what a tart, i found it in mere seconds on the web . I accidentally stumbled across a mind reading algorithm, which is used in this psychic movie… Well, why not see if you can work out how the magic really works. Andy note: The Mind Reader always works if you follow the instructions properly. The Original Flash Mind Reader was created while experimenting with math in Flash. I WAS PLANNING ON SPENDING DAZE FIGURING THIS OUT. Posted on March 3, 2003 | 8 Comments. If you get the wrong symbol this means that you did not follow the instructions properly or you did the maths incorrectly. We suggest you try again, it may help to improve your basic mathematics skills. If you didn’t want to know how the thing worked, then why did you read the post? ( Log Out /  The following flash was created by Andy Naughton. They’re not the same as all the other 9s. The word “Explained” in the title should have been your first clue. It’s not called “Flash Trick Based On Math, Etc.”. certain numbers – one of which is 81 (99-18=81) – so whatever symbol shows ( Log Out /  Hey nice going, do you tell little kids there’s no Santa too? You see, for all the possible numbers that you can choose, you only have a few possible results to the calculation that you are instructed to do on the number that you pick. Over the years I have created many versions of the Mind Reader for clients, usually professional magicians or psychics. worked or suggesting that I was spying on people through their computers. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I accidentally stumbled across a mind-reading algorithm which I have used in this psychic movie... Well, see if you can work out how the magic really works. Check out the symbols for the two highest multiples of 9: 99 and 90. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Blue tits, orioles, sparrows and the mouse. I only wish I could find out where I got this so I could give the person credit. At one point I was getting up to 500 emails a day asking how the Mind Reader So here’s an explanation I found on the web. Guiding Tarot Mind Reader The Flash Mind Reader by Andy Wolfe [previously Naughton] is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License and Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. Concentrate on the symbol and when you have it clearly in your mind click on the crystal ball and it will show you the symbol you are thinking of. The Flash MindReader was created whilst experimenting with mathematics in Flash ActionScripting. So the “program knows” which symbol will be selected by you before you do the operation! Sorry but I don’t get it. First, the math part. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. by the way, the guy that made it, ANDY, i went to his site and he says he’ll send ya the solution for $$$$. Most people don’t imagine that possibility. It’s still the same for all of them, but it’s a different symbol. A cool math trick :) Now click the crystal ball. er whoever u got it from.. ish summer no time to think wif da brain.. Wowzerz u really had me fooled!!! You could say that it’s a kind of a “math mind reader” or a “number mind reader”. The truth is that The Flash Mind Reader is a magic trick like all other magic tricks. It uses misdirection (the many numbers, the randomized symbols) and hocus pocus (the creepy fade-up of the symbol, the accompanying sound, vaguely occult wingdings) to get us thinking about psychic things. Very good site idea! When you have the final number, look it … It’s hidden behind cool, magical stuff: a crystal ball, mystical symbols, groovy sounds, and no explanations. 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If you’re skeptical, pick a few numbers and try it yourself.