Cassava flour is made by milling the entire cassava in the same way wheat is milled to make flour. Make pizza crust with cassava flour. 4 ingredients, egg free, gluten free and vegan. To compensate for how much liquid cassava flour can absorb, make sure to match each cup of cassava flour with a half a cup of warm water. Grab The Recipe Savory Spinach and Feta Waffles {Grain-Free, Gluten-Free & Primal} If you swap out the grated cassava in this recipe for the same amount of cassava flour, you’ll actually end up using MORE cassava than what’s needed. I bought a bag of cativía ( This Cassava Ginger Cake is a delightfully delicious cake that’s super easy to make with cassava flour! This process results in a meal that has more cassava per cup than grated cassava. You can replace the yeast or egg that is found in traditional pizza crust with 2 tbsp baking powder. Sometimes the results are disappointing, sometimes something great comes out of it.