Smaller songbirds take 10–14 days. More... We can hear birds singing at night (2am) in trees adjacent to the house in mid-December. Is there a type of vent that can be fitted into our garage roof to give swallows access? A nocturnal bird that can be seen hawking for food at dusk and dawn. aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. More... Is a peregrine likely to use the same nesting spot every year? When she flew off I was able to count the eggs. funded by donors like you. Lots of reasons why eggs fail to hatch or young birds fail to mature. The nest is on top of a gas flue. Take a relaxing dip in Sandwell Valley with stress-busting forest bathing. Is this legal? Half the nest broke and fell to the floor. At 5 am today I could distinctly hear five birds, rather than a joyful cacophany. Go on the hunt for fabulous fungi! Are there birds in Britain that bury their eggs? You can get detailed information for any species you’re interested in by going to its page in our All About Birds species guide. Is it usual for 26 eggs to be in the nest of a mallard? More... Can all birds regurgitate food when feeding their young and if they can, why do some birds not do it? I have several house martin nests on my house and want to be absolutely sure that I will do no harm when I repaint my house as the nests will have to be removed. Is a peregrine likely to use the same nesting spot every year? I do have a nest in the garden, but can't see in it. Heathland home to more than 2565 species. Why do birds have to sit on their eggs and for how long? How long does the female Blackbird take to hatch her young? When is it safe to cut your hedge? When is it safe to walk the dog in a field where birds might be nesting? More... Last week, I observed a mallard trying to brood a nest overflowing with eggs on a precarious ledge which was part of the bridge over the River Wygyr in Cemaes Bay, Anglesey. More... What percentage of birds don't manage to find a mate? What is the average length of time of the dawn chorus and is there a UK record for the earliest chorus. We've never heard this before. But they'll also take eggs and even young birds from nest holes and boxes. Would a male robin feed its mate, or could it be a youngster from an early brood? The employer had got men to remove the eggs and kick apart the nests. Do hen harriers start incubating from the first egg laid? Find out more about the partnership, © The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a registered charity: England and Wales no. Can I cut down a tree that blackbirds have started nesting in? Many ducks, shorebirds and gamebirds leave the nest immediately after hatching. I am desperate to cut the hedge! We use cookies on our website to help give you the best online experience. 207076, Scotland no. We've pulled together some of the best facts about Big Garden Birdwatch! Feed the birds and give homes to insects by leaving seedheads standing. Should the babies have fledged by then and how can we prevent these birds from nesting under the eaves again? Do the various species of birds nest at specified heights from ground level? Such a privilege to have them nesting in your garden, and such a delight to be able to see a nest close-up! Perhaps the relatively mild winter weather and an early spring, has helped. The common wasp frequently builds its nest in roof cavities as well as underground burrows and tree cavities. Tell me more. The great spotted woodpecker is an omnivore which eats a mixture of insects and seeds (mainly conifer). Good luck next time. Could I put up one for robins nearby, or will they attack each other? Your bird breeding questions are answered by our team of experts. More... Our apartment blocks are due to be redecorated starting 5 July and at present there are seven house martin nests under the eaves. Oh My Word! Why? We've had to leave the door or window open for each or the last 3 summers?