from the floor. Will be ordering more. Finally Found Cheap Evenly Spaced Hanger Solution - Details in Comments. It looks like your ‘before’ picture, right down to the hanging organizer, but WAY worse. Use these heights as a starting point. Many light-duty shelves have keyholes in the back. It’s rated to support 40 lbs. I just get the feeling you’re much better at this than me . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the organization community. There are 2 holes in the tab - one for each hanger. When you arrive at a grouping that’s pleasing, mark the top center of each pattern with the corner of a sticky note (Photo 1). above a piece of furniture. Thank you!! Plaster may not support pictures as well as drywall does. You can drive nails easily, and studs are simple to locate. Then adjust the position of the picture to your liking, and mark the top center with the corner of a sticky note., Hanger Connector Hooks, Cream (These are not pure white, they are a cream color.) The hooks link in my post is for the ones shown in my photo, but these come in many colors, materials and so on. If the mounting screw locations don’t land over studs, use wall anchors to support the shelf. Then use the level and ruler to find the exact hanger positions. 3) Number the boxes on the paper and the frames so they match up. from the floor, or bottom edge 6 to 8 in. My closet is so ridiculous right now. Magic Hangers, Beige (4 pack, recommend putting 2 hooks on 2 bars, otherwise they won't stay level. Some picture hangers are rated to support heavy mirrors, but it’s stronger and safer to install hollow-wall anchors instead. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, Hook the D-rings onto the protruding screws. Choose picture hangers that are rated to support the weight of your art. Slide the picture sideways across the wires until it’s level. Then measure the exact distance between the centers of the D-rings (Photo 1). Travis Larson, senior editor at The Family Handyman, will show you how to use a tape measure to save time on your next project. Just space your fingers several inches from the outside edges of the picture frame. Then measure down to the top of the D-rings (Photo 2). Wanted ones that match my new, beige velvet clothes hangers. and is easy to install. Here’s a list. They work fine in drywall. Sorry for all the questions! Use the technique shown in Photos 2 – 6 to complete the job. Take extra precautions when you’re hanging a heavy mirror. Stretch the hanger wire with two fingers spaced equally distant from the edges of the picture frame. Measure from the right edge of one D-ring to the right edge of the second D-ring to find the exact distance between the centers of the hanging D-rings. Good job! Photos 1 – 5 shows a foolproof method that doesn’t require any measuring or math. This is a critical aspect in any rain gutter installation. The do the job though, and match my setup anyways We recommend professional hangers like the one shown in Photo 5. Adjust it to level it and mark the wall at the two keyhole locations. Transfer these measurements to the wall (Photo 4). Measure the top edge of the quilt and purchase the same lengths of 1-1/2-in.-wide sew-on hook-and-loop fastener strip and 2-1/2-in.-wide cotton or synthetic webbing.