Over the 16 missions that make up the game, you will be able to choose your approach for each objective using the frontal attack, stealth, combat long distance sniper or sabotage. So you confirm your secondary objective. A new secondary objective is added: Flying encrypted documents. Cross the avoiding or killing Nazis. Move a little behind the flames to find Kozera. The 4 Secrets of Sabotage mission in the Loue valley. Collectible Secrets, Polish Resistance Symbols, Radio & Rocket Parts: Enemy Front has … You can now follow the marker and entering sewers. Avoid the projector from the guard tower and go through the collapsed right next to enter the outpost wall. Move a little ridding the area of ?? Once again, stupidly follow the marker inside the bunker to get in and get a new objective. Sneak through the courtyard of the fortress. Follow the marker to fall on two guards turn your back. Progress in the bunker killing soldiers attacking you, then smash the door at the bottom. Then go upstairs and follow the marker to a door that you must smash. Get it also explode before continuing. A little further, you finally find the captain of the camp. You arrive in the basement of a house. Kill some Nazis, then head to the door to put an explosive charge. Again, the Nazis will turn you so do not hesitate to respond. Kill the guard inside and go to the last cell to deliver Dietrich. Follow the marker to the right killing the soldiers who will shoot you to join the Resistance. For those who want to get their hands on a sniper rifle, you can find one in the building to the north of this area. Back inside the church and head north to see all new soldiers. A Panzerschreck then arrives as reinforcements. Approach the barrel and install a load to validate the secondary that you got at the beginning of the mission objective. Go through the door and follow the marker to access an area of ?? The enemy has invaded the church and you have to push. Go now to the East to close the second and final valve. Enter the elevator and operate it to gain the upper floor. Continuing your journey, you get a new secondary objective: Kill the captain of the camp prisoners of war. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. Descend to validate your secondary objective, then pick up the radio locator near him. It takes place in the Europe ravaged by war - in countries such as Germany, France or Poland and it revolves around an American war correspondent Robert Hawkins. Now the pastor is safe, go through the door to the right of the room where he was held captive, then enter the sewers to complete this mission. Come to this telescope in the back room. Enter now in the ruined castle a little further: you get two secondary objectives: Destroy two Sd.Kfz.251 half-track and destroy the enemy tank. Simply pull in the tank next to the heavy iron door for you to create a passage. You are finally inside the factory. Finally Climb the tower to find a passage that mark the end of the mission. Follow the conversation, then head to the west side of the man who will offer you a weapon. Although the German tank is destroyed, you're not at your sentences. Kill the remaining soldiers until they fold, then go talk Kozera to end this mission. Choose a discrete approach or go for the job, but in all cases, approach the marker on the screen to find documents relating Aubrac. Start by eliminating the soldiers to be a little quiet, then pick up some explosives near the ammo crate in the center. Proceed through the tunnel to find Kozera. Take it and run along the marker along the corridor. Follow the new marker, taking care to remove all the Nazis until you are blocked. Then cross the bridge to continue. In any case, move the base to trigger a new goal. A little further, you will find a handful of Resistance. Swing two molotov cocktails or use the Panzerfaust ground to destroy the tank. Go down the stairs and kill the German soldiers present. Kill them with your handgun and pick up one of their weapons before continuing. Cross deposit taking care liquidate soldiers. Continue exploring to find the tank a little further. Some soldiers are present, but the effect of the wine makes them quite harmless. Kill the guards and go into stealth mode to enter the house and eliminate your target. Press the control panel, then get in the cab. A man will come then inform you that an armed convoy is en route. Kill the enemies then progress to obtain an update to your goal. Battle your way to the missile and place the explosive charge. Enemy Front is powered by the CryEngine 3 technology known from the Crysis series. Continue to meet new enemies, including one on a heavy machine gun on the building. After the briefing, find Kozera on the left and follow him into the tunnel. Sprinter again to access the south side of the room to get out of here. Head to the West to find the first valve and close. The main objective change depending on your decision. Advancing a little, you get a secondary objective: Destroy the AA guns. Simply follow the discussion with Kozera to validate this new objective. Take your road to arrive in a village. Finally jump over the gate to continue. Killing the last soldiers of the area, you complete this mission. Just follow Kozera throughout the hospital. Enemy Front is now available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. When you have killed all follow the new marker to continue. Pick up the sniper rifle on the ground and shoot the soldier in the watchtower to help. Now that you're quiet, swing a grenade next to the flak cannon to destroy and validate the secondary objective. Many soldiers will arise to your skin, too, defend yourself not to be interfering in the operation. Enemy Front is a new FPS video game released for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 on June 10, 2014 and developed by CI Games, the studio best known for its license Sniper: Ghosts Warrior. Start by approaching the building opposite and get the soldier waving flag. Get rid of the Nazis a little further, and drag in the red box in the small bunker to kill the enemy more easily hidden. Always follow the marker until you come to a converted cell building. As soon as you will eliminate a number, they will fold but others will attack the other side. Kuba "Zaan" Zgierski (www.gamepressure.com), Author : Kuba "Zaan" Zgierski for gamepressure.com, Translator : Slawomir "Szczur" Niejadlik & Jakub Bugielski. Do not hesitate to remove all soldiers before following the marker. It'll just direct you to the aircraft designated by the marker to complete this mission. After killing the guards, continue to enter into an elevator and operate it. Now head north and approach the flak cannon to obtain a secondary objective: Use the flak cannon to destroy aircraft. Continue to the bridge of the village to see another proof in difficulty. Now that the train is destroyed, follow the railroad, then the marker to reach a sawmill. Follow the new marker to enter a cellar. Neutralize the two guards in the room, then climb the stairs to get a secondary objective: Get three explosives and destroy the tanks in the workshop. When you arrived at the market place, climb the stairs behind the fountain to continue. Follow the marker and go through the door opened by your companions. Go to the south, pass the obstacle and engulf yourself in the sewers. Now follow the marker again eastward to update your main goal. Follow Kozera to the barricade, and practice shooting at soldiers. Then you validate the secondary objective Assist the Resistance. Once in the sewers, go into the tunnel company Kozera to reach the base of the Home Army. Then eliminate the soldiers guarding the area. Officer down quickly, then pull in the red cans left to silence MG42. Finally cross the prison corridor to smash a last door, behind which you must shoot in the head of the German officer to save the pastor. Kill them and go quietly to reach the big house a little further. Further eliminate the soldiers on the right and enter in the field a little lower. Above, trigger explosives when prompted to create a gap. Pick up the Panzerfaust at the end to destroy the tank. Neutralize the soldiers attacking you, then go to the radio to get a first vacuum tube. Follow the new marker and simply get rid of all the soldiers present. A new secondary objective appears: Securing this part of the village. This guide for the Enemy Front includes a comprehensive walkthrough, which encompasses the entire single player campaign mode, and also includes a considerable handful of hints for every situation. Kill the soldiers quietly if they bother you, then enter the building to the right to disable the alarm. Kill them, then go down the alley to continue. You can once again play with finesse and discretion, or nag as you wish. Knock the door and get rid of German soldiers before continuing. Head to the area to secure and dispose of the Nazis. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Enemy Front for Xbox 360. Finally pick up the map on the table. It is now a char that will join the fray. Pass the small wooden bridge, then climb the slope to find the ruins in which some soldiers hiding. Finally cross this piece to update your main goal. Help him as neutralizing the opponents. Now that you have explosives, enter drains near your position to give the Army of the Interior.