Our current keypad works with all Genie Intellicode model garage door openers. Zero in on specific Genie garage door … Most of the newer garage door openers contain one circuit board, a lot of the older models had two or even three that all controlled different functions. These are genuine replacements direct from the manufacturer- Genie. The replacement board may be called a circuit, sequencer, receiver, control, or motor drive boards. View and Download Genie Screw Drive user manual online. Just go to the Genie model garage door opener listed, and click to go to the page with parts schematics and parts-by-numbers lists. Genie MachForce 2 HPc Premium Garage Door Opener - Exclusive Screw Drive - Ultimate Strength and Speed w/ a 140-Volt DC Motor Model# 4062-TNMSO View the Genie Premium Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Genie Garage Door Openers Manufactured 1993 to 1995 (Uses 12 DIP Switches) Genie Models: Screw Drive Models: 12A / PRO88-S / PRO98-S / G2500 / G5500 / G5050 / G5700 / G8000 / GDR9000 / GX 9000 / GXL1000 / GXL9500 / GXL9550 / BlueMax Screw Drive garage door opener pdf manual download. We have Genie spare part for Genie AC screw drive, chain glide and belt drive garage door, operators. If you are looking for POWER, you will probably choose a screw drive garage door opener, maybe QUIET is more important to you, then you will want a belt drive garage door opener.More concrerned about VALUE, you cannot go wrong with the chain drive garage door opener. Since the circuit boards control most of the garage door openers operation- from the power, the limits, to the range of the remotes- it is a common part to look at when something goes wrong with your garage door opener. Includes Remote Control and SERIES II Electronics Screw Drive Series. Unlike their Intellicode system, which you can program with a press of a button, the remotes and the door opener dip switches must match in order for the remotes to work correctly. With Genie, you’re assured a fantastic product at an even better price. Genie Garage Door Opener Replacement Parts for Screw Drive GPower, TriloG, PowerLift, and PowerMax Operators Models 2562, 2564, 3062, 3064, 4062, & 4064 Genie Screw Drive Motorhead Replacement Parts … With detailed replacement DIY instructions, replacing the circuit board in your garage door opener can be swiftly taken care of to get your garage door opener running again. In addition to the main garage door assemblies and components for the ReliaG, IntelliG and TriloG product lines, you’ll also be able to find remote controls, keypads, carriages, infra-red sensors and other parts for your Genie garage door opener. This is a great option to have as an accessory for situations when you are outside of the garage without the remote. SCREW DRIVEGENIE PRO PRO98-S / PRO88-S / CM7500-S (blue max) / CM8500-S (blue max) / PRO90-SOVERHEAD 939 SignatureRETAIL GXL 1000 / GXL9500 / GXL9550 / GX9000 / G5500 / G5050 / G8000G2500 / G5700 / GDR9000(note: 12A refers to a retails model internal receiver, indicating GPT90 controls) DC BELTGENIE PRO PMX700 / PMX1200 StealthOVERHEAD 777 Phantom CHAIN DRIVEGENIE PRO CM60-S / CM70-S / CM80-S (clutch force control)ALC60 / ALC70 / ALC80 (electronic force control)… Garage door opener replacement circuit boards for many different Genie model garage door openers. We have Genie spare part for Genie AC screw drive, chain glide and belt drive garage door, operators. GenieMaster 3-Button Garage Door Opener Remote - Compatible with Genie Garage Door Openers Made Since 1993 with Intellicode Technology and/or 9/12 Dipswitches - Model GM3T-R … Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions. Genie offers different solutions for every garage when it comes to picking a garage door opener. Everything in Garage Door Opener Circuit Boards, DirectLift® 2060L- 2060L-07- 3060L- 3060L-07, Circuit Board / Series II Wall Console Bundle 38875R3.S, Circuit Board (1022, 1024, 1042, 2022, 2024, 2042) 39537R.S, Control Board (3 Terminal Board) 36190T.S, Circuit Board / Series II Wall Console 38875R2.S, Control Board (6 Terminal Board) 36190S.S, Circuit Board / Series II Wall Console Bundle 38875R4.S, Circuit Board (1022, 1024, 1042) 37028E.S. With Genie, you’re assured a fantastic product at an even better price. The Genie wireless keypad mounts outside your garage door to give you pin code access to your garage. Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders $14.99 +. See the detailed descriptions of the products to make sure you get the right circuit board for your model garage door opener. Depending on the garage door opener model, the terms for the board can differ. The replacement board may be called a circuit, sequencer, receiver, control, or motor drive boards.