Compression stockings are sized a few different ways: by height and weight or by several leg measurements. Usually the Drug store variety are of a lesser compression and quality. Compression stocking use during long flights is always a good idea. Compression stockings are safe to wear during long flights and, if you have heart disease, there is more of a reason to wear them since they contract the leg muscles and increase the venous return to the heart. That’s why following the above tips plus wearing the right clothes can genuinely make the difference when you are preparing for the long-haul flight. Moderate support of 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression is enough for travel on long flights. Another question many people commonly ask is “what is the correct weight of compression stockings for long flights?” This is easy to answer. Generally blood clots that do occur during prolonged immobilization start in the Calf (Soleus veins). Last year I wore Nylon compression socks for a flight from JFK to BKK and they did not work. I have never traveled internationally on a long flight and heard you should wear compression stockings. In most cases, it’s important to take some accurate measurements before ordering. Can anyone who has used them give me tips of what to look for in picking a pair. One of the main risk factors for DVT is long periods of inactivity – such as a long airplane flight (3;4). Some compression socks, for both men and women, are sized by shoe size. Knee highs, 15-20 mmHg compression would be the recommended support. Most people should wear support hose during long flights. Which is why SKYPRO’s compression tights (black or skin colour) are a total game changer! This year I am flying 17 hours from LAX to BKK and then onto SGN and thinking of buying "better socks" so my legs do not swell up like last year - boy was that a … A long-haul flight means sitting long hours, so it’s hard not to feel exhausted and sleep-deprived, get a stiff neck, a tingling in your feet, swollen ankles and suffer from the conditioned air. Is there a better brand. Compression Therapy Guide includes most commonly compression support stockings come in mild (8-15 mmHg), moderate (15-20 mmHg), firm (20-30 mmHg), extra firm (30-40 mmHg) gradient compression … These pantyhose combine innovative gradient compression technology with fashion forward design so flight attendants can enjoy the benefits of compression tights while … Compression socks or stockings fit tightly, particularly at the ankle, and that gentle pressure encourages the flow of blood to deep veins, which in turn prevents blood from pooling and … I was on Amazon and there are tons of types.