She gives Mi Shao Fei a hug and comforts him saying everything will be okay. She doesn’t want to fight. And to this today, he has never broken that promise. But Yaya and Mi Shao Fei have definitely grown closer. Grunt thinks the situation is odd because when did their Sister-in-law become a “guest”? SP wins. Then at the final threshold to win the match, Mi Shao Fei pulls through. Solo hides under the bleachers and cries. Because his mother is here to remove him from the team. When Yaya meets up with Tong Nian, she’s worried that Mi Shao Fei and Han Shang Yan will get into a fight. Cookies help keep this website active, thanks for your support! But he’s not good enough anymore. Ya Ya waits for Xiao Mi outside SP. Team Solo had big dreams and were so close to succeeding but then something happened. Back at K&K headquarters, Han Shang Yan heads to his room while giving orders to the team to take care of their guest (Tong Nian). The three of them sit in the audience. But for now, it seems like the focus is on Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan’s budding relationship. Mi Shao Fei heads back to the team lounge to say goodbye to his team. The audience is shocked. There weren’t that many cups made back then so people would use bowls for drinking. Demo’s mom comes and wants to end his contract. She asks him if he had something to say to her. Han Shang Yan questions Solo three times and with each asking Han Shang Yan’s voice rises. Genre: Romance, Games, Youth, School, Love at First Sight; Release Date: 9 July 2019 ; Original: China; adapted from a novel by Mo Bao Fei Bao called Stewed Squid With Honey; Cdrama: 41 Episodes . The group decides to head out for drinks. Team SP gives Mi Shao Fei a group hug as a gesture of farewell. Go Go Squid! Then he tells the group to stop fighting as he needs to call his family. In the last episode, we left off where Han Shang Yan and Mi Shao Fei are in a restaurant waiting for other acquaintances. All Rights Reserved. And what better way to leave then winning a competition? Even Mi Shao Fei admits it so back then, when Han Shang Yan quit, he felt obligated to quit with him. I really really want to smack you! But he points out that he hasn’t been reliable lately. Ya Ya finds Xiao Mi. Any thoughts on this Go Go Squid Episode 23 recap? Tong Nian tells Shang Yan Xiao Mi has arrived. One turns up and is Ou Qiang or codename: All. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Shang Yan arrives. They head out and Shang Yan and Xiao Mi go for a run. Because if he doesn’t have the self-confidence to keep competing, it’s best that he leaves on a good note. But Mi Shao Fei shows up before Han Shang Yan can do so. Are we ever going to find out what caused Team Solo to disband? Sharing how guilty he feels for allowing Ou Qiang and Mi Shao Fei to shoulder the heavy burden of winning the national championships. Xiao Mi and Shang Yan drink a lot. He wants to ask him why he decided to retire. Mi Shao Fei tears up a bit and Yaya tries to comfort him. The group heads over to a nearby restaurant to grab a meal and a few drinks. Mi Shao Fei has been bottling up a lot of frustration lately, will he finally explode? Solo then heads into his office where Mi Shao Fei is waiting for him. So Tong Nian explains that Mi Shao Fei suddenly announced his retirement and Han Shang Yan is in a bad mood. But Han Shang Yan! Ou Qiang’s eyes redden at the realization of Mi Shao Fei’s frustrations and struggles. Mi Shao Fei is leading the attack through the loopholes and the announcer is commenting how brilliant his performance is. He feels like he hasn’t done anything right. kofiwidget2.init('Buy us Boba! Xiao Mi tries not to throw up. Yaya, Tong Nian and Xiao Ai find their VIP seats in row three, close to the competition area. Appledog and Solo are shocked and didn’t see this coming. In Sanya, Solo promised Han Shang Yan that he would take care of Ou Qiang and Mi Shao Fei. Solo is still trying his best to take care of his buddies. He tells her he went to Norway to find a wife. Because Mi Shao Fei is now retiring. Su Cheng takes the lead and tries to pacify Demo’s mother in the meantime. Yaya Acts as Support. He asks him who was it that asked Mi Shao Fei to retire. Han Shang Yan’s team, K&K, has just lost the Cybersecurity Tournament (CTF) to team SP. Because some fans are from the past and may be frustrated hearing Mi Shao Fei retire. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. But he’s not alone. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Find out in this Go Go Squid Episode 23 recap! Because by announcing it to the public, there’s no turning back. Han Shang Yan goes on to explain that he feels like the two of them aren’t really compatible. So it’s best if he retires. When Mi Shao Fei is about to pour Tong Nian a glass, Han Shang Yan helps her refuse and pours her a glass of juice instead.