Don’t be nervous when answering questions! However, this does not give you the green light to haphazardly edit your paper. If you are using technology, don’t count on WiFi or outlets! I’ll be honest — I’m the most unorganized person you’ll ever meet. Participants will then present a strategic plan to create a cause marketing campaign that aligns to the company or organization’s core values. When I wrote this article, I was serving as the State President of North Carolina DECA. The double-spacing requirement for “major content” was deleted. In my opinion, choosing the right event to compete in is the most overlooked but vital part of the competition process. Congratulations to all DECA members who have participated in DECA’s Competitive Events Program this academic year. (S/O to Dylan Heneghan for running to the hotel to get it for me.) I knew I had to go for an entrepreneurship event so that automatically narrowed the field. People you know will often give you sugar-coated advice, and this will do more harm to your project than good. Per DECA’s website, these events “provide opportunities for members to develop an integrated marketing campaign of no more than 45 days in length for a real event, product or service and present the campaign in a role-play situation.” Much like the events they are replacing, IMCs are a hybrid between traditional written events and series events: while you still present a paper to a judge, you/your team must also take a career cluster exam (marketing cluster). Don’t sit in your hotel room religiously rehearsing your script. I don’t care. This is a competition, and the guidelines were provided for a reason. You do you, but these are my suggestions. Opportunity. Start with a bang, sell the problem and solution (but hit hard on the problem), and focus on what makes you stand out (UVP). Qualifying for ICDC is no easy task, so you should be proud of your accomplishment. If you have a strong core of one or two chapter members that possess wildly different (applicable) skill sets and mesh well, forming a team with those members is a great way to go. Again. "�r��i��(ȡ��ʋ���,>�"+X�J��F`��ʦ�[!4�Y�� ��E�K<8�Q� ]Ͻ7 Keep it short, dude. You have a tricycle mounted on a board (true story)? For example, I enlisted the help of several business professionals and an advisor that wasn’t even mine. If you have any interest in entrepreneurship, I highly recommend looking into these events! In everything, confidence is key, and this is especially true at ICDC. “Use charts and graphs in your paper (especially in the ES). BOR events are a great way to connect with local business and understand how they work! For example, I included my company’s logo as the center header on every page, and the footer with the required page number was in the color scheme of my company. If you are a voting delegate and reach the finals round, then your competition time may coincide with the Business and Elections session, so make sure you have someone on call that can fill in for you and vote (or however your association handles that). Ah, after weeks/months of planning and researching, it’s finally time to start seriously drafting your paper. Often times, a part of your presentation/paper may make perfect sense to you but is confusing in the eyes of an audience member. DECA is a sport and it's the only sport you need to join because those other guys … If you take this step early, there is absolutely no reason to rush to rash and impulsive decisions. You have nothing to lose. To some, this may seem intimidating. When presenting, be sure to interact with your visuals. C — Concise. You may need to refresh your browser and/or clear your browser’s cache for the new files to download. I always recommend chapters of any size to pick an event and go for it! Include the most important details, and be thorough on those details, for every section and elaborate on the vital portions (consult the rubric for point values to determine these), but don’t slack on the visuals — make your paper pretty! <> If you like event planning and management and want to have a tangible impact on your school or community, try a chapter event! Options range from a trifold to a life-size toilet paper roll on a rolling clothes rack. What presentation method is best for you? Penalty points will literally ruin everything. While the Franchise Business Plan, Independent Business Plan, Business Growth Plan, and International Business Plan have a maximum page limit of twenty. For questions or assistance, please contact Christopher Young at That said, enjoy your time at ICDC: meet new friends, explore exciting cities, make a memory that will last a lifetime! Additionally, I served North Carolina DECA as a VP and a voting member on the Board of Directors. You’ll do great!! There are six events that fall under the Chapter Team umbrella: Community Service Project, Creative Marketing Project, Entrepreneurship Promotion Project, Financial Literacy Project, Learn and Earn Project, and Public Relations Project. Which of the following is the most likely action that the government takes when a person misses the deadline for filing his/her income tax return: A. Allowance B. How do you impress them, then? Then go with a expertly designed presentation board. Out of the 16 or 20 projects in the finals round, only ten will be named Overall Finalist (a large red, white, and blue ribbon medal with an advisor pin), and called on stage. If you’re serious about competing in Atlanta, then go ahead and read these tips (and the guide, if you haven’t!). I know an advisor, we’ll call them X, who has a particularly harsh way of letting you know that your paper is complete garbage: X will call up each team, one-by-one, and ask to see the draft. International finalists will be announced during the achievement awards session (which is the morning of Grand Awards). Jokes aside, however, judges can sense if you’re apprehensive. %%+ -dEmbedAllFonts=true -dSubsetFonts=true -dCompressFonts=true -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dBATCH ? If you need a little more planning (this works well with teams, but can also work well for a single person), try Trello — a free online to-do board where you can collaborate with others, assign tasks, set due dates, and add notes (see below). In short, if you received a good (read: perfect or near-perfect score) mark on a section, then don’t edit it before ICDC!