This ad provides a great, succinct value prop of why you should visit their site and learn more about their “game-changing” fitness product. Creating the perfect Facebook ad takes time. So for their exfoliating skin perfector, Glossier runs a Facebook video ad of the product being applied. Then in the image below, we provide an example of how our Notification displays when installed on a site. Remember, in a world filled with noise, the right headlines help communicate your value. Video ads have the added benefit that you can retarget segments that watch a certain percentage of the video. Here’s a tactic to try — if you partner or offer an integration with a partner with a big brand name, why don’t you tell the world? If you’re targeting those audiences, try a slideshow ad instead. Their copy creates an us vs. them mentality, and then encourages their audience (the us) to click and read the article behind this juicy headline: “Rich People Broke America and Never Paid the Price.”. How does your headline do that? The headline above makes a car enthusiast wonder why he needs to avoid these seemingly great cars. An active voice introduces the subject as the doer of the action. That’s exactly what Sprinklr does here — letting their audience know about their partnership with Microsoft. The ad is simple — but they employ a few techniques you could try out. Whenever you write a headline, think about a family member or a close friend. Salesforce does a lot of their marketing around webinars, content, and resources. In the ad, they call out the entrepreneur directly by asking a question that self-identifying entrepreneurs would respond positively toward. Coinbase uses their Facebook ad for Sign Ups for their crypto trading service. Remember the days when blogging was as easy as coming up with a topic idea, finding relevant keywords, and then publishing and promoting your blog? Here’s an example of one of the many ads they use to nurture visitors into eventual customers. Feather is a startup that offers rental furniture from top brands — such as West Elm, Joybird, Casper. Video ads are great for campaigns with a strong emotional component, whether it’s making someone laugh or tugging at their heart strings. It’s a tease by USA Today to make you click and learn more. This Facebook ad example from Framebridge presents visitors with a coupon code to use on their next purchase on the site. Rather than attributing a quote about their product to a customer — Brooklinen simply says “these top-rated sheets speak for themselves.”. Bonus: Download a free guide that shows you how to save time and money on your Facebook ads. And they use the Carousel product in a clever way — stringing a story step-by-step across multiple frames. At the top, Infusionsoft makes the claim that the average company “saves nearly 50 hours a week” — giving a huge quantifiable value to their software. Your ad headline could say, “10 Best Ways to Reduce Stress.”. They use this piece of content as a way to drive clicks from other SaaS stakeholders that may be searching for Heatmap and Retargeting software. Your headline could say, “Register For The Webinar Today. Then on the side, it incorporates a headline and subheadline that compliment the FB ad text. This ad for Entrepreneur pushes the audience towards an article by mentioning an app. OkDork’s blog post, Blogging Tips: How to 10x Your Blog With Data-Driven Insights, mentions that using statistics in the headline makes your engagement 10 times better. By reading the copy, you’re likely intrigued, and curious about what they could be talking about. Sometimes you read a headline and think that it’s kickass. If you want your audience to imagine themselves performing the action you want them to take, use an active voice when constructing your headlines. Leads could be anything from newsletter sign-ups to quote requests to requests for a test drive. Facebook Ad Examples. Clickfunnels makes marketing funnels, and naturally, their best Facebook ads are pretty well-optimized. Crew knows their audience well. If you try to click one of the buttons, you’ll inadvertently end up on a Digital Marketer landing page. We love how they use an illustration of two coworkers working together to get a project done — similar to how you would use their product. If that many people are already trusting the site for insurance, why shouldn’t you? Introduction. But since the logo includes text and the ad is for public radio, looks like they got a break. Their cart abandonment software is built explicitly for Shopify stores — and their ad is punched full of value you’ll get out of the product. We’ve sorted our list by category to make it easier to navigate. Then, in the subheadline below, this ad directly calls out the audience with a personalized message. Facebook Messenger ads are great for catching attention, because there’s far less competition for eyeballs on the Chats screen, where they appear. This ad is a great example of a typical GQ co-sponsored post. J. With so many many different Facebook ad types to choose from, it can be hard to plan and execute an effective ad strategy. They use different suitcase sizes in shades of red, white, and blue. That's why we've created these Facebook ad templates, with specs and best practices for every type of ad. This Facebook plays up that benefit and gives just enough information to make you want to click through to the other side. The person in the photo — while unidentified — adds a human element to the robot-investment fund. Crew website. Find out how to reach the right customers, lower your cost-per-click, and more. Bustle does a great job at triggering curiosity with their headlines. They use the words “brilliant” and “genius”: 3. Keep reading. Here’s a great technique — throw out a scary statistic to your audience. Carly H tells the brand “thank you for taking care of my body” — hard to get a better customer reaction than a thank you. It’s similar to the method utilized by Coors Light when marketing their beer. Another great tactic here is the use of bright ROYGBIV colors in the background of each image. Since this ad points to a landing page ( rather than Digital Marketer’s site, it’s identified above the headline. Don’t mislead readers. Here’s an ad that you rarely see — the whole image is just a price. Seats Are Limited!”. We hope you’re inspired to launch some new campaigns and get your CPA down. Then, in the ad itself, the focus on that statistic becomes even more prominent: If that’s not enough to spike your interest, you’re a tough sell. Use these Facebook ad templates and get the most out of your Facebook ad budget with AdEspresso by Hootsuite. Most men don’t want to lose their hair, so leading with “66% of guys lose their hair by age 35” makes even the most full-headed man want to click this ad. While this is not always a best practice, it can work and save time for a brand like Nike that has robust data to with which they can retarget millions of visitors. Positives are often overused. ... For instance, pay attention to the photo, the headline and the words it uses to draw people in; and the feelings and emotions the chosen photos evoke. Be cautious with the technique, it works for some brands, but for others, it can be a waste of time and money.