They feel amazing and it’s typically because they have a big rainfall showerhead. Just a quick note that this article may contain affiliate links (Amazon and others) and any sales made through these links may result in Clean My Space receiving a small commission on qualifying purchases. Put a luxury scented fragrance diffuser on the sink. You can grab a eucalyptus-scented candle or pick up eucalyptus essential oils. I LOVE going to spas and make a point to visit one on almost every vacation we go on, especially if we’re going somewhere as a couple. What’s interesting about DIY aromatherapy spray is the fact that you get to create different scents for specific occasions. Also, you can add herbs or dried flowers to improve the smell and the aromatherapy property. You should mop the floors after some days or every week. Start by adding your dry ingredients to a bowl. I like to bring it into my own bathroom and there are so many ways to do it. However if we can change the smell or even better can spread good fragrance with the enchanting smell, then the stressful bath can become such a refreshing one in just a few minutes…, 7 Tips to Keep Bathroom Smelling Fresh Naturally. If you are one of them, you should put a smile back on your face. For example, you can use essential oils that smells great, but also reduces stress, soothes the respiratory system, boosts mood or strengthens your immune system. Then open the shower curtain to allow more air to the bathroom’s surface to enhance complete drying. The Best-Kept Silver Cleaning Secret Ever! If you decided to use cotton swabs, fasten them inside the toilet paper tube or behind the toilet with some tape. But the dream and the spa will have to wait, as I have a roof to replace, a car to fix and a toe to mend. You can use these best bathroom scent diffuser in your toilet for making it smell pleasing all the time. Also, heavenly fragrances makes a place to anchor particular emotions. I don’t need that at a spa. Comes with a sweet and spicy smell. I’ve always wanted to make my home smell like a spa Make every surface – from mirrors and soap dishes to faucets and toilet bowls – gleam. One of the first things I notice when I walk into a spa is how amazing it smells and nine times out of ten, spas smell like eucalyptus. Smells Like Relaxation. I like to bring it into my own bathroom and there are so many ways to do it. Then put the iced lemon in a bowl and place them on the area where the foul smell is coming from. At least, that’s been my experience and I’ve come to associate the scent of eucalyptus with being calm. After sometime, you won’t believe your smell; the bathroom will smell great and refreshing, similar to a spa. Alternatively, you can go for a humidifier, especially if your bathroom is humid. The thing is, you can’t always go to the spa – it’s expensive and it’s time-consuming – so, how do you bring that spa experience home? In two weeks, I have been in eight airports and three time zones, and seen 4 a.m. on more clocks than I care to count. Think triple-milled soap, luxury bath salts and natural bath sponges.Related Articles Open the fan or the windows after a shower. It gets ideal for the whole house. You may need to get some of these candle with scents that you love and lit them in your bathroom. The Easy, All-Natural Way to Make Your Bathroom Smell Like a Fancy Spa. Useful information! Though the design, texture colors, and the décor inside have their role to play, the smell contributes most to their first impression. Toss any products you don’t use. To secure the cotton balls you could add a few drops of glue and glue the cotton balls to the inside of the toilet paper tube. Energizing, congestion-easing and, yep, downright spa-like, this quick trick even doubles as festive decor for your bathroom. To my dismay, when I married Chad, he was not into going to a spa at all. When I’m at the spa, honestly, relaxing music is my jam; I don’t want to listen to anything besides classical guitar and gentle piano. If your bathroom is always damp, it easily develops a musty and mildew smell. Mildew comes with an unpleasant smell and at times the regular detergent isn’t good enough to remove its smell. Essential Oil Diffusers and Aroma Candles. Below are DIY aromatherapy spray recipes you can use; As discussed above, essential oils are great in producing beautiful smells like those found in a spa. Melissa has appeared on the Today Show, and has been featured in InStyle, Real Simple, and Better Homes and Gardens. At first, he was resistant, but then he got into it and now he loves spa days just as much as I do. We zoom in and zoom out. Amazingly, it also affects work performance and people’s moods. 5. These won't last forever! You could be curious to know why. If it is something that I use daily then I will put it on a tray. Equip Your Kitchen ― Part 3: The Care and Cleaning of Cookware. They will be game-changers in your bathroom. You know how high-end spas emit that telltale aroma that somehow coaxes you into depleting your savings on ridiculous facials? Today is your lucky day because in this article, we shall show you how to make your bathroom smell like a spa. I need minimal, I need organized and I need clean. When you spray the DIY aromatherapy spray, the steam from the hot bathing water diffuses and disperses the oils into the air.