u/Arachnick. Craig first began contributing to Screen Rant in 2016, several years after graduating college, and has been ranting ever since, mostly to himself in a darkened room. The official synopsis for the arc reads: Galactic Patrol Kidnapping. To become a God of Destruction would obviously go against Goku’s kindhearted spirit, while Vegeta taunted Toppo for becoming a God of Destruction, remarking how he fights to protect his family and will achieve power in his own way. During the chaotic battle, Universe 11’s Toppo transformed into a God of Destruction himself when being overpowered by Frieza and Android 17. Along with the Supreme Kai, these destroyers preside over each of the 12 universes and usually work together to maintain a balance of creation and destruction. What if he decides to undergo a transformation? But if anything ever happened to Lord Beerus, Universe 7 would be plunged into chaos and imbalance, meaning Zeno and the Grand Priest could insist on a swift replacement. Only a God can. It is just a theory of course. Discussion. Goku has even gone a level further. He is learning the ancient and potent technique of Spirit Control. The ability drastically increases the user’s speed and agility to the point even seasoned warriors have trouble following. Neither Goku nor Vegeta has the power to defeat him. After the third trailer of Movie Broly , Vegeta officially joined Super Saiyan God on the anime (previously in the manga). Ultra instinct was once an ability reserved only for the Gods. Before the Tournament of Power began, Goku and Vegeta trained under Whis to unlock newer levels of power and gain control over their Super Saiyan God abilities. Vegeta Become God of Destruction Dragon Ball: The Dragon Ball Universe expanded beyond belief during the Dragon Ball Super series. As a God of Destruction, Vegeta will have new responsibilities to uphold. Glen67z 4 years ago #1. How did Vegeta become a Super Saiyan God? From the looks of it, Goku is nowhere near mastering Ultra Instinct. Goku and Vegeta are both eligible candidates for becoming God of Destruction. Super Saiyan Blue will not be the preferred mode of defeating Moro since it is counter-productive. Fortunately, Earth was spared Beerus' devastating wrath and the character has been a regular companion to Goku and co. ever since, always alongside his angel attendant and mentor, Whis. So it is safe to say that right now, both Saiyans possess a power that is at least equivalent to Lord Beerus’ power levels. Divine beings have been prevalent throughout Dragon Ball, however, the Battle of Gods movie and Dragon Ball Super debuted a new kind of deity: a God of Destruction. We realized that there isn’t just one but multiple universes that fall under the domain of the Gods. Vegeta, on the other hand, has already let go of his desire to master Ultra Instinct. Right now he is only absorbing energy. The Moro arc might be leading towards something completely unexpected of a twist in the story. This whole sequence introduces the idea that angels train the next God of Destruction for their designated universe, and Whis has been training both Vegeta and Goku, making them prime contenders. Goku has even been trained by a second angel in the manga, Merus, and both Saiyans now have power approaching or exceeding God level. This would explain a long-running Dragon Ball Super question: why does Whis bother training Goku and Vegeta? Related: Dragon Ball Z: Why Kid Trunks Went Super Saiyan Before Future Trunks. Even if Goku and Vegeta do manage to gain enough power to stand up against the threat posed by the Magician Moro, we know how easy it is for a Dragon Ball antagonist to pick a card out of his sleeve and turn the tables. In some occasions, the gods can also come together to deal with threats to existence or stability of their universe or universes. He wants to do it in his own terms. We still do not know what happens to Beerus if Vegeta replaces him. Vegeta Become God of Destruction Dragon Ball: The Dragon Ball Universe expanded beyond belief during the Dragon Ball Super series. Whis' special interest in Goku and Vegeta might be more about their potential as Gods of Destruction than delicious Earth treats. He could even steal energy from his very opponents in the middle of battle. Related: Every Team In Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power Explained. So Goku had to train even further to master Ultra Instinct Sign, an ability that transcends Autonomous Ultra Instinct and is more stable than the former. Will the Moro Arc be his redemption? What do u guys think? The current arc – Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, has revealed the Z Fighters’ strongest foe yet – the ancient Sorcerer Moro. At the time of writing, Dragon Ball Super's future looks unclear. Vegeta will become God of Destruction, defeat Moro, and leave Dragon Ball forever!! Marcarita (the angel of Toppo's universe) then confirmed she'd been training him personally with an eye to the Pride Trooper becoming a God of Destruction. That is the exact reason why he could unlock Super Saiyan Blue Evolved – the final form of the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformation. Along with the Supreme Kai, these destroyers preside over each of the 12 universes and usually work … Since training under the angel, the pair have achieved a further transformation, Super Saiyan Blue, and unlocked greater levels still during the Tournament of Power, with Goku obtaining Ultra Instinct and Vegeta ascending beyond Super Saiyan Blue. Universe 7 – the one where our beloved Goku and Vegeta reside has Lord Beerus, its resident God of Destruction. I saw a promo image for Super that had a bunch of aliens dressed in a similar manner to Beerus. Vegeta managed to avoid the subject by bribing Whis with some succulent instant ramen and the topic hasn't been raised since. Besides Akira Toriyama remains fixated on furthering Goku’s journey while Vegeta’s journey has reached a sort of impasse! It does come up with a catch though. While it might go against their natures, Goku or Vegeta becoming a God of Destruction at the end of Dragon Ball Super would bring the series full-circle - Battle of Gods began with them unable to get anywhere near Beerus; replacing him would be a fitting conclusion. One way or another, Dragon Ball Super will end, and when it does, either Goku or Vegeta could replace Beerus as Universe 7's God of Destruction. Besides, the guy is too pure-hearted and gentle to become a God of Destruction, a role that requires the holder of the mantle to make some really tough choices like wiping out an entire civilization if need be. What if Vegeta became the new God Of destruction? We realized that there isn’t just one but multiple universes that fall under the domain of the Gods. Is he wiped out or does he become a mortal again? Archived. 7. Talk of another movie has been reported, the TV anime could yet return, and the manga has continued without interruption. What if Vegeta became the new God Of destruction? 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