K. That is the first time I had ever heard that…ugh! Little worms on my broccoli. Wenn du bspw. Needless to say, I did not clean my plate. I am Kayla, a native Texan, who loves to craft, cook, sew, learn and have fun. Brokkoli ist ein leckeres, gesundes Gemüse, das mit großen, Blüten tragenden Köpfen, die in sogenannte Röschen unterteilt sind, wächst. They sink rather than float, but it does cause them to lose their grip.). These critters infest cabbage, cauliflower, mustards and most other crops in that plant family. wikiHow's Kontroll-Management Team prüft die bearbeiteten Inhalte sorgfältig, um zu garantieren, dass jeder Einzelne den hohen Qualitätsansprüchen entspricht. A: I'm guessing that your problem is four-legged pests, such as rats or opossums, since pumpkins and squash are a bit hard-shelled for most insects. Wenn du dir wegen Würmern im Stängel Sorgen machst, kannst du den gesamten Stängel ins Wasser geben, aber lasse die Röschen nach unten gerichtet. I miss you! Cutworms are a type of caterpillar that feed on broccoli and other plants. I did not serve the broccoli that night. Diese Seite wurde bisher 1.048 mal abgerufen. As others mentioned, no need for alarm and the protein is good for you. How do I discourage them on the plants and, after picking, how do I prevent them from ending up on the diner's fork? Dieser Artikel wurde 1.048 Mal aufgerufen. Upon further investigation, it was a small green worm. If your "cabbage patch" is fairly large, you may want to use a pesticide. All was well underway, with the clean broccoli separated into florets and in the steamer. My kids are pretty squeamish about eating bugs. Some people don’t mind eating them, so any that remain after washing get prepared along with the broccoli. A: Sure. Once you have the umbrella clusters of small, yellow flowers, the thin seeds will follow quickly. That is very interesting. Upon further investigation, it was a small green worm. Q: An article I just read on picking fresh produce didn't include onions. Can I use it in flower form or does it have to have seeds? Your email address will not be published. You can start using the thinned seedlings as soon as they are big enough to be worth the bother. But if all else fails, here’s how to make sure you don’t serve broccoli worms with dinner. But broccoli worms don’t need to turn you off broccoli forever. Fifteen or twenty years ago, I was having dinner with a friend. Along the way I volunteer, work full-time and get into lots of mischief. Wenn die Röschen und der Stängel noch nass sind, kannst du sie mit einem Papiertuch oder einem sauberen Tuch trocken tupfen, bevor du das Kohlgemüse zubereitest. i realize the title of this post is a little less appealing than most posts, but i thought i'd ask the community to help me out here. Wenn du keine Spüle hast, kannst du stattdessen eine große Schüssel nehmen. I know that it is predicted that someday we will all be eating crickets and worms because they are a good source of protein and aren’t harmful to the environment, but until I don’t have a choice, I will refrain from eating worms! The saying you learn something every day is true. Bulb onions can be pulled for fresh use anytime after the bulb has sized up. I just thought my friend had not washed the broccoli properly. 900 ml Wasser in die Schüssel gegeben hast, dann würdest du 300 ml Essig hinzugeben. Sie sind empfindlich und können leicht vom Stängel abbrechen. Even though some folks are okay with eating the broccoli worms, I don’t want to. Cutworms and cabbage worms are the most common types to harm broccoli plants. (This works well for those tiny slugs that get into leaf lettuce, too. Bevor du frischen Brokkoli kochst oder isst, solltest du ihn gründlich reinigen, um Schmutz, Pestizide oder Insekten zu entfernen. Thanks Kayla. They sink rather than float, but it does cause them to lose their grip.) As for preventing the consumption of the worms, do a thorough washing. HOWEVER - if you find it as revolting as I do, then just soak your veggies briefly in well-salted water. Examine the leaves at least every second or third day, especially the undersides near the midrib, and eliminate the larvae you find. This has never happened before. I run it under hot water, separating the florets and allowing the hot water to make its way through the crowns. Then soak the broccoli in a solution of about 4 tablespoons of salt in 1 gallon of water for about 5 minutes. We were eating, and I noticed that something in my broccoli moved. They may float to the surface or fall off when you rinse the vegetables one last time.