Hi out there. Remember to pray to God and confess your sins to Him. When they’ve misbehaved and lied about it, address both the misbehavior and the lying. They will help you and assure you that God will be with you. You may think you got away scot free and innocent, but they'll think you're at risk. Still, it's good to confide in your parents. #therabb { float:left; width:90px; margin:0 5px; } Let them hear it from you. And while you are grounded, I hope you … Why are you having sex at 15 for starters?! Use strategic words and phrases as you confess to cheating on your partner. I am sure you already know the answer and I am sure you wont take it. You clearly know better than I that the rank of the mother in Islam is something really great. #descrbb { text-align:left;margin:-15px 0 0 0;padding:10px;font-size:85%; }. Don’t confess something to your parents as they are furiously multi-tasking or walking through the door to or from work. Find a time when both of your parents are free (sooner rather than later) and admit the truth. Later in the study, participants were given a chance to confess whether they cheated. You’ll be an adult for the rest of your life. Or it could be that you want to feel closer to your Mom and Dad. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Prepare and rehearse your confession as if you were to give a public speech so that you don't fumble and say something that is hurtful. At 15, I doubt you are ready to manage the emotions and vulnerability that go with sexual intimacy. Approach your parents in a respectful manner, talk to them with appropriate words, and do not curse. Most girls your age don’t and for good reasons. Really. How do I politely turn down my aunts offer to spend the weekend with her? Make it clear to your child that honesty will get your approval and mean they get off more lightly. A person who can’t face her own mom isn’t ready to be a mother herself. But then again the devil on my other shoulder says to not say anything at all. Can’t she repent, and confess to God and be done with it. I am afraid of her reaction and I just don’t have the guts. i kno my mom will be dissapointed with me but my dad will kill me what do i do? ok look what you do you just tell your mother and tell her you wanted to make them proud and say i am sorry. (Almost nobody under-reported the number of correct guesses, so this is cheating and not bad memory.) She slowly develops and with it the curiousity for boys develops too. EVERYTHING even things that I didnt even do sometimes;telling them that maybe i did something that they knew I wasnt capable of, asking for reassurance that I didnt have a deadly disease etc. ok i need help confessing something to my parents about my report card i got a C in math and i so bad wanted to make honor roll and show my parents that i was as good as my sixth grade brother who gets high honor roll all the time...so i changed it to a B. and i feel really guuilty about it. Share your experiences and the actions that you took after you realized that you made a mistake. Should I confess to my mother and tell her everything or should I just sincerely ask for forgiveness from Allah and her? Parents must confess too – You also, as a parent, must confess what you did right or wrong in a day. Research has shown that people choose to confess for three reasons. And the best time to do it can be when you are having a meal together. EMAIL. She has rules on us, that if we break, she said she'd put us out. So I had bought and smoked some weed. #therabb_contain { margin:10px 0 10px 0; padding:10px; border:3px solid #4C88C5;display:block;height:100%;min-height:150px;width:90%;position:relative; } My sister and I do so well in school, which is all they care about anyways. I love this platform and read a lot here. .therabh { font-size:100%!important;margin:-13px 0 0 0; } You May Unknowingly Be A Perpetrator Of Toxic Parenting Toward Your Kids. If you have some idea that it is necessary to keep a boyfriend, think again. This has really been bothering me and it’s all I worry about! Sure, you talk to your parents, but what if you need to really talk? The thing is that guy tried to commit suicide and his parents are really angry as they read his suicide note but he didn't die so I don't think I can go to jail for that. I really need to tell my mom before my friend’s mom does but I just don’t know how to. With their family they seems so ashamed and embarrassed with my sister and I. She's your mom. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter. good luck. When somebody concedes something, they are usually accepting, unwillingly, that a particular fact or statement is true or logical. Is it still acceptable to buy a little girl a doll for her birthday? #therabb_contain::after { font-family:"open sans condensed",arial,sans-serif; font-size:70%; background:#FFF;padding:0 9px;color:#999; margin-top:-55px; content:"(S P O N S O R E D)"; right:10px;position:absolute; } What’s your rational? THE VERY FACT THAT YOU WANT TO CONFESS SHOWS YOUR REPENTENCE AND IS ENOUGH FOR ANY SANE PERSON TO FORGIVE YOU. I would confess!!!! Why won’t my mom (48) get a job? out of 4 children, I'm 16 and the youngest. What do you think of the answers? My mom was talking to my Bestfriends mom the other day and my mom was telling me that her mom was implying that I had a boy over but not being direct. Don't invite more people than you need to - a confession should be a humbling affair, not a chance for you to perform for an audience. I've also looked at pornography on my mac, which my school has given me. tell your mom, and ask her to tell your dad. Parents talk to kids about bad behavior all the time. You love her. just tell ur mom 1st and let her tell ur dad well....if u need anything else email me! TWEET. You lost something sentimental. You can't stand her and can't stand to be away from her for too long. All rights reserved. It's easy to say "Hi, Mom" or "Dad, can you pass the potatoes?" Unfortunately, these conversations often sound like, “Stop whining!” or “Why did you hit your sister?” These statements rarely lead to change, and often make the behavior worse! There’s no hurry. Psych Central does not provide medical or psychological Still have questions? Your parents will always be in doubt regardless?? How to tell your parents you did something bad? You have chosen a good medium to share your addiction with others and remain anonymous as what you have done in this forum. If you feel you have done something bad, don't feel bad. That really wasn’t the smartest thing you’ve ever done. Your parents punish you because they want to stop you from doing something they think is bad, and because they're angry. She hasn’t worked since last Christmas, I had to cover her mortgage for couple of months earlier this year? That horrible guilt you once had will be wiped away. But as we all know, people do it quite regularly. Is she literally the strongest person in the world. Once it is broken, it takes a long time and exemplary behavior to win it back. Any boy worth loving isn’t going to pressure you. We get straight A’s, get in the top ten percent and don’t really do bad in anything, but it’s not good enough for them, nothing is. You hate her. ok i need help confessing something to my parents about my report card i got a C in math and i so bad wanted to make honor roll and show my parents that i was as good as my sixth grade brother who gets high honor roll all the time...so i changed it to a B. and i feel really guuilty about it. If you feel guilty and blame yourself that may cause you to do it more, and then you are making everything go in a circle. When things are calm, have a conversation about alternative ways to solve their problem (more about this below). Honesty is the best policy for most parent-child relationships, so if you've broken something valuable, the best approach is to gather your courage and speak to your parents as soon as possible.