Christ ran the race and he ran it perfectly (1 John 2:2). Weight loss: The most obvious reason and first choice a lot of people start working out, is weight loss. Strengthen your Bones: Weight bearing exercises have proven to be the best for strengthening your bone density, walking, aerobics or hiking are a few examples. 28. With the new year upon us, lots of people are resolving to get healthy. Mentally Prepares you for Meditation: Better circulation, pumped up heart rate, brain boosting power and improved concentration are all ways exercise prepares your mind for meditation. 12. However, it is about a gradual progression to knowing the Father intimately. But this is simply not so. When we take control of our lives and engage in regular physical activity heightening our body, mind and soul, we feel so much better about ourselves inside and around others. BDNF also influences learning and memory and plays a role in drug and alcohol addictions. 4. Slows Aging: Physically, we all know exercise can slow down the way our bodies age. 7-10). Krista Stryker goes in to more detail about it in her article, 6 Reasons why Exercise Makes you Happy. More Productivity: The two things that increase our productivity are mood and our energy levels. I have experienced them myself and it’s amazing. But the fitness gurus tell us that the secret to success in health does not come from the juice cleanse or the extreme diet of carrots and apples for a month. um, fail...actually work-in-process, looking up internet options for home. 22. When you find a great church, the teaching and programmes offered become a pivotal foundation for your growth. Just like a physical workout, no one can do this for you. 18. Second step: do not blog at work, get internet at home. Self-Control: Something a lot of people in recovery don’t have. And of course the famous release of endorphins and dopamine during our work outs are playing a huge role in making us feel happy. 29. Boosts Sex Drive: In men it reduces erectile dysfunction and in women it promotes sexual arousal. Better Skin: Blood flow helps nourish the skins cells and perspiration helps detoxify the body. The benefits of exercise, physically, mentally and spiritually are out of this world! Reduce Stress: Because our bodies feel better when we work out, our minds do too and we are less stressed. 15. Or maybe, you need to become more diligent in your quiet time, reading and studying of the Bible, meditating, praying, fasting, and much more? Paul encourages the Corinthians with this same analogy, Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. 40. If you’re in a bad mood or stressed, or your all high-strung and the last thing you want to do or think about is working out, work out! It's like saying that because you go to your local gym means you will have a svelte, toned and fit body even though all you do there is catch up with friends, sit in the sauna and just goof around without actually doing any tangible exercises. We might take a look around the Internet or Pinterest and decide to try that ten-day cleanse we’ve heard so much about or go vegan for a month. When I work out I can always tell when I start getting to the feel good zone, I get warm, my lungs clear, tension begins to subside and I begin to feel more energized. Just as we don’t always like exercising, or eating a salad when our friend is eating a burger, we won’t always feel like going to church or taking the time to pray or read Scripture. 41. The bible gives us indicators of how we ought to live as Christians. Improves Wellbeing: The endorphins released during exercise lifts your mood and energy levels alleviating anxiety and depression giving you a strong sense of wellbeing. 24. Reduce Fatigue: This one is so huge for me because I fight off fatigue all too often. Our hearts and minds need the right spiritual food to feed our faith so that it is rooted in the truth. Denying ourselves and picking up our own crosses to follow Christ requires discipline. And I know I am not going to get the results I want if I don’t simply show up! How to Improve Your Strength and Flexibility. Sustain Sobriety: All these benefits of exercise: help prevent relapse and promote happiness, which is going to help stay sober. So, if you want an in-depth relationship with God, there is a price to pay and you have to be willing to exercise your spiritual muscles. A great life implies a healthy body that can endure. I encourage everyone to exercise, not just for ourselves, but for the little eyes watching too. I urge you to experiment. It is time for a pulse check. What will you start doing today? You’re exercising will power every time you chose to work out. Join over 250,000 others to get the top stories curated daily, plus special offers! Soothes Anxiety: Can you believe that you can walk your anxiety off? Just as our body works best when we employ healthy habits such as eating the right foods and practicing regular exercise, healthy habits serve to feed and strengthen our faith. It takes practice and training (1 Tim. When you fail to live a spiritually healthy lifestyle, remember that your salvation does not rest on what you do. Site by, What to Do When You're Spiritually Bleeding Out. It’s said that the reduction of insulin resistance, production of BDNF and other physiological changes during exercise are the key factors in improving our memory. 34. Bearing good spiritual fruit involves a lifelong pursuit to honor Christ daily by keeping his commandments. Mentally we gain emotional control and diminish depression and anxiety. I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified. (1 Cor. They put me on several different medications that I did not like. Aid in Recovery: It’s meditative, self improving, it’s an open door to other positive lifestyle choices too and should be used as the number one sobriety tool in recovery. How much extra investment are you willing make? More Sociable: Working out gives us the confidence we need to be more sociable and able to make friends. 15:56–58). 9:25–27). After my second daughter was born, I had really bad post-partum depression. 9. I remember when I studied for a Masters degree programme years ago; our tutor told us candidly on the first day that if we only studied what they taught us, that would result in us getting a final grade of a 'pass' (if you are lucky). Leah Baugh is a theologian and writer. But, a regular and consistent work out routine alongside Yoga, has shown to improve self-control and self-regulation abilities. 37. Having more energy, getting better sleep and looking and feeling sexier all promote positive attitudes. But this is simply not so. Spiritual Health; Write for Us; Resources; 8 Tips to Stay Physically Fit and Healthy. Hell, a lot of people in general lack self-control. Helps ADHD Symptoms: Exercise increases dopamine and releases endorphins which help you focus better. 35. 11. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry before turning to theology and receiving a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. 33. Because it is seriously that simple, show up. He kept God’s laws perfectly and conquered all the obstacles that lie in our path—sin, death, and the devil. Excessive sweating can cause acne though so I recommend to workout with no makeup on. 1:10–16). Also, it is good for getting out excess energy. What an insight! Ask Dr. Land: Why is Thanksgiving such an important opportunity? I remember going to a gym for several months and whilst I felt fitter and could spend longer periods on cardio vascular machines, when I did a follow-up assessment months later, nothing much had changed in my gym statistics. Improve Memory: The mind is an amazing thing. 4:9; 1 Tim. Elevates our Positive Vibrations: At higher vibrations we feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. We have all heard that exercise is the most underutilized anti-depressant and if you haven’t, you have now. Finally, remember, it is about quality not quantity. I want to see that I am physically getting fitter. 36. Therefore, we ought to adopt Pauls notion in Philippians 3:12 where we keep working toward that day when we will finally be all that Jesus saved us for and wants us to be. Aside from the many medical reasons people should be working out: There are a plethora of physical, mental and spiritual advantages to exercising as well. But somewhere down the line, we get confused on what it means to mature in Christ or be spiritually fit. Helps aid in Digestion: Being sedentary can cause constipation. Finally, watch what you do outside of the gym (e.g. 13. Please click here to learn how. The question we need to ask is, what are you worshipping? 25. 8. Mood Stabilizer: Over time, a consistent work out program alleviating stress and depression will support a stabilized mood. The general rule of thumb is simple, eat less exercise more to lose fat. So many times I’ve let my feelings and emotions sit in the driver seat to never end up working out, only to be left feeling worse.