The emperor also gave his orders: all officials passing through this place must put their red robes on tea trees to show the emperor’s gratitude for healing. But from 2007, Wuyi governments decided to stop picking tea leaves from the mother tree to ensure their good growth. For these reasons and others, a number of health benefits are claimed for the tea. [4] Lastly, it helps relieving cough and reducing phlegm. Creeks run through the rocks and cliffs, making it a unique yet accommodative breeding ground for tea. Congratulations! The existing six Da Hong Pao mother trees are shrubs that the leaves quality is quite thick with slightly red buddings. After brewed, the beverage is bright orange and clear. Can we drink teas with an empty stomach early in the morning? [3] Purified water is considered the best choice to brew Da Hong Pao. Please savor this full of YEN and flower flavor Da Hong Pao that our TeaVivre recommend to you. Drinking Da Hong Pao could mitigate weariness and help blood circulation. The Da Hong Pao we sold before August did not reach Angel’s ideal standard after re-roasting, so after several times’ tasting, we decided to change this Da Hong Pao into another same moderately roasted Da Hong Pao. Loose Leaf Teas > View All; By Variety; By Predominant Flavour; By Country Of Origin; Packaged Loose Leaf Teas > View All; Haute Couture Teas; Caviar Tin Teas; Weekend Teas; Grand Fine Harvest Teas; Other … If you purchased the Da Hong Pao after Aug. 5 2016, then you will receive this new batch Da Hong Pao. Usually we called these tea varieties Qidan, Beidou and Queshe. Moreover, it helps decrease the bad effects of drinking and smoking. Famously expensive, it was auctioned 208,000 RMB for 20 grams. Da Hong Pao tea is long lasting for steeping. The color of Da Hong Pao tea looks golden orange but bright and translucent, on dark side. In the same year, the Wuyi city government also decided to prohibit anyone from collecting tea from the mother Da Hong Pao tea tree. Da Hong Pao can be divided into three types: mother tree Da Hong Pao, purebred Da Hong Pao, commodity Da Hong Pao. Skin improvement: Based on anti-allergic character of … Later, he also uses this tea to cure the emperor's illness. Copyright 2011-2020 Teavivre ® hosted by Teas and Thes (China) Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Some are named after overall shape of tea tree such as Zui Hai Tang "醉海棠", Zui Dong Bin "醉洞宾", Diao Jin Gui "钓金龟", Feng Wei Cao "凤尾草", Yu Qi Lin "玉麒麟",  Yi Zhi Xiang "一枝香" and etc, whereas some varieties are named after shapes of tea leaves such as Gua Zhi Jin "瓜子金", Jin Qian "金钱", Zhu Si "竹丝", Jin Liu Tiao "金柳条", Dao Ye Liu "倒叶柳" and etc. Dry tea leaves look fresh dark brown with averagely strong strips. In 2002, this tea got world famous when 20 grams of this tea was auctioned for 28.000 USD, which was 30 times the price of gold! Teavivre hereby explain something about our Da Hong Pao by this article. The varieties under subcategory generally give a shorter, but more robust impression both in the aroma and in the taste, as compared with other oolong teas. The highest quality versions frequently sell as the … So now it is impossible for us to drink this Da Hong Pao picked from mother trees. According to legend, in, Da Hong Pao tea is now widely reproduced massively after the successful experiment of reproduction test by Tea Research Institute of, In earlier age of Qing Dynasty, many variations of Wuyi oolong teas were farm raised such as Four Famous Oolong including Da Hong Pao, Phoenix DanCong Oolong Tea King of Duck Shit. After boiling, the water should be immediately used. [4] The third and fourth steeping are considered to have the best taste. Da Hong Pao Tea is an oolong tea containing antioxidants such as polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids, as well as vitamins, minerals and caffeine. [4], Da Hong Pao contains caffeine, theophylline, tea polyphenols , and flavonoids.