We Love Our Lesson Designers! Computer Lesson (Claris Works and Kid Pix)- Teach students how to write Haiku Poems. Concept Mapping a Web Site Design using Inspiration 7.6- Students will explain to the rest of the Web Design class, using the Inspiration concept map, the design of their assigned portion of new Web site. TechnoKids Junior Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. Students will use this stationery for their newsletter. Computer Lessons for Elementary School Chapter Exam Instructions. For some guidance on the vast choice of computer science activities for elementary students we started off with Google CS First, Kids Codecs … Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. Project Based Learning and Elementary Students. Each project includes a teacher guide, workbook and customizable resource files. Computer lessons are project based and have students apply technology to … Computer Science Fundamentals Express Courses ... For older students in elementary school classrooms International CS Fundamentals: Courses 1-4 and Accelerated We are working on translating Courses A-F and the Express Course to languages beyond English. From grandparents to high school students, from biologists to recording artists, our lesson designers are committed to and passionate about providing excellent courses to engage your students’ minds, broaden their knowledge, develop them into leaders, and draw them closer to … In the meantime, we recommend using Courses 1-4 and the Accelerated Course.