In both taste and appearance, Bartlett is a classic pear. Quantity. The tree grows only 8-10' tall and several make a beautiful ornamental lawn grouping. The fruit is large, golden yellow with a white tender flesh. Requires cross-pollination with Orient or another European pear variety (excluding Kieffer) growing within 100' for standard trees and within 20' for dwarf trees. The tree also is generally long-lived. Urban pollution doesn't seem to be a problem for this amazing fruit tree. Mr. Bartlett enjoyed the pears but was unaware of the tree’s European name. Our standard Bartlett seedlings are budded onto whole rootstock, and our dwarf seedlings are grafted to Quince or Quince A (Malling A). Pear Bartlett Semi-Dwarf . Needs regular watering. Home » Edibles » Fruit Trees » Pear Bartlett Semi-Dwarf . Regular price $34.99 $24.95 Sale. Online Orchards . Bartlett Pear trees are versatile, faring well in agricultural, suburban and urban environments. Bartlett Pear trees are fast-growing, meaning you won't have to wait long for your first harvest. Opens a dialog Tap on image to zoom. Pear Bartlett Semi-Dwarf . (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall.) The beautiful pyrirform fruit ripen to a golden yellow, often with a rosie pink blush. Opens a dialog. They bear fruit abundantly. Very juicy. Dwarf Bartlett Pear Tree - The golden standard of pear flavor, grown right in your backyard! This dwarf Bartlett pear is a most productive tree that bears at a young age, generally starting the second year. We ship 1-3' dormant bareroot trees. According to Pears of New York (1921), Bartlett “allowed the pear to go out under his own (name).” The American Pomological Society added the Bartlett pear to its list of fruits in 1848, leaving Mr. Stair forever forgotten.