Divide into two small dough and make 0.1-0.2 cm of noodles and cut into 0.3m-0.4cm wide noodles. To me, braised ee-fu noodles are not complete without yellow chives (韭黃/gau wang). I made this noodle a little coarse, because I like to eat coarse noodles. Yellow Chives. The slightly chewy and slightly spongy texture of the noodles is due to the soda water used in making the dough, which is then fried and dried into flat patty-like dried bricks. This is the “sun brand” I always buy in Singapore, as it can be easily found at most local supermarkets. Ee-Fu Noodles (伊府面) are also known as Hong Kong Yee Fu noodles or Yi mein. Step 3. So my best ratio is 2 larger size eggs+20ml water. Any type of long noodle symbolizes longevity, but Yi Mein (also known as e-fu noodles are … Ee-Fu Noodles (伊府面), aka Hong Kong Yee Fu noodles or Yi mein. This is the photo of the chives before cutting. Put the noodles in a boiling pan, and so the water in the pot is rolled out again, then fish out the noodles … Longevity noodles are a type of Yi Mein, which is a Cantonese egg noodle made up of wheat flour. How to Make Homemade Chinese Egg Noodles From Scratch. They are nicknamed “rubber band noodles” since my childhood. So for lo mein noodles and chow mein noodles, I recommend using two middle size eggs. Continue reading below for detailed instructions (with step-by-step photos) on how to make Chinese egg noodles from scratch or you can click here to jump to the print-friendly recipe.. Read through the instructions and then give it a go yourself. If you plan to make noodle soup, you can use one egg+100ml water for 2 cups of flour. The e-fu noodles in a good yi mein should be softer than other wheat and egg noodles but not so soggy that they lose their structure completely. Long Life Noodles (yī miàn, 伊面) or yi mein, symbolize longevity and can always be found on the banquet table at Chinese celebrations. Yi mein are, like instant ramen, cooked and then deep-fried into a cake by their manufacturers. This recipe calls for minimal ingredients, little time, and it’s better than takeout. Long Life Noodles (yī miàn, 伊面) or yi mein. Yellow Chives, Bean Sprouts and Garlic. Yi mein. Yi mein (Chinese: 伊麵; pinyin: yī miàn; Cantonese Yale: yī mihn) is a variety of flat Cantonese egg noodles made from wheat flour.They are known for their golden yellow color and chewy characteristics. This particular brand I use, can be easily found at our local supermarkets. I tried three eggs previously but figure that that the egg taste is overwhelmingly strong for me.