Our InMotion® Lifestyle Sleep Systems create a custom your Englander mattress is patiently waiting. So far we are happy with our purchase. Englander has a full range of mattress comfort choices. With the models offered from these and other lines, Englander has a broad selection of beds to choose from. As with almost every other industry, you can expect that the longer a manufacturer has been in business, the more reliable their products will be. Englander has 10 different U.S. manufacturing facilities, and their corporate headquarters is located at Englander World Headquarters, P.O. Integrated Comfort System with shock absorbing cushioning support. Among the lines produced by Englander are Tension Ease orthopedic mattresses, Nature's Finest organic latex, ViscoPedic Memory Foam, Synergy Fusion combining latex and memory foam, E-Gel with gel-infused memory foam, Posture Support Plus for larger sleepers, and the Englander Hotel E Collection. © Copyright Englander Sleep | All Rights Reserved. We haven't had a new mattress in 15 years so it was definitely an adjustment but after just 2 nights we are sleeping better and waking up with no back pain! Do you prefer a firm feel or a super soft plush mattress? With nine Englander models in stock to choose from you will be able to find the mattress that will give you the best night’s sleep. Since that time, Englander has seen a few different owners, including Union Carbide, La-Z-Boy, and the current owner, which is Englander Sleep Products, LLC. the softest options, built up from plush style mattresses. It seems unlikely to work and sounds suspiciously like meaningless sales talk. (Why they always feel the need to mention that you can sleep on the entire surface of the mattress is beyond me. In my opinion, one of the things that most distinguishes Englander is their use of the double sided design. Whoever writes the best review each month will win a $25 Amazon gift card. Aside from its many benefits, rubber has an unparalleled feeling of luxury, the longer you rest on the mattress the better you feel. I use a mattress topper to add more softness. 332 Main Street, Brewster WAOffice: 509-689-2131Toll Free:  1-800-894-8896, Monday thru Friday: 9am to 6pmSaturday: 10am to 5pmSunday: Closed. A firm mattress has a harder feel and is best if you need maximum support with little give. Love the cushion top. A more plush mattress offers improved give, for a lighter, more airy feel. A more plush mattress one of our mattresses. I'm guessing it's supposed to sound impressive but it really just sounds like more sales talk. What’s most comfortable to you? It's good because it reduces motion transfer and allows for better conformance to the shape of your body. Very comfortable. The independent coils contour and adjust to the body’s unique shape and weight. Instantly in love with my new mattress! Best components and technology, Hand crafted in three USA locations Sorry, I don't know what came over me. Our son is comfortable in his new bed. Contouring designs for deeper sleep. The high performance technology provides both comfort and support. Very comfortable. Take a few minutes to learn about what goes into making our mattresses so you can choose the type that will give you the best night’s sleep. :). Englander is a mattress manufacturer which has been in business since 1894. Check out the rules and specifics at our Consumer Mattress Reviews page. Its so soft and we no longer wake up stiff or with back pain! It is also made from recyclable steel, soy-based foams, and sustainable wood, making it one of the company's "greener" mattress designs at the same time as being a good value for budget-conscious consumers. A firm feel is recommended for people who sleep on their stomach or back most of the time. People who sleep on their side or back may need a more plush mattress. Proven materials built to last. One night on new Englander and slept great. Here we go with the nonsensical mattress speak again. This idea has been in use for over 100 years. There is less motion transfer with the Posture Support Plus sleep system. 07 support. I'm not even going to go there. Peninsula Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott, Hilton, Club Quarters, Nine Zero, Sofitel, and Soho Grand are some of the hotels that use Englander mattresses.