Get ya manssss, — La Pistola (@theperfectRu) November 25, 2020, When Denver Mayor Michael Hancock goes against his own orders, Denver residents need to stop taking orders from Mayor Hancock. Other government officials have been criticised for going against their own coronavirus advice. May @MayorHancock’s turkey be tough, his greens be crunchy with grit, and his sweet potato pie rife with strings., — Yashar Ali (@yashar) November 26, 2020, WAIT. CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock asked people to avoid traveling for Thanksgiving. I KNOW the mayor is NOT in Houston for Thanksgiving after lecturing all of us about avoiding travel to slow the spread lol. @KyleClark Michael Hancock is Chris Christie with his family on the beach he closed to the public. Because he's losing them by the day. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock flew to Mississippi to visit family despite sending messages on social media and to city staff asking them to avoid traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. If the city has a leader who actually follows the advice they give the public, we’ll put them on instead. And then hopped a flight to Mississippi to spend the holiday with his wife and daughter. Keeler: Jeff Bridich is a coward. Health officials lift shutdown orders for 5 Douglas County restaurants that violated COVID-19 restrictions, A debate is raging inside Young Life as the Colorado-based ministry faces backlash over LGBTQ policy, Guest commentary: A concerned public needs more information on reasons for COVID restrictions, What to do about undercooked turkey and 11 other kitchen disasters, Son convicted of killing parents dies in prison. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock asked people to avoid traveling for Thanksgiving and then hopped a flight to Mississippi. In this case, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock who repeatedly urged Denverites not to travel for Thanksgiving but was caught flying off to Mississippi to see his wife and daughter., — Robert Sanchez (@MileHighRobert) November 25, 2020. (One that follows their own guidelines re Covid). Brianna Titone, a Democratic state representative, declared the mayor a turkey and a “bad example”. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock asked people to avoid traveling for Thanksgiving. Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious diseases expert, has also warned of the dangers of traveling over Thanksgiving. Hancock apologised and said his decision was “born of my heart and not my head”. Also Denver mayor: Let me tweet that Denver residents need to stay home and not travel WHILE I'M AT THE AIRPORT. New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, was forced to backtrack after announcing that he would spend Thanksgiving with his mother and daughters in Albany, despite telling his constituents to avoid such gatherings. Twitter was not happy about it. — Tay Anderson (@TayAndersonCO) November 25, 2020, Shame on you, Mayor Hancock. I know my grandmother has been sick and at any moment we could lose her, but I didn’t travel to Kansas because we need to stop the spread!”. The Colorado city – which has recorded 34,212 cases and 515 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University – has officially urged residents to celebrate Thanksgiving only with immediate members of their households and not to travel. This is leadership malpractice. Our city doesn’t hinge on one person alone! — Eric Sondermann (@ericsondermann) November 26, 2020, . I understand you want to be w/ your family, but so does everyone else. Hancock later issued an apology: “I recognize that my decision has disappointed many who believe it would have been better to spend Thanksgiving alone. Perhaps you could have had an honest conversation with the citizens of Denver a week ago. — Stacey Abrams Stan Account (@World_Of_Hurt) November 25, 2020. The mayor of Denver, Colorado is getting major side-eye for traveling for Thanksgiving after he told his constituents to stay home.