Fume Ultra Great Sword. Once you enter the fog put all weapon buffs on, as well as Denial (he will not come out of the ground until you go near the center of the arena) as soon as he rises out of the ground and you are able to lock on cast Whispers of Despair this will lower his defense making him easier. Fume Knight almost always uses this attack whenever he jumps backwards to dodge or whenever a player is healing and or far away from Fume Knight. Zak Waddell Wife, He may enter this phase early or late depending on how many hits he has taken apparently. To make the fight easier, here is a more detailed breakdown of his abilities and how the Boss A.I uses them. Note that the fireballs do move as they spread out in a circling motion thus try not to roll into them as they move and sometimes standing still in a safezone is the best option. The Fume UGS is by far the heaviest with some ridiculous stat requirements to use, costing 30 DEX to wield it properly. The B scaling is in DEX, actually, and it requires 30/30 to wield. King's UGS Incredibly strong, especially for PvE, since it deals Strike-type damage. He will do a horizontal 180 degree slash. But with my quality build I first timed him with the Ivory King ultra greatsword. This attack has nearly perfect tracking and cannot be avoided by strafing. Combination Attack Variations: Fume Knight's infamous killer combos that catch many players off guard. 17 Sep 2020 05:15 . 2nd Swing: This is either another diagonal slash identical to the first swing or a much more unique overhead vertical slash in which the greatsword lands on the ground. Your best bet at making the most of this weapon would be to focus on Intelligence and Faith with a Dark infusion. Required fields are marked *. Which is why personally I never punish Fume Knight after he does the vertical overhead as his 2nd swing as the this 3rd swing is heavily delayed and difficult to tell if he will use it. The best to dodge it is not by rolling backwards as the range of his greatsword when he plunges is enormous. The Exile swordsman Raime had the ability to expunge the black fog, but chose to live alongside it, in company of the child of dark that haunts his sword.“ It is another DLC weapon that you get from trading the Soul of Fume Knight and 25,000 souls to Weaponsmith Ornifex. The fight isn't that simple though because the blind spot isn't always safe. In the end, pretty much all of the ultra greatswords are viable. Synergy Movie Quote, 2,103. Tangent Line To Ellipse Calculator, Before playing ds2, I couldn't name even one boss from it, and that's a good thing. - To dodge the orbs, roll through a gab between them and stay between the gap. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. The 2nd diagonal swing it is possible to roll away from and force Fume Knight to cancel the string as you are too far away for the A.I to justify contiuing the string. It’s a pretty newbie-friendly option that you can acquire early on and play with throughout the game. Durability: The weapon's HP, when the durability hits 0, the effectiveness of its attacks become weakened to the point of almost uselessness. Linda Perry Net Worth, Once again, a rarity but sometime to keep in mind if you are trying to play safe. - You can roll into and therefore under the attack. However, oddly enough, he is less resistant to Dark than he is to other elements. This move has great range and does a hefty amount of damage, be careful not to roll when you see its startup animation but roll as soon as he swings otherwise you will roll into the attack. You still get knocked down, but you are immune to dmg. This attack gets block frames and deflects attacks. ), 3 Things To Stop Doing To Ease Knee Pain Fast. Players who master maneuvering their charge (and stack Poise) can practically become unstoppable. 2 Tricky Attacks: This attacks are really tricky because sometimes it tends to hit you even through you taught it'll pass through. Denial/Whispers of Despair strategy: It is recommended to visit the first DLC to unlock the miracle Denial, this will make it so his last hit won't kill you giving you a breather from his one hit one kills, you will be able to feel more confident at going at him without risking death (but be weary of his combos). Safe to use . Its 2 handed r2 benefits from the Old Leo ring, and I've made trades for over 1200 damage with it.