Be warned, however, that health and overall mood of this beautiful fish can drastically affect its coloring. The Figure 8 Puffer is a very striking fish. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Growing up to a possible 14 inches there are actually, unbeknownst to many, several different types of Frontosa for you to choose from. Price$70-$300. It’s pretty obvious what makes the Electric Green Barb a worthy resident on this list of the 20 coolest freshwater aquarium fish but I’ll explain it anyway. I will give you some suggestions. If you plan to set up your own freshwater aquarium, you’ll need the best fish to put inside it. There are so many amazing-looking species out there! A thin species with an oblong shape, dark brown to grey coloration and white markings this fish also has a trunk like nose, hence the name. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. This trunk is not there just to enhance the Elephant Noses appearance, however, it also has a function. It requires good mimicry of its natural environment within its aquarium and well-maintained water parameters. Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa) Dojo Loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus) GloFish®, Electric Green Barb (Puntius tetrazona) Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) This freshwater aquarium fish comes in a number of colors including black, brown, yellow, etc., and has colored body spots throughout. Freshwater: 50-82° F, KH 3-5, pH 6.5-8.0 From its sheer size, 3 foot and over, to its shy but predatory behavior, this Jurassic monster of the water is cool, cool cool! On top of its striking good looks this fish has another cool quality; as an adult that has bred, it will produce a secretion through its skin. Farm Bred, Singapore They are full of vibrant color and swim with a joy and speed that cannot be matched. The Fire Eel (mastacembelus erythrotaenia) is a member of the spiny eel family which are found In Africa and tropical Asia. SALT: clownfish are always a great option. It is the magnificent, vibrant and glow in the dark color that they display! When removed from the water or stressed, however, the Dojo Loach erects them and they become visible. They get very stressed and timid when kept in smaller groups. Growing up to approximately 18 inches in length the Black Ghost Knifefish has to be one of the most stunning and yet underrated fish that you can keep in your aquarium. Well this is all personal preference. How to Take Care of Freshwater Aquarium Fish? Price$50. But while the vast number of options is definitely a good thing, if you’re shopping around it can make choosing between them a … Reasons & What Should I Do. Fishkeepingforever is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, CJ, Clickbank, Doubletrader, Viglink,, Media Vine and other Affiliate programs. If you love your saltwater fish you may be interested in our 13 COOL SALTWATER AQUARIUM FISH post which has some lovely fish, but they’re not for everyone. Offering food on a stick or long tweezers above the water line will encourage your Silver Arowana to jump. They have a short rounded body with a large head and protruding eyes. At an adult length of around 7 inches, at least 2 inches of this is the mouth so species under this length should not be considered as tank mates. By the time your fish is 12 months old, it will have the trademark light blue from head to midbody and yellow darkening to bright orange to its tail. Family Just below the eye, the Dojo Loach has sharp motile spines which are usually hidden within a pouch of skin. They do, however, make quite a sight when kept in a species only tank in a shoal of six plus and with the correct care. A. Rather it has a series of characteristics that make it super cool. A small school of glassfish only need a tank that’s about, These fish are really easy to care for but they do require a lot of space. When it swims it does so by rippling itself from head to tail which moves the underside fin in a constant mesmerizing rhythm. Generally, a slow swimmer that shuffles along using its mouth, this Catfish when attacked or disturbed in any way will more than likely drop like a falling twig to the bottom of its aquarium. With their triangular shaped body, elongated black spots and primarily silver body the Archer Fish (toxotes jaculatrix) is striking and attractive without being overly showy. There is no doubting that the Blue Diamond Discus has to be one of the most attractive fish to house. Archer Fish are renowned to lack patience when it comes to waiting for food. Unlike the very slender Twig Plec, however, it is a little more broad and outgoing. This is a common problem with all the Farlowella species so you will need to really know what you are looking for. However, many keepers are surprised to find that this monster, rather than being nefarious is actually fairly timid! This is not, however, what makes this fish, also known as the Dinosaur Bichir (clue), rank as one of the coolest freshwater fish! Interestingly, not only does the Farlowella Catfish look like a twig but it also acts like one too! Care Level They are, however, all territorial and will bicker amongst themselves by chasing and pestering one and another without actually inflicting any harm. Carnivore Instead, they inherit their color from the parents who have been produced by using a fluorescent protein gene that is found in some marine organisms. If pushed to pick THE coolest attribute of the Silver Arowana, it would have to be its outstanding hunting skills. Because they all look very similar and need a keen eye to differentiate between them. OriginCaptive-Bred, Malaysia These fins, no doubt, make this fish incredibly attractive to view but being beautiful is not the purpose of them. Temperament They are timid and nocturnal and extremely sensitive to water conditions. It has to be said right from the start that the Silver Arowana (osteoglossum bicirrhosum) absolutely oozes cool appeal from every scale on its magnificent body. These unique traits range from fin shapes to body patterns and even elongated organs. The Boesemani Rainbow (melanotaenia boesemani) is an absolutely stunning fish that could not be ignored when it came to creating this list. Where there is a strong current the Reticulated Hillstream Loach will not simply swim to their next resting place, they will glide!