Drain ribs. While the Pipikaula Short Ribs are not to be missed, there is a proper way to eat them to enhance their succulent flavor. Today, Pipikaula is served in Hawaiian restaurants and sometimes at luaus. Butterfly each short rib into 1 long piece, about 1/2 inch thick. Pipikaula Recipe Helenas Helena;s hawaiian food helena;s hawaiian food bronze medal sampled pipikaula short ribs and laulau - pork and cod wrapped in luau and ti leaves besiege. They are then cut up to bite sized pieces and cooked to order. Helena’s offers four different set menus, combining two or three main dishes with poi or rice, but I ordered a la carte. Helena's pipikaula is super tender and wowowow. Haupia. Helena's pipikaula is so savory, hot and juicy. Helena;s hawaiian food for everything but especially their pipikaula. been to ono;s helena;s pipikaula spareribs are their own recipe/style. Ginger and soy sauce are the secrets to this Hawaiian-style beef jerky, known as pipi kaula (beef rope).It is made in a drying box in the sun, or in a conventional oven, or an electric dehydrator.There's no harm in using your oven; it's certainly the most accessible tool and easiest if you're brand new to the process. It's then deep fried and served hot. Short Ribs Pipikaula Style (U.S. Lomi Salmon* - $4.85 Lomi Salmon w/Raw Fish & Limu* - $6.00 Lomi or Poke (Ahi)* - $6.00 Opihi* - $4.85 Poke Fish w/Opihi* - $7.00 Fried Butterfish Collar - $6.50 Boiled Butterfish Collar (w/Stew Gravy or Plain) - $6.50 Boiled Butterfish Collar w/Watercress - $7.50 Fried Ahi* - $5.35 . The fried butterfish collar went great with the other dishes, though I should have eaten this and the pipikaula short ribs with poi, for dipping. (The deep fry step is probably what makes this extra wonderful.) They sell it by the small or large plate. Sure, you could pick them up and devour them as is and would not be the slightest bit disappointed. Combine remaining ingredients and marinate meat in mixture 1 to 2 hours, turning several times. The Short Ribs Pipikaula Style are strips of beef short ribs which are hung and dry aged. If you've ever had the pleasure of venturing to the Hawaiian paradise, you've surely heard locals speak of Helena's. Choice)* Small: $8.75 • Large: $17.50 . Recipes follow from Volume II: Short Ribs Pipi Kaula (Shoyu Style) 5 pounds kosher short ribs 1 cup soy sauce 6 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger 1 clove garlic, crushed. The recipe that I’m sharing today is modeled after my wife’s favorite Hawaiian restaurant, Helena’s Hawaiian Food, on N. King Street in Honolulu. It is commonly dried in wire boxes in the sun, or by hanging it to dry, then broiled or pan-fried before serving. They marinate bone-in short ribs in shoyu and hang it to dry for a few days. Ah…next time.