So, from a functional medicine perspective again, we always want to address the root of the problem and use a simple analogy I’ve used many times, I’m sorry if you’re tired of it by now, but it’s really clear and easy to understand for people, but if you have a rock in your shoe and it’s causing your foot to hurt, you could take Advil and that will help with the pain, but if you really want to get rid of the pain, the safest way would be to take off your shoe and dump the rock out. worth exploring with our GP’s, or ideally, an entire podcast, anything would help, as we’ve been struggling with this for years. Did Amen also tell you that watching an hour of comedy, painting a picture, playing in nature and lovingly taking care of yourself, had the directly opposite effect on the brain and healed you? Also, I think it’s really important to start addressing these underlying mechanisms before you start to taper because that’s what’s going to provide you some support in that process. And researchers discovered as far back as the early ‘80s that inflammatory cytokines, like those I just described, produce a wide variety of psychiatric and neurological symptoms which perfectly mirror the defining characteristics of depression. Naturopathy versus Traditional Medicine, Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Practices. The good news is that if you identify and address these mechanisms, you can potentially reverse and heal depression and other mental health disorders instead of just suppressing the symptoms with drugs, and what that means as a clinician, or if you’re someone who suffers from one of these conditions yourself, is that there’s actually hope. If however, you attended upon a shrink with the same “symptoms” listed above, you would end up being permanently labelled “crazy”, lose your credibility and legal rights and be expected to take neuro-toxins for a “disease” that has ZERO scientific credibility, the treatment for which is both ineffective and dangerous to the point that it can KILL you. If I re-recorded it today, I would say the exact same thing. They have seen and carefully considered all the studies he mentions. Six ways to treat bipolar disorder with diet and lifestyle changes. If you ‘cure” your “bi-polar” disorder with diet etc., lets at least attempt to be marginally honest- you had gut problems, diet, and nutritional deficiencies, not “bi-polar” disease. Read about it. Hi Chris the link to Burke et al. So, if everyone dealing with bipolar disorder—or any kind of cognitive mental health issues—just did those things, I think that would be enormously helpful in most cases. Not to mention that many people just want their suffering to end – quickly which is what pharmaceuticals promise. Learn about 10 possible root causes of depression and find out how to address them. You are fortunate never to have had a family member with acute mania who would be spending significant chunks of time in jail or an insane asylum literally out of their mind were it not for psych meds and who with those same mess is a high achieving college student. Health is a human right. As such, it is more accurate to position inflammation as what it is – a separate standalone condition that is easily curable and unfortunately for the host is far too often misdiagnosed as a “mental illness” leading to treatment with psychotropic drugs, all of which have been known for over 40 years to be neurotoxic, meaning they cause brain injury, death, disease, and a laundry list of legal (in that they lose their legal rights) and social problems for ppl dx’ed with them. Your email is safe with me. Bipolar disorder affects over 5 million Americans. Whether it be a quick response with supplements, antivirals, etc. They’re not very effective as you may know, but when they do work, it may be because they are reducing inflammation rather than altering brain chemistry. Find out seven ways to reduce anxiety that are natural, effective, and sustainable. He’s currently on the average American diet, he does not engage in that much physical activity. It’s all in the dosage- lots of vitamins are toxic at high doses and so is lithium while at microdoses there is evidence it is protective against Alzheimer’s let alone its role in bipolar. Saturated fat and dieta... Fact-Checking “The Carnivore Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health by Returning to Our Ancestral Diet,” by Dr. Paul Saladino, Part Two: Triglycerides, HDL, and Insulin Resistance, Cancer epidemiology points toward making your low-carb diet a predominantly plant-based one, Unsaturated fat is protective against LDL oxidation as compared to saturated fat: a tale of two studies. Enter your email to become part of the Chris Kresser community and get information like this delivered straight to your inbox. More specifically, we might ask, what if depression is not a disease but a symptom of an underlying problem? Hey everybody, it’s Chris Kresser. So, the idea would be to try to stand for half a day instead of sitting the whole time if you have a sedentary type of job and that can be done with a standing desk, or even a treadmill desk, taking walking meetings, walking or bicycling to work, lots of different strategies there. A correspondent inquired about a podcast by Steve Wright on Revolution Health Radio entitled “The Truth About Flu Shots (and What to do Instead).” You can either listen or read the transcript. What we’re told: America is one of the most obese countries in the world because of the American dietary guidelines. Data from: ‘Toxic Exposure Surveillance System 2004, Annual Report, Am. If you’d like to learn how to help yourself heal or prevent cancer, you’ve come to the right place! The dietary guidelines are virtually identical in every country in the world, while obesity ranges from 1.6% (South Korea) to 41.4% (Qatar), a 30-fold difference. Of course, I still may do some interviews here and there, but I think I’m going to stick with this format for a little bit. Anyhow, he says in one of his videos that traumatic experiences cause brain injury. So, when they see someone actually having an acute bipolar episode, they can measure those inflammatory cytokines and see that they’re elevated, “and a decrease in neurotrophic support…”, so there are changes that are happening in the brain that are not favorable, and then. Chris, please explain why you are not dealing with the misinformation and being spewed here by the uninformed that is dangerous to the public health and safety? Enjoy this content? So, what if depression isn’t actually caused, at least at the root level, by a chemical imbalance after all? And then where you can give yourself a little slack is with their Clean 15, which is the 15 fruits and vegetables that are less likely to have pesticides in them. “When Call to Action it is an Action: A Letter to an Insurance Company”, “Part 1: Naturopathy And Holistic Medicine Should Be Covered By Insurance: Natural Medicine for Preventive Purposes”, “Part 2: Naturopathy And Holistic Medicine Should be Covered By Insurance: There is a Growing Demand for Alternative Methods”, “Part 3: Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine Should Be Covered By Insurance: There is beneficial proves of Holistic Medicine”, “Part 4: Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine Should Be Covered By Insurance: There is still a Hope!”, “An Interview With Susie Chan , a Volunteer in the Kaiser Permanente and a Former Physical Therapist.”, “Chris Kresser can bring your health back: To trust or not to trust, this is the question!”, “The Continuing Battle: Naturapathic Doctors vs Modern Doctors”, “Traditional Medicine versus Naturopathic Medicine”, When Call to Action it is an Action: A Letter to an Insurance Company, Part 1: Naturopathy And Holistic Medicine Should Be Covered By Insurance: Natural Medicine for Preventive Purposes, Part 2: Naturopathy And Holistic Medicine Should be Covered By Insurance: There is a Growing Demand for Alternative Methods, Part 3: Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine Should Be Covered By Insurance: There is beneficial proves of Holistic Medicine. As Ben Kavoussi observed recently, [o]nce considered archaic and obsolete, Oriental Medicine has greatly benefited from the postmodern attitudes towards science and knowledge. You’re work has made a huge impact on my life and I honestly, truly cannot thank you enough for that. If you’d like to leave a question for me to answer in a future episode, you can do that at My treatment plan has changed over the more than 25 years I’ve been with this p-doc as we learned about new research and how my body tolerates various treatments.