Tone-Pros sent me two of their bridges for free, and this Faber Tone-Lock smokes them... “I just wanted to let you know that I received the bridge kit and I have it already installed on my Les Paul Anniversary Flood... All we needed to hear was the first strum before plugging in to an amp to hear the fullness and sustain. £17.39 to £18.90. Joined: Apr 3, 2018 Messages: 1,401 Likes Received: 1,338. I purchased 2 of those "Aged" version with brass tone-bar, and I put this HyBridge to Les Paul Junior, but the SG Junior still has the Thanks, I’ll be back.”, “Hi, Not that you need another testimonial, but I just installed a Tone-Lock ABRL bridge on my cheap-but-fun Chinese-made travel guitar, and holy cow!! I really couldn’t be any more impressed. Im Gegensatz zum Nachfolger, der etwas klobigeren Nashville Bridge, ist die ABR-1 einige Millimeter schlanker und ruht auf den sogenannten Thumbwheels, die ihrerseits … Thank You! Not valid on Corsa Conversion guitars. Nashville Tune-o-matic Bridge The adjustable bridge design found on current Gibson ® solidbodies, with unnotched saddles with individual saddle screw retainer clips. It only took about 5 minutes to replace the bridge and studs. On top of it, I did not have to adjust the grub screw to intonate, as they were perfectly in pitch. Give it a little time. All Gibson guitars with wraparound (“Wrap Tail”) bridges, since 1954. £87.42. All coupons disabled during this sale event. Retail customers only. brass, which is having similar problem with wound strings. Also, please double check that you used the correct, valid email address and that our email did not find it's way to your SPAM folder. You do not have to remove the body anchors...they can be reused. ABR-1. Perfect intonation, no having to spin saddles around and it’s just great! 18 watching. Thanks, guys! The kit was a breeze to install. can’t wait to put the ABRN on the custom i just bought! Gibson … It was originally made for Gibson by Schaller, and might be available from them. 20% OFF ALL Faber Parts, Corsa Controls and Corsa Components in our Store! I bought one on Fri. the 15th, an aged, gold unnotched one. Price $42.00 - $49.95. Sep 16, 2020 #4 I swapped out the Nashville … I’d say the sound now seems a little like the best of both – the positives of the top-wrap, without losing those cool harmonics. Gibson's engineers didn't design a replacement for the ABR-1 just to kill time. Because I would like to get that for SG Junior as well. Choose the Gibson hardware accordingly. and it sings like I never imagined. 2mm allen wrench adjustment for intonation and height. I hope you do, because it sure does make huge difference! Found that 59 tone Happy!”, “I have to say, my LP standard has your ABR on it and anyone who plays it RAVES about it. But I'm not in rush I couldnt be happier! 3 available from $51.99. £15.95 postage. I removed the original slugs installed the stud kit, and the difference in both sustain and the flavor of the tone wood of my 2001 Les Paul is miles better than it was originally. Now, it not only looks better, it sounds better! Many believe that the aluminum tailpiece produces a better tone than the standard zinc diecast version...why not try an aluminum bridge! All the new parts looked great, especially the ABR,the saddles fit in their grooves just right. I got it today, I’m in Okinawa, Japan. Kluson USA Replacement Nashville … Everything I needed was provided and was carefully packaged to avoid damage. I don’t know why the Gibson put them, they kill the sound.”, “I wanted to let you know I’ve recently installed your Tone-Lock Master Kit on my ‘96 Gibson Les Paul Custom and I couldn’t be happier. ABRH Bridge for Gibson ABR-1 . This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Kluson USA Replacement Aluminum Nashville Tune-O-Matic Bridge With Brass or Zinc Saddles. Important thing is to remove the soft pads between the lacquer (under the finish) and the studs’ nuts, to direct contact the rings and the nuts. 3 available from $60.44. £8.23 postage. SKU: KNTOMAL Price $75.00 - $167.00. The screw will withdraw and allow the saddle to drop out. SKU: KNTOMLH. Magnets And Melodies Member. As I installed it upon arrival, I was stunned that it made those strings to vibrate like never before the bridge sent it to the next dimension! Here's my question; Coupon is for new subscribers and one time use only. Now I’m looking into further upgrades. Available immediately. Buy Nashville Bridges, ABR-1 Bridges, and Wraparound bridge. The parts all appear to be of high quality, and there were no visible defects.”. Pinnacle Locking Tailpiece Zinc Diecast w/ locking set screw for Gibson. Guitar 2008 Gibson Les Paul R9. This is the only alloy Steel bridge available. No coupon necessary! Keep turning until the saddle is hard against the near wall of the bridge as this locates the circlip in its groove. Once the saddle touches the wall of the bridge, keep unscrewing. I often read that people find it difficult to change the saddles in a Gibson \"Nashville\" bridge. Then I put a wireless bridge over the posts and it fits perfectly. have a great weekend”, “I don’t believe the difference this bridge made to a guitar I had almost given up on. Used on vintage Gibson guitars from 1957 through 1974, Historic/Custom Shop, various “Reissues”, 1990-2003 Les Paul Classic. Hello, Larry, “This is my third Faber ToneLock installation. I can’t tell you how much the tone improved, even just unplugged when i swapped it out. did this bridge improve its tone and sustain! The iNserts fit great, and I love how solid the bridge feels when locked down. I considered much of it hyperbole (after all, everyone thinks theirs is the best and y’all are trying to sell product) but I liked the fact that it said rattle free which was one of the problems with my Gibson ABR. Well it is rattle free and it’s so much more. ...Finally, I picked up a 2014 LP Standard that needed some TLC. Reverb Bump. I think this was my 7th or so purchase of Faber Bridge (or Tailpiece), as most of my Gibson guitars have Faber installed on them. I originally intended to just drop the ABRN bridge onto the Nashville studs. It went fine, but I am glad I went with the BSWKIT as well. Gibson ABR-1 Bridge w/Full Assembly 2016. (slightly less of a problem but still muddy)