This kabob recipe is meant both as an actual recipe, and both as first time try for you to get a grip on how grilling kabobs works. At Panini Kabob Grill we are proud of our tradition of serving the very best, real food at fair prices, all in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere that is authentically European. 1850 Del Paso Rd. Leave them in cold water for 30-60 minutes before use, so they remain moist and don’t burn while you cook with them. Select from variety of main entrees, such as, Lamb, Beef, Fish, and Vegetarian. So you’ll want to leave them on the grill for a total of 7-8 minutes, depending on how much fat marbling the meat has. Lemons can be grilled as well, and make for a great flavor when squeezed over grilled fish or other meats. You will receive an email with our brochure attached and information about the next step in the process. When you add the meat, you’re going to want to add it pre-cut. Vegetables will need less cook time, since most of them can be eaten raw. Back to the chicken breast, cut it into half-inch thick sizes. Superior quality ingredients: fresh (never frozen) and free of hormones and antibiotics. • The use of alcohol, prescription, or non-prescription drugs may impair the user’s ability to properly assemble and safely operate this grill. All Rights Reserved. I heard this is the same owner as Spice of Life in South Sac! What support can I expect as a Panini Kabob Grill franchisee? Stir or shake with caution, so as not to get any on yourself. You’ll get grill marks, smoke, and a well cooked vegetable. You can also save time and place your order online! So once you’ve got your kabobs in order, whether they’re meat or vegetables, make sure your grill is hot enough. Grilling kabobs is fun, and it’s always going to remind you of popsicles in some weird way. What Should I Do If the Inside of My Grill Gets Wet? I highly recommend giving Kabob & Grill a try. Oil will speed up the grill marks. What kind of training can I expect as a franchisee? 17835 Sky Park Cir., … Many Thanks for your interest in the Panini Kabob Grill franchise. They all have a high water content, so you’ll want to leave then for less than 10 minutes. Northern Virginia's best kabob restaurant featuring afghan cuisine, with convenient locations in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. This marinade is for 1 pound of meat, so feel free to scale it up if you need more. Minimum liquidity of $599,000 - $1,499,000 and net worth of $995,000 - $2,495,000. How did you hear about the franchise opportunity. This recipe is a good starting point if you’ve never grilled kabobs before. Second, it will become more tender and juicy because you’ll be using an acidic substance, like a bit of vinegar, wine, or even lemon juice. Your "Request Information" form has been submitted. If you’re using a plastic bag, try and squeeze out as much air as possible, and lock the bag. This prevents the meat from overcrowding, which leads to it being less cooked in the parts it meets. Do I need previous restaurant or franchising experience to become a Panini Kabob Grill franchise owner. There are reasons why Mediterranean-style cuisine is so popular, and multiple articles and studies point to why concepts like Panini Kabob Grill are ripe for growth: When you combine olive oil, whole grains, lean proteins, fresh produce, spices with truly "clean" ingredients: you can provide the healthful, tasty options that today's consumers are seeking, whether they are dining out, carrying-out, or catering. Best of all, you can respond to consumer demand for tastier, healthier dining options as you proudly and confidently operate your Mediterranean restaurant franchise. If you keep trying with your grilling, you’re eventually going to master any kind of kabob. You’ll need: You’re going to start simply enough, by washing the chicken breast and then patting it dry. Not only are they reusable, but they also have no chance of catching fire. KABoB 6090. So keep at it ! Wait until each side is marked before turning, otherwise you won’t get them as nice as a restaurant. You can of course cook your meat all bunched up on the skewer. Does Panini Kabob Grill offer assistance with Grand Opening? But if you’re looking for deep, dark grill marks you’re going to need to apply a bit of fat to that kabob, be it meat or veggie. A hot enough grill will help a lot, both to cook your food evenly, and to leave some nice grill marks. How Far Does a Gas Grill Need to Be From the House? Once the meat is in the marinade, cover it with saran wrap and make sure to touch the surface of the meat so nothing is exposed to the air (if you’re using a bowl). KABoB 8090. In the bowl or bag, throw in all the ingredients. We publish some financial data in our Franchise Disclosure Document that you will receive following a personal meeting with us. Depending on your level of experience we will tailor our design and length of training to you (typically about 50-90 days). How will you be involved in the Business ? You and members of your team will be trained in all aspects of running a restaurant. The amount of money you make will depend on many factors, including the location of your restaurant, traffic flow, local marketing and advertising, your commitment, hard work and control of costs and other factors. For nice, even grill marks turn the kabob every few minutes on all sides. PANINI KABOB GRILL WILL NOT OFFER OR SELL A FRANCHISE UNLESS REGISTERED (OR EXEMPT) IN THE STATE WHERE THE PROSPECTIVE BUYER RESIDES OR WHERE THE FRANCHISE WILL BE LOCATED. Try our food and you'll be amazed. It’ll brighten up the chicken, and add some extra flavor to the cayenne or pepper. This site’s owner is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to as well as other affiliate company programs, How To Grill Kabobs For The Perfect Summer Cookout (Meat And Veg). David K. Sacramento, CA ... Uzma S. Bloomington, IL. I created Beginner Grilling because I figured others had those questions too! This way you can preserve more flavor in your veggie, and it will remain moist enough. What Guests Want. The royalty fee is 5% of gross sales. Always soak your wooden skewers or planks before using them. Then, place the kabobs on the grill, at a 45 degree angle, so the bits don’t fall between the grates and you get the first part of the criss cross pattern. Ste #4 Sacramento, CA 95834 (916) 285-0313 View Menu. About. Panini Kabob Grill is founded on an established reputation for quality, taste, efficiency, and affordability ‐‐ characteristics which have been demonstrated across multiple restaurant locations over the last two decades. A commitment to fresh food and great value. Let the kabobs sit on the grill for at least 5 minutes, with the lid on. What You Need. As long as you cook them through, but they’re still able to hold their shape when you slice them, they should be okay. Those are the basics. Some whitish, stringy substance will appear on the meat. You’ll know your chicken is done once it’s gone beyond just white, and is starting to get a bit of color around the edges. Our specialty is; kabobs, falafels, gyros, and much more with reasonable prices. THIS OFFER IS NOT BEING DIRECTED TO ANY RESIDENT OF THE FOLLOWING STATES, OR ANY STATE, PROVINCE, COUNTRY OR JURISDICTION WHERE PANINI KABOB GRILL IS NOT CURRENTLY REGISTERED TO OFFER OR SELL, UNLESS OTHERWISE QUALIFIED OR EXEMPT: THE INFORMATION ON THIS WEB SITE IS NOT AN OFFER TO SELL, OR A SOLICITATION OF AN OFFER TO BUY A PANINI KABOB GRILL FRANCHISE.