Roughly 10% of Christians in New York are Evangelical Protestants. There have been several movements regarding secession from the state of New York. Work commenced in 1817, and the Erie Canal opened in 1825. The Government of New York embodies the governmental structure of the State of New York as established by the New York State Constitution. [212], Many of the world's largest media conglomerates are also based in the city. [65] Farm products came in from the Midwest, and finished manufactured goods moved west. [2] The highest elevation in New York is Mount Marcy in the Adirondacks, at 5,344 feet (1,629 meters) above sea level; while the state's lowest point is at sea level, on the Atlantic Ocean. [133] However, New York State has the second-largest international immigrant population in the country among the American states, at 4.2 million as of 2008[update]; most reside in and around New York City, due to its size, high profile, vibrant economy, and cosmopolitan culture. [50], In 1524, Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian explorer in the service of the French crown, explored the Atlantic coast of North America between the Carolinas and Newfoundland, including New York Harbor and Narragansett Bay. Ithaca, New Rochelle, [246], The University of the State of New York accredits and sets standards for primary, middle-level, and secondary education in the state, while the New York State Education Department oversees public schools and controls their standardized tests. They may have merged with the Shawnee. The chief in charge of the scene called a third and then at 8:22 a.m. a fourth alarm, summoning more and more fire equipment and jakes as the blaze spread to the house next door, according to the department. Amsterdam, Poughkeepsie, A system error has occurred. [183] New York City is also home to the largest transgender population in the United States, estimated at 25,000 in 2016. Ellis Island opened on January 1, 1892, and operated as a central immigration center until the National Origins Act was passed in 1924, reducing immigration. Henry Hudson's 1609 voyage marked the beginning of European involvement with the area. [257] As of 2019, twenty-one districts are represented by members of the Democratic Party, while six are represented by Republicans. Tonawanda. Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City, said "same-sex marriages in New York City have generated an estimated $259 million in economic impact and $16 million in City revenues" in the first year after enactment of the Marriage Equality Act. Mainline Protestants together make up 11% of Christians in the state.[177]. Population: ~ 19,600,000. North of the Lenape was a third Algonquian nation, the Mohicans. [97], New York contains a part of the Marcellus shale, which extends into Ohio and Pennsylvania.[98]. [173][168] In 2018, 12,756,975 aged 5 years and older spoke English alone and 10,415,395 aged 18 and older only spoke English. In the 1700s, they would also merge with the Mohawk during the French-Indian War and take in the remaining Susquehannock of Pennsylvania after they were decimated in war. French colonists and Jesuit missionaries arrived southward from Montreal for trade and proselytizing. of Environmental Conservation", "New York to Approve One of the World's Most Ambitious Climate Plans", "Plants—NYS Dept. The regions are also not fully definable due to colloquial use of regional labels. Description: This map shows where New York State is located on the U.S. Map. Western New York, particularly the Tug Hill region, receives heavy lake-effect snows, especially during the earlier portions of winter, before the surface of Lake Ontario itself is covered by ice. [230] The filmed entertainment industry has been growing in New York, contributing nearly $9 billion to the New York City economy alone as of 2015. [119] The Catskill Park was protected in legislation passed in 1885,[120] which declared that its land was to be conserved and never put up for sale or lease. The remaining death sentence was commuted by the court to life imprisonment in 2007, in People v. John Taylor, and the death row was disestablished in 2008, under executive order from Governor David Paterson. Syracuse University's intercollegiate teams are the Syracuse Orange. [260] Since the second half of the 20th century, New York has generally supported candidates belonging to the Democratic Party in national elections. Select a place on the map to place the pin. South of them, divided roughly along Appalachia, were the Susquehannock and the Erie. The city of New York was recaptured by the Dutch in 1673 during the Third Anglo-Dutch War (1672–1674) and renamed New Orange. February 15, 2013. Minor league baseball teams also play in the State of New York, including the Long Island Ducks, the Brooklyn Cyclones, and the Staten Island Yankees downstate, and the Rochester Red Wings, the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, the Syracuse Mets, the Auburn Doubledays, the Batavia Muckdogs, the Hudson Valley Renegades and the Buffalo Bisons upstate. Long Beach, New York became the 11th state to ratify the United States Constitution, on July 26, 1788. That organization was found to be insufficient, and prominent New Yorker Alexander Hamilton advocated a new government that would include an executive, national courts, and the power to tax. See apartments for rent at Dorchester Towers in Manhattan, NY on Sean Philip Cotter is a reporter covering Boston City Hall, the MBTA and a bit of everything else for The Boston Herald.