Water-Clear Polyurethane Casting Resin comprises a broad spectrum of characteristics that differ from operation to operation and spans a large range of options. No, you cannot remove it but it can soften it or damage the surface. Website design by. So, you can see Polyurethane is an amazing material, which is utilized in the industrial and also domestic fields. It also has a higher heat deflection temperature, which is useful in certain prototyping applications. A faster version ALCHEMIX VC 3351, is also available. You can then transform the resin to meet your specific requirements. If the heat does not properly dissipate, the temperature of the casting will carry on rising and this will accelerate the curing process, which can cause weak spots in your material, After the resin has completely hardened you can then take it out of the mold, Clean the casting ensuring all the release agent has been removed, The casting can now be primed and painted, If the casting is to be used outdoors ensure that it is properly painted to protect it from the suns UV rays, as well as the weather conditions, Some additives you use may be harmful to your health, like flame retardants or plasticizers, The PU Casting Resin contains Isocyanates, which can cause allergic reactions and could also result in cancer. 24 – 48 min. This casting resin cures to a tough, impact- and heat-resistant, water-clear plastic that can be polished and machined. Your Go-To Guide for start working with Epoxy Resin. This property can enable you to vary the application to suit your needs for your project. ), ComposiMold Used 3lbs Reusable Mold Making, UV Resin 120g Transparent Ultraviolet Curing Epoxy Resin for DIY Jewelry Making, Craft Decoration - Solar Cure Sunlight Activated Resin Hard Crystal Clear Glue for Casting & Coating,DIY Resin Mold, SORTA-Clear 37 Clear Silicone Rubber - Trial Unit, Black Epoxy Pigment (Colorant, Dye, Tint) 2oz, Epoxy Resin - Crystal Clear - Premium Artist Resin for Casting and Coating (16 oz), DIYcraft 17 oz Epoxy Resin Kit,Crystal Clear Resin,2 Part Casting Resin for Art,Crafts,Tumblers,Casting and Jewelry Making - Art Made Resin Large,Easy Mix 1:1 Jewelry Coating Kit, Smooth-Cast Semi - Rigid Line 45D Series, Trial Size Unit, LET'S RESIN Translucent Colored UV Resin Kit - UV Curing Ultraviolet Cure Resin Hard Type Adhesive Glue, Sunlight Activated Resin for Resin Jewelry, Resin Craft, UV Resin Mold (10 Colors, Each 20g). NOTES: Vacuum and/or pressure casting techniques are recommended for these products. Because PU Casting Resin has a low viscosity, it is ideal for use in casting molds, irrespective if the molds are used only once or are reusable. Furthermore, PU Resin is used in producing: All surfaces where you want to apply liquid PU Casting Resin must be completely dry before you apply. Low temperatures will slow the curing and extend demold time. Anchor-Seal Water Clear Aliphatic Polyurethane Elastomers Flexible and Rigid Casting Resins, Exceptional Clarity, Optically Clear, Non Yellowing, Good Weatherability, Impact and UV Resistant. According to experts, resins once they are fully cured, are food safe. Polytek's mercury-free, clear, urethane casting resins. If you have a problem with air bubbles another option is for you to fill the mold from the bottom rather than pouring the resin into the mold from the top. Remember, allow the levelling compound to dry completely before you apply the PU Casting Resin. The normal storing temperature for your PU Casting Resin is 15 – 25° C when the resin is still in a closed container. This in turn produces elastomers, thermoplastics as well as thermosets. In this type of application, its UV resistant property plays a vital role. Crystal Cast 2000 is a mercury-free, two component thermoset system which is water clear when cured. Polyurethane is formed by an exothermic polyaddition reaction (heat-releasing). What type of Polyurethane is better to use on Countertops? *Demold time varies with thickness of casting and the amount of accelerator used. Poly-Optic ® 14-70 Clear Urethane Resin: This casting resin cures to a firm, water-clear rubber with a Shore hardness of A70. Low viscosity ensures easy mixing and pouring. Due to its easy application and other constructive characteristics, it will provide you with a perfect finish even if you have no prior experience or knowledge working with it. Things like color pigments will give your PU Casting Resin amazing colors and designs. Aqua Flex - Water Clear Polyurethane Rubber - 2 Part Casting Resin - Cures Water Clear with A Firm Rubber Feel (2 lb kit (32 oz kit)) 2.9 out of 5 stars 6 $36.99 $ 36 . Poly-Optic 1411 cures to a super strong, water-clear, D80 plastic. Even Polyurethane Varnish does not pose any health hazard. Alchemix Water Clear Polyurethane Resin products are all mercury-free, UV stable and provide a glass clear finish when cured. Polyurethane mold materials can also be used, but a release agent is required (e.g., Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent). Impact strength and heat distortion properties improve when the casting is post cured. Crystal Cast 1000 is ideal for rapid prototyping, embedding or any type of clear casting application. First, paint your countertop and allow the paint to dry and harden. Cure inhibition can occur when casting this resin in TinSil® tin-cured silicone rubber molds – use a PlatSil® platinum-cured silicone rubber mold if working with silicone mold rubbers. When you store your PU Casting Resin, make sure that it is not subjected to big temperature fluctuations. If you are going to use the resin for a floor covering, then the floor surface needs to be properly prepared before you start. However, when used in the production and formation of foam, water is needed for the required reaction. Then the choices of resin available to you are many, each offering their own pros and cons. Here are some examples that PU Resin produces; adhesives, paints, coatings and foam. When used on a larger scale, for example, in the industrial sector, the castings, as well as the casting compounds, get dried by using a vacuum and are also degassed before they are used. Crystal Clear™ Series resins are water white clear and made specifically for applications that require absolute clarity. 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As the PU Resin will not yellow easily because of its high UV resistance, as well as its ability to hold up against severe temperature changes. Depending on what project you decide on, you should consider the level of hardness and if it will be suitable for what you want to do. However, some see this as an advantage as it also means a quick demolding time. Not only does it produce these items, but it also protects electronic fabrications from numerous environmental effects like moisture or mechanical stress.