How amazing is it when you can learn the history behind the shipwreck and climb the tower where one side is the Gulf of Mexico and the other the Atlantic Ocean. I understand you were on the Ghosts and Gravestones tour. ASK DAN: How can I avoid an out-of-air incident? It's indeed intact though, secured to the vessel and ready for fish to shelter and breed. An American flag waves from the top platform as if it’s in slow motion, with an underwater anthem of bubbles. shipwreck Story LOG. You have to end this stage of the mission with supporting one of the conflict sides, that is At a Crossroads: Scoia'tael / Vernon Roche. Instead of the scheduled sinking that was planned for the Spiegel Grove in 2002, the wreck had other plans and sank several hours earlier on its own, and on its side. Based on my predive briefing from CeCe Roycraft, co-owner of Dive Key West, it seems the underwater patriotism continues along dive sites throughout the Shipwreck Trail. It’s worth the stairs to take the picture. You can also head there during The Blood Curse, once you reach Vergen. Although I’m still reeling from the rush of the Duane, the next day’s dive is a double dip on the nearby USS Spiegel Grove. You will experience the adventures of a daring wrecker crew as they battle the elements to save lives and a ship’s precious cargo. Click on a marker on the map to access additional information about the wrecks located along the sanctuary's Shipwreck Trail. Located on Dixie Shoal off Key Largo, the former U.S. Navy Thomaston-class dock landing ship was intentionally sunk in 2002. Taxis, Shuttles, Limos, Airport Transportation. The Cayman Salvager wreck is more intact than many of the shipwrecks off the Florida Keys, and as such it is of particular interest to anyone who would like to explore the remains of a ship and not just a coral reef. Commonly searched for in Florida Keys. “We wanted to respect the Vandenberg’s former life as an integral part of American history, so you’ll notice a flag positioned as one of the first things you see on the dive,” Roycraft says. Ticket sales rep and awesome lady upstairs were both very warm and friendly. The 520-foot-long ship rests at 140 feet, with the key points starting at about 40 feet. Description of the attraction is below. (If you have trouble finding it, use the maps here and make sure to try and match up unusual land shapes. Ignite your inner treasure hunter with a visit to the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum, where you can get up-close looks at Spanish coins and historic artifacts. Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum can be crowded, so we recommend booking e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot. Dish antennae provide a complex weave of metal and the perfect hiding place for bashful grouper and barracuda. Note: See Tips & Tricks on how to prevent your party from getting separated. Visibility is apparently excellent, so be sure to bring your waterproof camera along with you to capture some of that majestic sea life. I am not the only one with this plan: Nestled at the tip of the wreck is an 800-pound goliath grouper basking in the down-flow. In addition to listening to interviews, you can view film clips and actual undersea footage related to the life of a wrecker in the below sea level theater. I embrace the few minutes of bottom time I have left. Keep going south and take a right at the crossroads. The Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum is open during the day as well. Presents any diver will love, from the latest gear to scuba decor. I live locally and I am PADI AOW certified. Hear the mesmerizing tale of the Isaac Allerton. facebook; twitter; flickr; SAVE online. Hello, Thank you for stopping by and posting. At the surface, the current looks doable. Notice! A little piece of history about shipwrecks since there were a lot around the Keys. All rights reserved. Restaurants near Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum: Things to do near Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum, Is this a must-do if you are travelling with a, Some people might not see much of interest here. This is quite a workout. Emocean Sports has its 45-foot Corinthian positioned near the bow of the wreck; from the mooring line I can see the Duane’s silhouette at 120 feet. Thank you for posting. The letter box can be found in two places: In the first case you can head there at once. By submitting above, you agree to Scuba Diving's privacy policy. Hidden Gems; Good for Big Groups; Free Entry; Good for a Rainy Day; Adventurous; Honeymoon spot; Good for Adrenaline Seekers; Budget-friendly; Good for Kids; Good for Couples ; Admission Tickets. Step 1: Find the mage-blacksmith who will forge the Vran Armor. The marine life is booming here. The best gifts for scuba divers during the 2020 holiday season. You will experience the adventures of a daring wrecker crew as they battle the elements to save lives and a ship’s precious cargo. 41 Great Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers in 2020. Canceling the dive turned out to be a smart move; this advanced dive had no place in our crisp new logbooks. Protection of these maritime resources helps to preserve and further study our historic use of our nation's coastal waters. The engine room is open in the aft, and a number of features are still intact, such as the cable spool on the bow. Back in 2005, Hurricane Dennis did divers a favor by placing the Spiegel Grove back on its keel. Response from Jennifer G, Guest Relations Manager at Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum, History Museums, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Historic Sites.