Congratulations! “The moral of the story is: the more … Sticky tape like duct or packing tape will leave remnants behind and could ruin the glass. Ship smaller works of art in a new, double-wall corrugated box that will minimize movement and offer adequate space for padding. Bubble Wrap tips ():. Making an X prevents the glass from shattering completely if it breaks, protecting the painting. Thanks to modern shipping technology, it is now easy and more affordable to ship anything across the seas. ; 2. Are you an art dealer or a private collector who would like to know how to ship a painting safely and cost-effectively, be it amateur or fine art pieces? How to Ship a Painting on Canvas. The less tape that actually goes onto a piece, the better. The UPS Store can help with crating and shipping your large art items. At Eurosender, we are aware of the challenges of shipping … Use masking tape or painter’s tape. Your painting is ready for shipping. When it comes to sending out artworks, there are two ways on how to ship a painting … Mirror or picture boxes that are well suited for framed and mounted artwork are available in a variety of sizes. Add 6 inches to each figure from Step 1 to allow for cushioning. Tape all of the longest edges first (as when wrapping a present). Place the surface of your painting … Learn More. “Even before you go to look at a gallery or an auction, it’s really having some basic knowledge of where you think any artwork may go and what ar… When we pack and ship your items using materials purchased from The UPS Store, we'll cover the cost of packing and shipping plus the value of your items, if lost or damaged. Fine art shipping requires many decisions, so it’s important to gather all relevant information as soon as possible. Make an X across the glass with masking tape if the painting is framed. Shipping Art: Do Your Homework. Though it may seem obvious, among the most important considerations before you purchase an artwork are its dimensions: is the work small and light enough to be easily transported to its final destination, and can the work be supported by the wall or floor on which it will eventually rest? If the glass breaks during the moving process, it can destroy the painting. ; Try to tape onto the glassine itself. How to ship a painting. Pack & Ship Guarantee.