90-100 Years Old Gabbeh If you plan to ship the rug, standard carriers have different limitations on both weight and size of the packages they ship. Click on the item you'd like to return. Click on the item you'd like to return.2.) Purples Just head to http://www.fedex.com/us/retail-shipping/shipping-services.html, click the orange " Find My Location" button, and enter your zip code. If you do not have the original packaging or it is not in good condition, any thick plastic wrapping will also be sufficient; heavy-duty plastic tarps used for painting work well for this, as do black contractors’ bags. Oranges & Rust Pink Ship the rug, recording the tracking number for your records. Hamedan 120-140 Years Old 6x9 2.) Pick a reason that best describes your return. Print the label: FedEx should be sending you a link to your return label. That's it! Choose any of the below options to return the rugs. Place the label in a FedEx Shipping Pouch (they will have one at your FedEx dropoff location) and attach the pouch to your return.b. Borchelu The return and exchange policy is quite quick and easy. 5-10 Years Old Contact us within 30 days of receiving the rug. 60-70 Years Old 8x10 20-25 Years Old 80-90 Years Old Rug Source Online cares for their each and every customer and aware about such concern of the customers. Hit "Submit." 30-35 Years Old (never Been Used ) You can obtain such return authorization by emailing to [email protected]. Recently Made. Lowest online price guaranteed! Print the label: FedEx should be sending you a link to your return label. The customer service team at Rug Source Online takes care of the customers until the business ensures that the customers are fully satisfied with the products. 3.) Ensure that there are no other tracking labels attached to your package: other labels are very confusing to FedEx. 5x7 Keeping only one label on your package is the best way to make sure your package comes straight to us!5.) 30-35 Years Old However, make sure to remove any shipping labels from the packing before you do so. 50-60 Years Old 6x8 Some carriers may offer a discount, depending on how the rug is folded. Any return without a return authorization or refused upon delivery will be charged 20% return service fee and cost of freight. 12-15 Ft Runner Expert Customer Service Customers are also responsible for any possible re-stocking fees. However, make sure to remove any shipping labels from the packing before you do so. All rights reserved. 2x4 Beige & Ivories How should I wrap my rug for a return? 30-40 Years Old 30 Days Risk Free Trials Ardebil 10-15 Years Old ( New ) Once you finish processing your return: 1.) Red & Burgundies Once the rugs are received in the warehouse, we will refund full money within a span of 24 to 48 hours. Free Shipping on All Purchase Navy Blue & Blues (Make sure you cover the entire label in tape; humidity is a real thing.)4.) All Square Size Re-wrap your item if it isn't wrapped anymore: Unfortunately, FedEx won't let us ship loose/unpackaged items, so we do ask that you securely wrap your item(s), either in the original wrapping or a similarly secure plastic.3.) Can I cancel my order once it has been placed? Kashan 50-60 Years Old (Never Been Used) 9x12 Birjand Provide us the full details of the rugs including order number, rugs type, size and your phone number/email id. Heriz Pre-1900 We want to know why you're returning so we know how to get better! No hidden charges or restocking fees. If you choose to arrange for return shipping at your own expense then you may obtain your return authorization. * There are two options to return the rugs: First, arrange for return shipping at your own expense. Yellow & Gold, 1x2 By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. We're sorry you weren't satisfied with your rug!Enter your order number and email address here, which will take you to your order details page. 6-8 Ft Runner Label your return: You can do this one of two ways:a. And most importantly, so far as the refund policy on rugs are concerned, all the refunds are done within 48 hours from the day the business receives the rug in the warehouse. Best Quality Of Oriental Rugs Glad you asked! (We can't help you with that one, sorry.)2.) Golpayegan Once the call tag is made, the FedEx comes with 24-48 hours in order to pick the package. 40-50 Years Old If you need help with any of these, or if you have any other questions, we'd love to hear from you; just reply directly to this email or give us a call at 1-800-982-7210.Thanks for choosing us!Of course, if you do have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us by replying directly to this email or giving us a call at 1 (800) 982-7210.