This can have multiple causes but likely means that the water pressure into the washing machine is either very low, or no water is making its way into the washing machine. Don’t forget to put a rag near the appliance so that the remaining water in the tank doesn’t spill over the floor. You will need to clear out any water remaining there. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Once the cap is fully removed (and the machine subsequently drained) you can now, Once you have removed the obstructing debris, you can then. Of course, if the machine is currently full of water, you’ll want to remove that in as contained a way as you can first, before unlatching the door. If not, then, most likely, the winding of the drain pump has burnt down. Like the repair above, you will need to turn off the power to the washing machine through the breaker or unplug the machine from the wall before commencing with this repair. If you exclude the 1-3 reasons during the test, this indicates that the pressure switch is not working. Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart. It is quite easy to replace it with a similar one. Required fields are marked *. When the E2 error appears, you can start checking the washer’s drainage system for clogging. When you tilt the appliance, water can get on the control board. The algorithm of work is as follows: Note that water shouldn’t remain inside the device. Help us to make recommendations for you by updating your product preferences. Untwist them and inspect the impeller. • Select a spin cycle to drain the remaining water from the Washing Machine From the front side, unscrew the bolts holding the pump. If no other clear obstruction is present, this is likely the cause of the pooling water, and you should now replace the drain pipe to resolve the error entirely. To resolve the E17 error, you will need to open the machine, as shown above, so you are once again looking at the manual door opening line and the pump line. You will see that. For some reasons, the device can’t drain the waste of water. – Ha-Joon Chang. If this is the case (aside from a possible pool of water on the floor) you’ll want to replace the water inlet cord. The machine is sensing that it is currently unable to fill itself with water to begin the washing cycle, or if the machine is able to fill with water, the machine has judged that the process is taking much longer than its internal allotted time, and thus producing the error. Now find bolts on the pump that fasten its two parts. Please take note of the revised operating hours for all our Service Centres during this period. Once the door is removed, you will see a small plastic cap, with wings you can easily unscrew by hand. This should now allow the machine to function normally. In this article, we’re going to review three of the most common error codes, which might occur with your Bosch washing machine. Copyright © 2020 Causes, How FIX Problem Contact | Author | Privacy policy | Cookie Notice. Drain all the water that remains in the washing machine. The possible causes of this error: clogged drainage filter; getting of garbage into the drain pump or its failure; blockage in the pump nozzle; drain sewer clogging; lack of water level sensor; malfunction of the electrical board. As a result, this part gets wet and then burns out. If not, well, you, and your floor are going to likely get wet. These are errors E02, E13, and E17. If the device has a full tank of water, it is better first to drain the water through the emergency drain, the hose of which is next to the filter plug. lint, coins hair, clips) This video fix could possibly work to clear the E17 error: Like with the E13 code, the E17 code will cause the machine itself to lock up, to prevent the water from escaping out the machine’s door, but this, of course, keeps your clothes wet and in the water trapped in the machine, likely ruining them, after enough time has passed. This website is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher, and/or latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Your email address will not be published. How To Install CDC Driver | Download Latest CDC USB Driver, How to Root Android Phone with SuperSU via Custom Recovery, How to Install TWRP Recovery on any Phone, How to Root your Android smartphone without Computer, How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on your smartphone, How to Unlock Bootloader on Any Android Smartphone, The SP Flash Tool For Your Android Device, How To Unlock The Bootloader on Acer Iconia One 10 B3-A40, Firstly you will need to find the circular door at the lower right-hand corner at the front of the machine. This is the switch that triggers the E17 error. Slowly begin unscrewing the cap. • Check drain hose and waste connection for kinks and blockages Next, check whether the rotor of the motor works well. The triac of the pressure switch on the control board has burnt out. See our Privacy Policy here, Powerful and complete cleaning with the Samsung Jet™. Ask a plumber to solve the problem professionally. The work is quite painstaking but not complicated. In this case, E13 indicates the washer has a drainage problem. You may need to use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to get hold of and remove the plastic strainer.