Chinese people attach great importance to what kind of tea set they use. The tea trees are growing in the cracks and gaps of the rocks on the Wuyi Mountains, so the teas produced from these trees are called Wuyi Yancha. Total. Check out . This ... Chinese Oolong Tea. Chinese White Tea. Keemun tea offers a unique floral flavour. They believed that the tea set affects the flavor and experience of the tea, and different materials have their unique usages. Origin: Dong Ting Mountain of Taihu, … Wuyi Yancha is just a general name. There are several opinions of the best Chinese teas, or the title China's Famous Teas (中国名茶) or Ten Great Chinese Teas (中国十大名茶), depending on current trends in Chinese tea, as well as the region and tastes of the person. One of the popular Chinese black tea in the West, with sharp notes of pine smoke and a smoky taste. Chinese Yellow Tea. To be determined Shipping . Quantity. From: £7.45 Shop Now (76) Often referred to as the national drink of China, Dragon Well tea has a mellow and delicate flavour. Free Delivery: For orders over 35€ Cart 0 item items 0 item. The tea is said to help maintain liver health and skin tightness. Longjing tea. Let’s have a look at 10 famous styles of Chinese black tea: 1. Discover what their names are, where they are grown, how they are made and lots of other interesting facts. Dragon Well Organic Tea - No.54. The Legend of the Tea Dragon. The ultimate guide to the best and most famous types of Chinese green tea. This is a full-fermented tea which includes many brands. Keemun is a famous Chinese black tea that is also called “ Qimen Red Tea “, as it was first produced in the Qimen County in the Anhui province in the 19th century. Here are the 7 most common tea set types in China. Chinese Tea Ceremony ©David Bote Estrada/Flickr. Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle - No.45. Chinese Black Tea. Keemun Black Tea. Keemun Black Tea is a famous Chinese tea with a relatively short history of about 140 years. It’s dried as soon as it’s picked from the field and then fried. Quick View. The green tea is the most natural, within the Chinese teas. The Ten Famous Chinese Teas are a source of mystery and wonder. A famous variety of green tea, Huangshan Maofeng is grown in the foothills of Anhui province’s Yellow Mountain. Wuyi Yancha is famous for its unique Yen flavor that is a kind of special fragrance. Product successfully added to your shopping cart . It has even become the favorite drink of the British queen and royal family. Several cultivars of tea have been listed as one of the "Ten Famous Chinese Teas" or "China Famous Teas" (simplified Chinese: 中国十大名茶; traditional Chinese: 中國十大名茶; pinyin: Zhōnggó shí dàmíng chá). The leaves resemble orchid buds and are covered in small white hairs, and the flavour profile of the resulting tea is earthy and full-bodied. No products. Quick View. But with all great mysteries a certain amount of controversy arises when tea enthusiasts debate which teas actually make up the list of the ten best teas. Wuyi Yancha is a famous Chinese oolong tea, produced in Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province. It was first produced in 1875 and soon gained popularity in England. $0.00 Total. Keemun Black Tea contains ample microelements and organic matters. The different classes of Chinese tea. Chinese name: 祁门红茶(qi men hong cha) Planting region: Qimen County, Huangshan City, Anhui province, central China. Regardless of how you rank your favorite Chinese tea the history and legends that surround these famous teas is certainly fascinating. Biluochun Tea (Green Snail Spring 碧螺春) Type: Green Tea. Crowned as the queen of black tea, it tastes winy and fruity. Chinese Green Tea. Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremonies; Famous Tea Sets; Chinese Tea Sets.