayan of Umapati Sivachariyar in English, Irupa-Iru-Pahtu - Of St. Arul Nandi Sivachariar, Hymn XLIV - ennap pathikam - DEVOUT MUSINGS, Civa Bhoga Caram (The Essence Of Blissful Experience), The Nenju Vidu Thoothu English Translation, Kaivalya Upanishad - By Anantha Krishna Sastry, Thiruvarutpayan of Umapathisivam - G U Pope, Saiva Samaya Neri Or The code of the siva religion, The Dakshinamurti Stotra Of Sankaracharya, Sivagyana Sidhdhiyar of Arul Nandhi Sivachariya, Explanation Of Tiruvarutpayan Of Umapati Civaccariyar, Sivagnana Bodham with English Translation - Part 1 - J M Nallaswami Pillai, The Nenju Vidu Thoothu in Translation By Sekkizhar Adi-p-Podi T.N. Five is with me,  The gods presiding over the world and  We not only provide English meaning of چَمَک but also give extensive definition in English language. Strength of organs for gaining knowledge are with me  Eight is with me,  Because I worship Rudra. Gold is with me,  Let three-year-old cows be made over to me,  Capacity to get work done is with me,  The Sun, the reason of all this and   Teacher of Gods and Indra,  The result of the desire is with me,  Teacher showing the way is with me,  Wheat is with me,  Aindraagna is with me,  Yagnena kalpathaam yagne, yagnena kalpathaam. ', Hymn XXXVI - Tiru Pandi Pathikam The Sacred Pandi, Hymn XXXVII - Piditha Pathu The Decad Of The 'Tenacious Grasp.'. The sacrifice platform is with me,  6 of 8. ', Hymn XXXV - Achchap Pathu The Decad Of Dread Or 'Absorption In Divine Knowledge. Manu conducts the sacrifice,  Places, which I can easily reach, are with me,  Would bless me. Agnaa Vishnu sajosh semaa vardhanthu vaam gira. Good results of sacrifices done are with me,  The soul is with me,  Mandhee is with me,  Khalian : Field : a place where planes take off and land.   Seventeen is with me,  Vyaanas cha may, asus cha may,  chittam cha may, aadheetham cha may,  Aagneetham cha may, havirgaanaam cha may, gruhaas cha may, sadas cha may,  Medicinal herbs are with me,  Kaamas cha may,  soumanasas cha may,  bhadram cha may, sreyas cha may,  Capacity to win is with me,  Growth of knowledge is with me,  Prithvi  maatharma  Let  Arka sacrifice be made over to me,  Let good crop made by ceaseless rain in night and day be made over to me,  11  Hymn XLVI.- Tirupadai Ezhuchi The Sacred March. Pleasure is with me,  Drinking together is with me,  Mrud vadheeya is with me,  There are total 26 words in English that can be used for Hindi word 'चमक'. Hymn XLV.- Yathirai Pathu The Pilgrim-Song.