Placez les fichiers du jeu dans le répertoire "roms" de votre émulateur, DOWNLOAD Golden Axe The Revenge of Death Adder ROM (Direct) PLAY Golden Axe The Revenge of Death Adder ONLINE. Important!!! This is the Japanese version of the game and can be played using any of the Megadrive emulators available on our website. Pour jouer à ce jeu, vous avez besoin d'un émulatuer installé. Description. DOWNLOAD Golden Axe ROM. Popular … All Rights Reserved. 95/06/20), Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2 (Japan, Ver. A very promising hack but difficulty curve issues, A really cool Spider-Man game that should have come stateside, Great potential but too much back tracking, Ready for the NBA (Jam)’s next season? Golden Axe. Consultez la liste complète des émulateurs Sega Genesis disponibles pour ce jeu. !- (set 2), Good Times (Dutch) (Bellfruit) (Scorpion 1), Good Vibrations (Union - Empire) (MPU4, set 1), Good Vibrations (Union - Empire) (MPU4, set 2), Gorf (program 1, with German Language ROM), Goudkoorts (Dutch) (Bellfruit) (Scorpion 4), Gouketsuji Gaiden - Saikyou Densetsu (Japan, Ver. DOWNLOAD Golden Axe II ROM. Please register or login to leave a comment. Play it! ), Gals Panic S - Extra Edition (Europe, set 1), Gals Panic S - Extra Edition (Europe, set 2), Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr. (new wide screen), Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory (new wide screen), Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. (new wide screen), Games Bond 006 (Barcrest) (MPU4) (006 0.6 C), Games Bond 006 (Barcrest) (MPU4) (006 0.6 D), Games Bond 006 (Barcrest) (MPU4) (006 0.6 Y), Games Bond 006 (Barcrest) (MPU4) (006 0.6), Ganbare Chinsan Ooshoubu (MC-8123A, 317-5012), Ganbare Jajamaru Saisho wa Goo / Ganbare Jajamaru Hop Step & Jump, Ganbare! (Scorpion 4) (GLDX, 35GBP, set 1), Golden X (Mazooma) (PR2056, newer?) [SPOILER: 2K21 TE! Soumettre . Only top-rated, curated games for all classic platforms! Important!! Rom recommendations tailored to you (the more roms you rate or add to your collection, the better the recommendations become). Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas. This was probably replaced by the fancier, flashing Golden Axe logo seen in attract mode. To play MAME roms, an emulator is required. Golden Axe (SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive) - 2 player full playthrough by Lazaro Gonzalez and Pedro Ramirez !- (set 1), Good E Jong -Kachinuki Mahjong Syoukin Oh! (Scorpion 4) (set 4), Golden X (Mazooma) (PR2056, newer?) (Scorpion 4) (GLDX, 35GBP, set 4), Golden X (Mazooma) (PR2056, newer?) This game has unused text. ], Super Mario Kart: Super Circuit Demake v1.1 update. que vous pouvez télécharger par intervalles de 300 secondes. le système limite à 20 le nombre de fichiers (Scorpion 4) (GLDX, 25GBP, set 2), Golden X (Mazooma) (PR2056, newer?) - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator emulators for this game. Golden Axe III is an action beat ‘em up game for the Sega Genesis. Important!! Golden Axe (set 3, World) (bootleg of FD1094 317-0120 set) 174 Ko Golden Axe (set 3, World) (FD1094 317-0120) ... Gradius (Japan, ROM version) 116 Ko Gradius (PlayChoice-10) 40 Ko Gradius (PlayChoice-10, older) 24 Ko Gradius II - GOFER no Yabou (Japan New Ver.) Along the way they commit murder, robbery, and grand theft dragon. Download the Golden Axe II ROM now and enjoy playing this game on your computer or phone. SHA1: cd9ecc1df4e01d69af9bebcf45bbd944f1b17f9f. 2 / Party Time: Gonta the Diver II (Japan Release), Garage (bootleg, 040219, changed version text), Garage (bootleg, 040219, LOTO PROGRAM V-GG2), Garage (bootleg, 050311, payout percentage 70), Garage (bootleg, 050311, VIDEO GAME-1 GA01), Garou - Mark of the Wolves (NGM-2530 ~ NGH-2530), Gekitou Pro Yakyuu Mizushima Shinji All Stars vs. Has Nintendo Stopped Making Remakes for Pokémon ? JAD), Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix - security cassette versionup (949JAZ02), Guitar Freaks 8th Mix power-up ver. Download it 425.7MB, Read Read our Review Watch screenshots and get 100% working cheats. TÉLÉCHARGER Golden Axe ROM (RAPIDE) TÉLÉCHARGER Golden Axe ROM (LENT) JOUER Golden Axe ONLINE. It was released by Sega in 1989. (C) 2020 Unfortunately, there are only entries for the first three stages, with the slots for Stages 4 & 5 just pointing to the Stage 3 text. The game's actual length is otherwise the same. Important!!! TÉLÉCHARGER Golden Axe ROM (RAPIDE) TÉLÉCHARGER Golden Axe ROM (LENT) JOUER Golden Axe ONLINE.